Rush: Obama is in Libya to protect european energy

Robert Gates said yesterday that the US has no vital interests in Libya and that seems to make since given that France and England were first in wanting to take action against Libya. So why are we there? Rush has a map that he says explains it quite well. It’s all about oil; but not our oil – european oil:

Here’s the map Rush was showing on the Dittocam (click to enlarge it):

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15 thoughts on “Rush: Obama is in Libya to protect european energy

  1. Obama is nothing more than a neo-con in liberal drag. Paints an interesting picture does it not?

  2. Obama is nothing more than a neo-con in liberal drag. Paints an interesting picture does it not?

  3. Here’s the Obama Doctrine in a nutshell:

    “No sense of precedent guided President Obama’s decision to intervene in Libya, administration officials said Monday.”

    “We don’t make decisions about questions like intervention based on consistency or precedent,” said Denis McDonough, the administration’s deputy national security adviser, amid an off-camera gaggle of reporters. “We make them based on how we can best advance our interests in the region.”

  4. For those wondering whether the “Coalition of the Unwilling” (aka, the “Keystone Kops Against Gadhafi”) will also “protect civilians” in Syria, here’s the answer:

    NO OIL – NOBODY CARES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ahem !!! As I commented several weeks ago:

    “France wants Libya strikes run by new ‘committee’ ”
    “France takes lead on ousting Qaddafi, U.S. wavers on ultimate goal”
    “Europe, not US, pushed for military force in Libya”
    “U.S. in compliance with U.N. resolution, will cede lead soon”

    Follow the CRUDE:

    France gets MORE THAN 10% of its oil from Libya.
    Germany gets an even higher percentage from Libya.
    Many of the oil facilities are owned by Italian firms (Libya was a colony of Italy).
    The US gets a negligibly small amount from Libya, but just needs to payback europe for supporting US interests in Iraq oil — THAT’S WHY THE US MISSION IS LIMITED.

    And the UK wants to kill gadhafi to make sure he never tells the full story of their BP-Libya oil deal for the release of the Lockerbie bomber.

    It’s ALWAYS about the oil.

    …I guess rush reads my comments.

    1. I don’t get your point, if France,Germany,and Italy where already getting their oil from Gadhafi for all these years, why would they want to take him out. There is no guarantee the people they are helping to take over power will play ball with them.

      1. Maybe. The US has been gearing up for war with Iran since 2001, they will need all the diplomatic capital they can muster to get people to come with them. Because if it’s just the US and Israel, the war will destroy the United States, no two ways about it. But that’s a conversation for another page.

    1. Seems to me that we are all beating the same drum. The old European countries are still controlling things as much as we are. We just get used for our MIC. From what I can tell, Obama is probably taking orders from his UN buddies. He does hold two offices now. Head of UN Security Council, and US controller of America for the UN.

      Europe wants to get people off of oil, and it appears that Obama is working on the same agenda in the US. They may want to control their oil, but for the sake of control, not consumption. They do need oil to continue to take out these countries though. As currencies fall, control over supply is advantageous.

      1. Don’t forget the French President has an election coming up, and there is a large Muslim population in his country.
        And China was expected to make a play for Libyan oil if things continued to descend, so the US is keeping their hands off it.

        This is also “The War Card,” drop some explosives on some human beings, send in a bunch of kids with guns to shoot people and be shot at and watch those poll numbers rise! Except it didn’t work this time.

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