Robert Spencer warns of “civil conflict on a massive scale” if we don’t stop the Arab Winter in America

In an interview with CBN, Robert Spencer warns in his new book “Arab Winter Comes to America: The Truth About the War We’re In” that Jihad is being waged in America and most people are completely unaware of it. At one point in the interview he gives this ominous warning:

“If we don’t turn this around quickly there is going to be civil conflict on a massive scale.”

Watch the full interview below:

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75 thoughts on “Robert Spencer warns of “civil conflict on a massive scale” if we don’t stop the Arab Winter in America

  1. “Crusades” has become a dirty word. In fact the military had to change the name of an artillery piece called the Crusader. But make no mistake, despite the fact we laid own arms the Crusades continue and are being waged by the islamofascists. Wait, Pat Robertson never heard of the Fort Hood “workplace violence”? Where’s he been?

  2. I would defer to a previous article on my blog “The Right to Revolt.” It was written in response to the Connecticut gun owner rebellion but the same philosophy applies to the indoctrination of Islam.

    First off as I stated in a recent radio interview, Islam is evil. Not radical Islam, not extremist Islam not just the radical clerics in Islam. Islam equates evil. How do I know this? I’ve lived in their filthy land and seen the “non radical” Muslim up close. The non radical Muslim believes women should be beaten and he can marry multiple wives. The non
    radical Muslim will drown his own daughter if the clerics tell him to. The non radical Muslim has no problem passing around a Filipino woman to be gang raped by all of his friends as he views her as an infidel from the third world. The non radical Muslim will marry a ten year old. So I’ll save you the trouble of accusing me, Mr. Progressive, of being racist to the Arab Muslim. Because I will tell you flat out I am. They are a vile people. Period. Sorry but some cultures are bad Mr. Progressive. Check your history book in that college you love so much.

    As I said in my article and fiction if the government imposes something like Sharia Law to be allowed in the name of political correctness we have every right to spill the blood of the Muslim and those propagating his cause. I will not petition a court to politely ask that we not have to address Sharia Law here. At that point our courts would be null
    and void. And we have, as they are domestic enemies, every right to use brutal force until reason is re-established and constitutional tradition re-invoked.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE (See “The Right To Revolt” there and on Turning Point USA)

    1. Same here. Experienced Islam up close and personal. People do not grasp that Muslim countries are polar opposite in their thinking and culture.

      1. Thanks Laurel. You should see the type of responses I get on say the Huffington. They have no idea nor want to no.

        Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

          1. I’m all over on amazon under Charles Hurst —if you look up THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE it takes you to all articles and works which is a part of the website of charleshurstauthor dot com.
            Thanks for that. Hope you like the ezine/blog

            Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  3. If Spencer wants to stop the Arab Winter in America, he should start talking about an end to Muslim immigration.

    How does he think it gets here??

    Geert Wilders isn’t afraid to say End Muslim immigration to the west.

    1. The problem isn’t for lack of talking about ending just muslim immigration, allowing the UN to dictate with the US government’s blessings how many poor persecuted muslims come in for asylum, and how many sneak through a wide open border. It’s not that anyone hasn’t talked about it- it’s that our government, both political sides refuse to listen and do what we want them to do.

      1. Exactly, its not that they’re not listening, they’re trying to be liked by the U N, while calling the people, that keep them in the lifestyle they so much adore, racists
        There is a lot of yellow flowing through those veins, on that hill, in addition not upholding the Oath of Office.
        The line up at Heavens Gate will be long, very long.

  4. DEO GRATIAS that more and more people are speaking out …

    Waking up


    Taking the blindfold OFF

      1. Moderate muslims are just standing by while the jihadists do the heavy lifting for them.

  5. People haven’t got a clue how deep the silent jihad has spread here. Robert Spencer is one of the best when it comes to this, so is Frank Gaffney. These two have been warning for years yet no one paid attention. For years our government has been letting this evil grow, now they just throw out the freaking welcome mat to it.

    1. That’s because they know the dummies will buy that concept,they see it like they’re voting for Dancing with the Stars.
      There is only a minority of voters that really understand anything

      about the voting concept, mostly because nobody sat them down and explained it to them. I have seen it in every election. It was very evident when John Kennedy was elected, however if Jackie had been on the ticket, John would’ve lost big time.And things have gone down hill from there.

  6. CIA Director, John Brennan is a convert to Islam. We will always have to wonder who he is loyal to.

    1. Wait. What??? I tell you, where Islam gains a foothold it spreads like wildfire.

      After that, moderation is not tolerated and converts must become…committed.

    2. There are plenty in our government, we don’t need to wonder- we know who they’re loyal to. Why it’s been so easy to arm syrian al qaida terrorists, and set the whole middle east/north africa on fire with the so called spring.

    dick morris is currently speaking of a series of passed laws in congress changing the voting process. Funding by george sorrows spearheaded by sorros and half the countries constituent voted in favor of law not knowing its a democrat ploy.

    This is a bait and switch movement going into law in many states with uninformed republicans voting in favor of this drummed up sorros law.

    1. The 17th Amendment gutted a full third of our means to keep our Republic.

      Democracy two wolves and a lamb voting on whats for dinner.

  8. Under the leadership of our own Muslim President, this government has already opened the doors and thrown out a welcome mat to what is indeed coming.

    1. Yes but keep in mind that the islamic infiltration of the white house, intelligence agencies, FBI, and numerous other federal agencies was well under way when Bush2 left office.

      Grover Norquist engineered a lot of it.

      It is globalization. Every President since Reagan has been implementing it.

          1. While that may be true jrt, one should always know the history of one’s enemy and how they got to where they are today.

          2. Why? Because those from the past like Norquist and others are still doing it. It’s not just the pos in the white house. The RNC and American Conservatives Union, along with Libertarian groups have allowed Muslims into the “tent”. Crap- Suhail Khan was brought into the ACU by Norquist, his father was an early founder of the Muslim Students Association (MSA), a founding member of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a founding member of the Muslim Community Association (MCA), and the founder of American Muslims for Global Peace and Justice and many of these groups have direct ties to terrorists.

            Kahn’s mother, Malika Khan, was a founding member of the MCA and a board member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) California chapter.

            We can’t ignore these as we keep talking about Obama’s ties.

            1. How can anyone trust Grover Norquist? His beady eyes is a dead give away. I believe jrt, like me, reacted to the inclusion of Eisenhower.

              We have discussed the Muslim Brotherhood and Qutbism. Based on my knowledge, I think it was regrettable. But that’s based on hindsight and a time when radical Islam is spreading globally. No one feared Muslims after WW II.

          3. The past is the cause of the present! We have learned nothing from 9/11, or we simply choose to forget! Obama has been sleeping with our enemies ever since he got the keys to the WH, and no one does anything about it!

        1. I think when it comes to Ike, you must put it in a historical context. Eisenhower was a fierce anti communist. When he agreed finally to support Britain’s plan to topple the the Iranian government, it was because it was ruled by communists.

          He proceeded by authorizing the CIA to cause civil unrest and anarchy which created a coop that led the Shah of Iran to lead the new government.

          Likewise with Egypt which was another commie dictatorship with strong ties to the USSR. The only opposition to the communist dictatorship in Egypt was the Muslim Brotherhood. Thus, Ike did meet with them in 1953.

          I’m not making excuses for Eisenhower. I have studied the Muslim Brotherhood, especially Qutb and Qutbism, so I strongly disagreed with allowing that meeting to occur. But I do so based on hindsight,

          No one feared Muslims or Islam after WW II and the final end of what was the Ottoman Empire.

          1. Good job, Conservator. I like a man who studies history and uses it to put in context, what is happening today.

  9. I’m surprised that Pat Robertson didn’t know that the first Ft. Hood massacre was deemed “workplace violence”. That shows that many, many people don’t have a clue about how they are about to become slaves to a political/religious ideology.

    1. That’s a good indication the level of American stupidity. If Robertson is soo clueless can you imagine the rest of Obama’s zombies?
      America you are in trouble, better weak up before is too late.

    2. Robertson should have retired years ago. Props to the guy for all the good work he did, even though he was wrong on several points.

      (Of course, he was always “a half-bubble off,” but not like today. The clips you see today of his shows can be really bad).

  10. It is all by design. Only a matter of time. We are 5 – 10 years behind the UK. Same pattern, different colonists.

    As with Bundy Ranch, no one in government will recognize nor stop this. They have designed it.

    No one is coming to save us. Be prepared to defend your property, your family, your nation.

    1. We have one is coming up in the 2014/2016 election cycles. If we fail there, it will be very bad indeed.

      1. We have 2 chances. First we see what happens in May in Washington. Then if we make it to November, we better pray the scenery changes drastically.

    1. You know, its just a matter of time before the schools will be taken over. England, And especially David Cameron have allowed it to permeate. I sincerely question Cameron’s attempt at doing anything to stop it.

    2. Thanks, MD. I saw that headline go by but didn’t look into it.

      Looks like a lot of mumbly fumbly going on in response.
      The quote from Gove seemed awfully understated for him.

    3. I love how they can’t bring themselves to talk about Islamists and Instead use the term “religious conservatism.”
      I lived in Birmingham for almost 2 years as a child, back in the early 1970s. It sure has changed a lot.

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