RUMSFELD: Obama saying US standing with int’l community is like having both feet firmly planted in mid-air

Donald Rumsfeld was on with Mark Levin tonight to discuss what’s going on with Putin invading Ukraine, and Rumsfeld plainly stated that this shouldn’t have come as a surprise considering how important Ukraine is in that part of the world. When asked what we should do now, he quipped “if you drive yourself into a cul-de-sac, your options are few.”

Rumsfeld called all this talk about the international community “mindless” and said that for Obama to say the US is standing with the international community is like having both feet firmly planted in mid-air. Rumsfeld points out that there really is no international community to stand with. He said we’re a whole rang of 100+ nations with different views, different neighbors, different histories and different cultures and there is no strategic vision or mission in this ‘international community’.

Rumsfeld says the real problem is American weakness, arguing that the US is behaving as though it is in decline. He said we’re showing the world that we’re not a reliable ally and we’ve injected instability into the world equation. We’ve created a leadership vacuum, he argues, and says it’s being filled by the Putin’s of the world whose interests are against our own interests.

When asked about our foreign policy, he said we don’t have one, that what we have is an administration “leading from the hip.” In order to have a foreign policy, he says, you must have a clarity of vision and you must decide what political, economic, and security actions will provide an appropriate deterrent to the Putin’s of the world. Then, he adds, you must develop a coalition to support that strategy.

Later in the interview, Rumsfeld also slammed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton saying that he doesn’t know of one thing she accomplished. He pointed out that a “trained ape” could get a status of forces agreement and we don’t have one in either of the two countries we’ve invested so much, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Listen the full interview below:

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