Rush defends Sarah Palin and Tea Party candidates

Rush explains why the Tea Party isn’t embraced by the Republican Party and also talks about defending Sarah Palin to the point that he’s lost his temper in his own home arguing with those who just accept what the MSM says about her.


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5 thoughts on “Rush defends Sarah Palin and Tea Party candidates

  1. Rush is exactly right about the media making it so that conservatives become embarrassed to support people like Palin. And conservatives fall for it every time. They not only fall for it, they take the reigns and run with it themselves. Look at any high traffic conservative blog. Palin supporters are considered a joke. She’s a traffic magnet guaranteed to get hits on a post and a lot of comments, so we supporters are seen as mindless drones who defend her without thinking. I won’t even click on an Allah Palin post anymore when he uses the wink picture.

    I cringed when McCain picked Palin. I hate women in positions of authority. Hate them. I would never, EVER, vote for a woman for dog catcher, much less president. I spent too many years working for and with incompetent, clueless women to trust that that one rare woman was out there I’d be willing to vote for. Competent, strong, intelligent women are few and far between.

    Sarah Palin is that rare exception. By the time she gave the speech at the RNC I had read enough about her, and seen videos of her on YouTube, to think that she was the real deal. By the end of that speech I was hooked.

    Sarah Palin is exactly what this country needs and if she runs for president in 2012, and makes it past the primaries, she’ll win.

  2. who ever still watches dinosaur media at this point needs to have their head examined… seriously.

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