RUMOR: Trump upset that Pence upstaged him!

I wake up this morning to see a couple of reports out of the Trump camp that Pence doing so well last night in the VP debate won’t go over well with Trump:

POLITICO – “CNN’s John King, reporting from a source close to Trump, that the reviews that Pence did better [than] he did won’t go over well with Trump,” the Huffington Post’s Sam Stein wrote on Twitter Tuesday night. That post was followed shortly by one from CNBC’s John Harwood, who wrote, “Trump adviser on debate after Pence passed up opportunities to defend him: ‘Pence won overall, but lost with Trump.’”

But Conway hit back at those assertions this morning:

Conway said Wednesday morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that such reports were “just not true.”

“His last tweet last night was how excited he was, how proud of him he was. They talked last night. I talked to Mr. Trump during the debate several times,” Conway said of Trump’s response to Pence’s debate performance. “I think the one thing to remember is that, as Ronald Reagan always said, personnel is policy. And Donald Trump has promised as president to surround himself with the best people. You saw last night who the best people are. The first exercise in judgment in leadership by Donald J. Trump after he became the Republican nominee was his selection of his vice presidential running mate, and you see it was just a fantastic pick.”

It’s easy to believe that Trump wouldn’t like being outdone by his running mate, especially if you don’t like him.

But I think it’s more like this, that Trump was probably watching Pence debate thinking “I sound just like that”. In other words, Trump doesn’t realize he comes off sounding like a buffoon most of the time because he thinks he sounds intelligent.

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