Rick Santelli: It’s a push! There are ZERO jobs created by the Obama administration.

My favorite line by Rick Santelli to explain how the Obama administration gets 5 million new jobs created when in reality he says they’ve not created any jobs: “If I don’t count what my family spends then I’m a rich guy!”

Watch the video:

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34 thoughts on “Rick Santelli: It’s a push! There are ZERO jobs created by the Obama administration.

  1. Well, I do this Barky Boy is personally responsible for creating 2 jobs before the election. That would be Ambassador and IT guy in Libya. And that is 2 jobs too many.

  2. go to the streets of Chgo and ask people: “did you hear the latest? Unemployment is now about 1 percent” – at least 50% percent would say: “good, I believe it”….on the second thought, it could be higher than 50% 😉

  3. Wonder why Rick is still working at CNBC when it’s obvious he’s punching well above his weight!

    Classic Video to watch:
    Rick Santelli Tea Party Rant from Feb 2009 which became an instant classic as Rick captures the mood of the people and the economy perfectly.

    1. It is interesting how the networks will spew financial manure for information, then put on guys like Santelli, or have Peter Schiff on. Do they actually think that they don’t have valid points, so they will just bring them on for entertainment, or something? Or do they just have to tell the truth once in a while?

      1. They probably are too stupid to really understand (or drink the kool aid) and don’t even realize that Rick is telling them the actual truth, backed up by facts! Moron Libtards.

  4. Government / politicians can’t create jobs. Never has been able to and never will be able to.

    Jobs can only be created by the private sector.

    However, government and politicians can kill or otherwise eliminate jobs.

  5. What do you really do, with a guy like Rick Santelli? He works on Wall Street. That’s his job.

    Obama can bullshit regular Americans. Because they have limited knowledge of how the economy works.

    That is really Obama’s limit. Beyond the average dumb American, his words have no effect.

    When he gets past the people watching Reality shows, or football, he has no way of connecting with the really intelligent people who make this country work. Even if you take away the smell, bullshit is easily recognizable.

    And that is the problem Obama has. That will be his downfall.

    This is what it comes down to. It’s a race to the finish. In less than twenty days, it will come down to this. Fully half the people in this country, are blithering idiots. Aside from that, as Americans, they still have the right to vote.

    At this point, it’s a question of numbers. How many blithering idiots are there out there, compared to Americans with a brain?

    I give us one chance in three.

    1. I think the odds are much better than that, and I’m a pessimist.

      I can certainly understand where you are coming from, though. Things should simply never have gotten to this point, where we have a do-or-die election.

    2. Even the blithering are figuring out that something is really wrong. To some extent, I think that the MSM reporting Obama doing better than he is, goes in Romney’s favor. It might cause the blithering to stay home because they are not worried, while the conservative base is fired up.

      This is just speculation that discounts electronic election fraud as capable of deciding elections. I tend to think that Romney is already in, and they just have to play this thing out, but I am out on the fringe on that issue.

  6. Yes, and ABC was throwing Obama propaganda on the screen during the debate such as those numbers. It was so appalling I could puke.

  7. Rick is actually wrong on this! Its not a wash of zero jobs lost/ created there are more jobs lost because there are at the least 88 million people not even factored into the employment figures. People like myself who are longterm unemployed and cant get a job because we dont have a job have been written off and forgotten by the imperial regime!

  8. I love this guy. I don’t understand how he has survived on CNBC for so long. Bring this man over to Fox Business News.

  9. Only wish O’s supporters saw this kind of information that is out there to see. They seem so busy defending him to actually look up (the truth) the statements he makes.

  10. The one wants to hide all the jobs lost in 09, but wasn’t he the one who came up with the phrase “jobs created and saved”, so he was not able to save many jobs in 09, which he said he would do, so we do need to count the job losses in 09, because the stimulus was supposed to save those jobs.

  11. It still amazes me that the (indirect?) founder of the Tea Party movement still works for NBC. Talk about polar opposites.

  12. “If I don’t count what my family spends, I’m a rich guy!” Rick, you’re the bomb! I still credit his rant for the start of the Tea Party. Great patriot.

  13. The real truth in numbers….Zero jobs created by the Obama administration. The O fits his name in more ways then one. Excellent Rick! Your analysis on the markets and government credulity is always welcome news.

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