Ron Paul defends Hamas, blames Israel for 2009 war and more

I’ve never believed Ron Paul is anti-Israel more than I do now. After hearing his statements during the 2008-09 war when Israel sought to defend itself from the relentless attacks by Hamas, I’m now firmly convinced that he is anti-Israel and his foreign policy is informed by that stance.

Just listen to his comments below. It is clear he blames Israel, not just for the war, but for not dealing with its problems which he says has much to do with US intervention in the Middle East. He believes Israel should be talking to the Arab League every day but that they won’t because they know America will back them up.

Thus, he feels like our blind support of them is a hindrance to Israel and that if we stop supporting them and get out of the Middle East, they will be motivated to work out their problems and, I guess, there will be peace in the Middle East. Lunacy!

He also compares Gaza, once again, to a concentration camp and suggests that Hamas isn’t the aggressor.

Here are most of his comments, all of which are in the video below:

It’s our money and it’s our weapons. But I think we encouraged it. Certainly the president has said nothing to diminish it. As a matter of fact he justifies it on moral grounds…without even mentioning the tragedy of Gaza, you know the real problems that are there. To me I look at it like a concentration camp. People are making homemade bombs – like they’re the aggressors? …

I think if we weren’t in the Middle East there’d be a much greeted motivation for Israel to deal with all the people and maybe the Arab League. Maybe they would be talking to the Arab League every single day and work out problems. But they don’t do that. They don’t have the motivation because they know we’ll back them up. No matter what happens over there, Israel knows and our government knows, Republican or Democrat, that we’ll do whatever is necessary to bailout Israel.

If Israel has a problem they have to deal with it. I don’t think it should be any of our business. It’s just that it’s our business and we will be blamed because we support Israel blindly so. And we give them the money and we give them the weapons. …

If I personally favor one side or the other side then it’s really pretty academic because politically I don’t want to be involved. If I wanna say well, you know, I really think the Palestinians have been ripped off and therefore all the blame is on Israel, then I’ve sorta stepped in a little bit more than I want to. I can have a personal opinion but politically my position is that America would be much better off if we just minded our own business

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