Rush defends Michael Steele: Why are Republicans calling for Steele to resign?

Rush defends Steele in this ongoing saga regarding Steele’s Afghanistan comments last week. He didn’t defend all of his comments, but did suggest that Steele was half right in his assessment of this being a war of Obama’s choosing, since this is the war that Obama and the Democrats wanted to fight. This is a different take than many republicans and pundits took (including yours truly), citing that the war began in 2001 which means it can’t be one of Obama’s choosing. Rush interprets the phrase differently, and in a way that makes sense.

Rush also considers the fact that it seems that some of these Republicans calling for Steele to resign are cheering for him to fail. I don’t know if that’s true, but Steele has had a gaffe prone existence as head of the RNC and I think many are simply tired of him being a distraction. Rush argues that Steele is no more gaffe prone than several in the Democrat party, is immensely more qualified for his position than Kagan is for the Supreme Court, and wonders if those calling for Steele to step down are also asking the Republicans to filibuster Elena Kagan.


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