Romneycare consultant: Obamacare is based on Romneycare

You really need to watch this entire interview. This MIT Professor, one of the main consultants of Romneycare, actually worked with Obama and his staff to craft Obamacare and he says:

The truth is that the Affordable Care Act is essentially based on what we accomplished in Massachusetts. It’s the same basic structure applied nationally. John McDonough, one of the other advisers who worked in both Massachusetts and advised the White House, said ‘it’s the Massachusetts bill with three more zeros’.

He also addresses Romney’s comment about the Massachusetts bill not raising taxes like Obamacare, and says while it’s technically true, it’s intellecutally dishonest. The taxes had already been raised by Michael Dukakis so they already had the income levels to pay for Romneycare. This wasn’t the same with Obamacare.

Here is the full interview:

(h/t: RCP)


UPDATE: Also just want to make sure and point out that the MIT Professor says that HALF of the financing of Romneycare came from the federal government. Yep, sounds like we helped foot the bill for Romneycare. I’m sure he’ll thank us during the next debate.

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36 thoughts on “Romneycare consultant: Obamacare is based on Romneycare

  1. But, but, but – Romney is supposed to be looking out for our better interests. He’s supposed to be so suave and presidential looking. Too bad he wants to put the boot of Big Brother government on us rubes!

  2. These are dishonest attacks. They’re making connections where none exist.

    Just because a 2700 page FEDERAL program got core ideas from a 72 page STATE program does not make them the same. It does not mean the author of the 72 page state plan likes or endorses the 2700 page plan.

    They are not the same and it’s deception that keeps people claiming they are.

  3. The headline on Politico is “Obama Sets Sights on Romney.” I didn’t read the article, but when Romney doesn’t get the nomination, he can replace Biden on Obama’s ticket.

  4. oh well Romney certainly can’t run as a Dem against Obama for crying out loud. So like Perry who was Dem – he’ll run as a Liberal Republican hiding his past. BUT – can not do that. We are vetting him. Now What? Now Who? we are sunk.

  5. Good to know. Romney is officially toast 🙂

    Thx to O’Donnell ( psychopath ) for putting the marxist prof on tv.

  6. Oh! The wait is almost over to see how many layers of padding can a candidate put on their hands before delivering a knock out punch!

    Maybe we can have candidates come to “manipulative Mittens” defense! Maybe we can have a talkshows that come to Mittens defense.

    Hell, in the Micky mouse world of politics we leave in today it will not shock me to to see Palin coming to Mittens defense!

    More than likely these will become a non story and the silence will be deafening. We would actually have to have pictures of Mittens in “president zeros” bed in order to do any damage! Because Mittens is the next in line. We got to protect Mittens!

  7. What does anyone care what that hateful Liberal patsy O’Donnell and a hatchet job guest think? Lots of Liberals in MA and many worked on Romney care both while it was being set up by Romney and after he left office.

    Guess what? If they are MA Liberal they hate Romney. I know- I live in this crazy state. I would be more impressed with a Republican who worked for Romney that came out and bashed Mitt on a conservative or Republican show. This is just a hit piece paid for by Obama supporters.

    I think you guys are falling for it like a bunch of dopes.

    Ya Romney is Left of the typical Republican, but I would take a decade of Romney rule over a month of Obama.

    Any of the Republicans running right now (except Huntsman) are better than Obama, so how about not giving weight to Obama’s lap-dog attack pieces?

  8. Yep Scoop. Go after this clown Romney. Tell the American people the truth about who Romney really is. Screw the RNC. If this crap continues, telling all of the American people to support Romney, then there will be a third party at some point.

  9. People need to understand how the mandate works. It’s been 5 years since Romneycare passed and I still see incorrect descriptions of the individual mandate in articles and blogs.

    The mandate is not a tax or a penalty or a fine the way it’s structured in Massachusetts. It’s a tax deduction. When you do your state tax Return there is a part where it asks you if you have a 1099HC form proving that you had health insurance coverage for you and your dependent[s] for the entire year of the Return. The 1099HC shows your health insurance coverage broken down by person by month.

    If you do not have health insurance you cannot take the deduction. If you want a religious exemption, the only way to get it is to state that neither you or your dependents paid for any healthcare serves, including dental care, in the year of the Return. If you did pay anything towards healthcare, you must go before a state board and have your exemption approved.

    In other words, the only way to get around paying the higher tax rate is to lie on your Return and claim the deduction when you are not entitled to it. If you do that you are guilty of perjury and THAT’s what they can get you for.

    You can’t just go without health insurance and not pay the penalty because it’s not a penalty. The only way to avoid paying the higher tax is to lie on your Return and then they can prosecute you for lying. It would be like taking a deduction for 2 kids when you only have one. You’re screwed.

    So Romney is lying thru his teeth when he says taxes didn’t go up.

    And this guy is lying when he says premiums on individual policies went down. Well, he’s not lying, but he’s doing the same thing Romney is doing about the taxes. Very, very few people have “individual” health insurance policies. Most of us have group policies through our employers or associations. THOSE policies went up a LOT. Mine has gone up about 30%.

    Get the freaking government out of the health insurance business. Because remember, this is all about health insurance, not health care.

    1. Thanks for this info, Jaynie. Agree with you wholeheartedly. obamacare was shoved down our throats and they think we should just swallow this bunch of baloney- romneycare. The dems and RINOs have chosen romney, so, his picture will be painted with whitewash/cover job.

  10. Don’t you find the forum a little dubious? I mean c’mon, this guy is making these statements on the O’Donnell program…a man and a program that has a definite leftist agenda and is not beyond tampering with the witness so to speak. I’m not saying his comments are not factual…I am saying verification through other sources would be prudent.

    Purity is a road to Obama’s second term; the country is simply not made up of pure conservatives. I think all of the candidates believe in basic conservative principles (mmmm…maybe Romney and Perry have exposed a few statist neutrinos) but a POTUS is not a king and can be limited by a conservative congress…as the 2010 elections have shown. Arguably, a vote for your district congressman is more important than a POTUS vote. IMO Gingrich is by far the most conservative candidate slated; but folks can’t get past his Pelosi couch setting, Sharpton education butt kissing, or divorce…all of which he did in order to reach an audience he otherwise would not have been able to reach…an audience who would then be exposed to ideas and concepts they would otherwise not hear (well not divorce…but point made). And, in contrast, Newt’s legislative history (probably before many of you were born) and votes are conservative…unlike Perry and Romney who both have legislative debacles hanging around their necks (romneycare and shots). Gingrich has, by far, the most detailed, researched, conservative, plan to move this country forward. He is simply not being allowed the opportunity by the republican establishment, the media, and a lot of Americans (due to the aforementioned) because of his so called un-electability because of his so called baggage…which they all have. If one takes the time to listen one can easily conjure up the image of Newt tearing O an new one in any debate and turning the entire progressive statist agenda around.

  11. The real question here is why on earth would Larry here be helping us with this? I suppose he sees the writing on the wall in that if Obama can’t get elected, we might as well support the guy that will keep his legislation efforts in tact. This can’t happen.

  12. LIke I said before, Mittens is a manipulative bastard!!! No body wants to take their gloves off and take this little s*** down!!!! Who knows why!! Bachmann, Cain, etc plays some cat and mouse games but REALLY!!! The man is walking around with skeletons falling out and everyone turns their head acting like they did not see anything! Mittens is still polling 1st or second in the republican primary I’m I dreaming!!!!

    Who the hell gave Sarah Palin the crack pipe!!!! SERIOUSLY! She decided not to run so we can get to choose between these clowns! She just made the announcement last week and our presidential debates has turn into Rhino Fest 2012?!!!!

  13. The one thing I’m wondering, among other things, including this, is I have not seen where Romney stands on the Second Amendment reported anywhere recently…

    1. Governor Romney vocally supports second amendment rights for all legal purposes. However, his track record and statements show that he strongly supports an assault weapons ban, background checks, and gun registration.

      In 2002, Mitt Romney stated in a debate that he supported the tough gun laws in Massachusetts and that he believed they help protect us and keep us safe. He vowed not to chip away at those laws. After being elected Governor, Romney fulfilled this commitment by signing a state-wide continuation of the assault weapons ban. He noted that such weapons were made for killing only and have no place in Massachusetts.

      Before becoming Governor and during his time in office, Governor Romney supported the Brady bill and a waiting period. He stated that his views did not line up with the NRA. After initiating his Presidential campaign, Governor Romney joined the NRA with a lifetime membership. He asserted in a taped speech that he supported second amendment rights for all legal purposes, including the common defense.

      In interviews, Governor Romney also stated that the assault weapons ban that he signed into law was good for gun owners as it loosened registration requirements. He also stated that he supported a waiting period because it was necessary to complete a background check. With the advent of instant background checks, a waiting period is no longer required. He has stated that he does not believe that the nation wide assault weapons ban should be re-instituted.

      That is just a summary, you can find the rest of this report here;
      Every candidates positions on almost all the issues can be found at this site.

  14. The federal money used for Romney care was already going to Massachusetts in the first place. Romney and Kennedy just had to get permission from the federal government to use it for that purpose. Just a reminder Rick Perry is going to lose.

  15. If I were in the running, I’d be on this like white on rice. What is holding them back? I mean squabbling back and forth on minor issues I can understand them wanting to be above that- but come ON people!! We are so sick of this kind of crap and we want it talked about!!!

  16. The GOP elite need to watch this video 100 times before advancing Romney into the “Lightning Round”. BUT WAIT, maybe Mitt can choose Nancy Pelosi as his running mate.
    Romney does not deserve a number one or two place on the GOP ticket, however he could be a good Sec of Health if Obama wins in 2012.

    1. While I agree 100 percent with what you said dd, I have to think that the GOP elite could care less, probably knows all about it already and are chewing their fingernails wondering how to put a lid back on this…

      1. Somebody has to explain this Romney thing to me. At this time (one year away) we have a winner? I think I would be happier watching reruns of “Leave it to Beaver” Romney reminds me of Ward Cleaver.

    1. The MIT professor sounds like he’s the one not being Intellectually straightforward. What he doesn’t explain is that the half from the federal government was money already given to Mass. for everyone’s free care., so Romney just used it to help those who couldn’t pay get market based health insurance. Then, he also makes it seem as if Romney didn’t have to raise taxes because taxes has already been raised….in 1988!!!! That the Fed Gov didn’t have that luxury…Intellectually straightforward? I don’t think so.

  17. Econometric model?! Sheeze. Sounds like his specialty is getting funded by politicians with tax dollars, to develop models for oppressive government growth through intellectually bankrupt schemes, that fleece even more dollars from the taxpayer.

    Isn’t it amazing how much garbage these “intellectuals” can spew and still keep a straight face? Romney deserves to have this weasel coming back to bite him in the arse.

    The guy has some nerve showing his face after advising Hussein’s POS healthcare assault plan. He should shove his PhD back into the CrackerJack box.

  18. Why is Romney better than Newt, or Santorum, or Cain, or Bachmann? The fact is, he is not. Now don’t listen to all this hype about Romney. Vote for a conservative and you will always come out OK.

    1. I am clueless why the GOP machine thinks that blue states like Massachusetts and New Jersey can produce red Republicans.

      If it looks, quacks, swims, flies and walks like a duck, the odds are that it’s a duck.

      1. I don’t know what’s holding them back; the MSM is going to grill them no matter what they say. If any of the candidates want to shut down this nonsense that Romney is the front-runner, they need to attack Romney on Romneycare and use cold, hard facts. I realize Gingrich wants to put a stop to candidates attacking each other in debates, but it doesn’t help any candidate, nor does it help the American people to continue to dance around the issue of Romneycare.

        Heck, it might even take one bit of grilling to tear Romney’s campaign apart.

      2. I am sure O’Reilly would have caught this one had he not been so busy blowing Mittens kisses tonight.

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