RUBIO: It’s unfortunate that Rand Paul has decided to adopt Obama’s foreign policy on Cuba

In an interview tonight with Mark Levin, Marco Rubio accused Rand Paul of adopting President Obama’s foreign policy, saying it’s his right to support Obama’s policy if he wants to line up with it, but it’s not going to work.



MARK LEVIN: Now there seems to be a little dispute between you and Rand Paul, what’s that all about?

MARCO RUBIO: Well I think it’s unfortunate that Rand has decided to adopt Barack Obama’s foreign policy on this matter.

Look, for me the interest in Cuba — obviously I know people in this community who have family members who were executed by this regime. I know people in this community that served 30 years in jail. I know people in this community who still have loved ones in Cuba who are being persecuted.

Every single week — this is a matter of daily course — You know that on Tuesday or Monday of this week, the Cuban coast guard rammed a boat full of migrants that were seeking to flee Cuba, overturning the boat? One of the people are missing and presumed dead. This happened the night before or the day before this deal was announced. There are human rights violations in Cuba every single day as a matter of course.

So you have these people coming out saying ‘well we should try something different…’ and that’s what Rand did. He just basically repeated the talking points of the president. And that’s fine, he has every right to support the president’s foreign policy if that’s what he wants to line up with. But I’m telling you it isn’t going to work.

This notion that somehow by doing this there’s going to be change in Cuba is just not true. On the contrary it’s going to strengthen the regime who is openly bragging in Havana. They said it again today in Cuba, nothing is going to change. They’re not going to change their system of government. They’re not going to change their economic system. And what they are openly saying is that this is a victory against imperialism, that they have won, and they spent all day yesterday thanking their partners internationally for standing with them all these years.

The president gave away everything and we got nothing in return. No democratic oath, nothing, nothing in return.

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