According to Erick Erickson’s Resurgent website, this email was sent out to GOP delegates:

Dear Members of the Convention Committee on Credentials,

In accordance with Rule 24(f) of The Rules of the Republican Party and Procedure 12 of the Procedures for Contests of Elections of Delegates and Alternate Delegates as passed by the Republican National Committee, Committee on Contests, you are being notified of the time and place of the Contest Committee’s Meeting in Cleveland, OH.

The Committee on Contests will hold contest hearings on Sunday, July 10 from 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm ET and Monday, July 11 from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm ET.The hearings will be held at the Hilton Cleveland Downtown, 100 Lakeside Avenue East, Cleveland, OH.

Members of the Convention Committee on Credentials may attend for observational purposes only, and may not participate in the hearing process or discussions on any Contest during any hearing.

Apparently this is a surprise meeting that wasn’t expected by anyone. Erickson explains the import of this:

That’s right. With less than twenty-four hour’s notice, the RNC Counsel notified delegates on the Credentials Committee that they needed to be in Cleveland today if they wanted to observe the process.

The Contest Committee is the committee that can reject delegates from attending the convention.

So with less than twenty-four hour’s notice, it is possible the Trump led RNC can reject any delegates who have come out vocally against him, even if duly selected by their various states.

Erickson seems to think that this means the GOP will use this to flush out opposition, which makes sense – they haven’t shone much of a backbone against Trump but apparently they ALWAYS show a backbone when attacking those that actually have some principles behind their actions. Ironically, this would go against the voters of the states that sent the delegates – the very thing that Trump was whining about childishly.

We’ll update if we get any more guidance on what this means for the convention.


OK, we asked, and you giveth. Apparently there is some controversy over the original post, but we’re unable to ascertain what the problem is. This is what Erickson says apparently about the post:

Whether it is wholly inaccurate, or if this is just a regularly scheduled meeting, we’re not sure. We posted it because Erickson didn’t take it down, and he’s a credible source. So take the information offered above with an enormous grain of salt. Unless you have high blood pressure. Salt’s bad.

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