Rush reads 1994 Ann Romney interview which obliterates left’s “out of touch” narrative

Rush reads from an interview that Ann Romney gave 18 years ago to the Boston Globe that sheds light on time when they didn’t have much money, even to carpet the floor. And the beautiful thing about this is that it shatters the narrative that the Left is trying to paint, that the Romneys have always had a silver spoon in their mouth and thus they are so out of touch they can’t relate to the women who struggle to get by.

Must listen:

Rush started out his show today excited that this Hillary Rosen incident had given him the opportunity for a teachable moment, to expose how the left detests women who choose motherhood as a career.

Listen below:

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54 thoughts on “Rush reads 1994 Ann Romney interview which obliterates left’s “out of touch” narrative

  1. Neither one of them worked during college. They were living off Daddy’s trust fund. Rough life indeed.

    1. I don’t think anyone is saying they had it rough compared to other people. There is no denying that they had it better than most. So what? The point is that they aren’t out of touch with normal people. I think it has more to do with their religion than their financial situation. The left is constantly trying to paint Romney as being a rich, out of touch, elitist. It’s fair for the Romney family to push back against this bogus narrative. In fact, I’ve heard the kids describe their Dad as being cheap. heheh. In other words, he doesn’t spoil them rotten even though he could. Good values.

      I’m so tired of all these types of attacks. It’s all such utter BS. A distraction that serves no purpose. Romney and Obama have two different visions of America. Let them each tell the American people what it is and let the voters decide.

    1. Indeed. It is a one party system. The party of Big Government. Romney just gets done breaking the kneecaps of his last challenger and this is what we get?

      What a circus.

  2. Obama said in the ’08 campaign that his wife and kids were off limits.

    Now suddenly it’s OK??

    I’m like what Rush said, no matter what you think about Mitt, Ann Romney has raised a family while battling cancer and MS. It takes an incredibly strong person to do that.

  3. Rush are giving up to rmoneycare ve.r 2012

    Who cares about rmoneys b(f)ucking rug!!!!

    Rmoneycare are not Big Lebowski Dude with pissed rug.

    rmoneycare have records of socialistic-communistic achievements to turning free people to serfs in Communischusett.

  4. LOL Joe Biden called Rosen’s comments about Ann Romney is an outrageous assertion, coming out of Biden’s mouth that’s funny, if anyone know outrageous assertions it’s him lol.

  5. How is the left “selfish” as Rush describes?

    Let me put it another way: How is it in one’s self-interest to be a liberal?

    I can’t say that it is. It’s self-destructive to be a liberal. Their whole philosophy is all about self-destruction and preaching the virtues of self-destruction. This is why they want to bring down capitalism, this is why they admire tyrants, this is why they want to steal from the rich and give to the poor – It’s all about self-destruction.

    So no, it’s not selfish to be a liberal. Selfishness is a virtue that the Left can never achieve.

  6. A complete distraction when we should be focusing on getting a conservative on the GOP ticket to defeat Obama. 3-4 different threads in 24 hours because a liberal said Ann Romney hadn’t worked a day in her life and didn’t know what financial hardship was. Raising 5 boys I’m sure is hard work. But I doubt she has known much financial hardship. Regardless, it is not worth wasting all this time on.

    1. I’ll agree that quite a few are jumping right into the fray like expected and going right to the stay at home comment. I for one will jump in and throw a few slams their way.

      However, Ms. Rosen’s other intent here was to paint the Romney’s as ‘rich’ and therefore completely out of touch. Why isn’t that worth ‘wasting time on’? They are consistently after people who are successful. Why do you think they are out trumpeting the Buffet rule? Why do think they are dividing everyone on race, income level & gender? It’s to buy votes. They can’t stand on their economic policies because their end goal is socialism and they know the moderates won’t like it. So… they are going to divid everyone.

      We can’t just back down and be quiet about it. We are intelligent enough to slam down their stupid narrative and drive it right back in their face. Use the facts and paint out just how horrible their policies have been for everyone – regardless of income level, race or gender. Like them, let’s never let a crisis go to waste!

    2. It’s the wider point wodiej… Rush is reminding us to learn to think like the left thinks so we can understand them better.

      This is not about Ann Romney… it’s about the class warfare, war on women, rich people are greedy, Republicans are racist… Democrat Party leftist memes which will be the IEDs the left are using in this campaign season.

      This will only pop up in another form and Rush is reminding us to prepare because this is all part of the war in helping to defeat Obama.

      And … btw… who cares whether or not she’s had financial hardship (did you listen to Rush’s first clip?) Only liberals make that leap because it satisfies their false sanctimony and base urge of envy. You don’t need to have cancer to know it’s a bad thing. So what the heck are conservatives doing parroting that tired leftist argument about a rich white woman being out of touch.

  7. But Rush … but Rush … but Rush …
    I thought we had agreed that we weren’t going to buy into these manufactured distractions of the Left?!?!

    1. Rush wasn’t doing that. Rush has been talking about the Feminazi’s for his entire career. I know that from going back through the archives as a Rush 24/7 member. He’s got clips from his old TV show in the early 1990’s.

      He deserves more credit than some of you even know.

      1. Well, having listened to Rush since 1990, I give ’em plenty of kudos. I stand by my point.

  8. Well the plan was for Axelrod to instruct the LSM surrogate to put this out so the Campaign could disavow it. it will be interesting to see if it will work. We have known for a long time that the LSM and the Obama campaign/whitehouse are one and the same. What I think may be happening is that more of the general electorate is beginning to assume that as well. To the extent that this is true, this Axelrod maneuver will backfire in a huge way.

  9. Ann Romney is just as fraudulent as her husband.

    This demonstrates how conservatives can be easily manipulated into supporting liberal progressives like Ann and Mitt Romney.

    Paint her as the victim of a left-wing attack… and conservatives will automatically rally to her defense. Mitt might as well use his millions to pay his friends on the Left to do it more.

    Simple tactic with expected results. It is all too easy to get conservatives to rally behind a liberal progressive.

    Of course when George Bush was being attacked by conservatives, you never saw liberals rallying to his defense just because it was conservatives who were attacking him.


  10. Great. Perfect. This shoves Newt and Rick right of the stage. If I were feeling more tinfoil-hat-ish, I’d swear team Romney engineered this. But fine, everyone go for that distraction.

    It’s always–always–a stupid idea to pick on the spouse or children of a candidate. That goes for the current First Family, as well.

      1. You laugh. I found out that Reynolds was debasing the al-you-minium, and so now I have to go back and make all new hats from the HD version, just to get the correct molecular density. I’m right on top of these things, man!

      1. We need to elbow Mitt off the stage. Instead, it sounded to me like Rush has accepted the “inevitability” narrative, and began his support (which will probably never go beyond “tepid”) for team Romney, 2012.

        This from the guy who identified “the narrative” in the first place.

        We should all join Stacy McCain at DOOMCon in Tampa. We are so screwed.

        1. Speaking for myself only, I just can’t sit still and let the left continue to wage war against anyone they choose in order to win votes. They have declared war on so many of our fundamental rights that I can’t be silent – regardless of who the establishment decides to ‘crown’.

          Now, as for elbowing Romney off the stage? I’m all for that. I’d like to see Newt take the facts to the left and really get them panicked. So far, he’s not doing that. Or not in a way that’s getting press anyway.

        2. Oh say it ain’t so… from Rush? No… not Rush.

          This “inevitability” narrative I saw coming from deep space… yet… it’s here on our doorstep. Makes me sick… everyone’s buying… and we’ll all be paying soon enough for it too.

  11. Is this Rush’s idea of stage one of “rehab the Romneys in the eyes of conservative voters” by engendering female conservative voter sympathy for the Mrs.? Sure sounded like it to me …Two long hours worth for one comment made by a lib no one listens to or cares about.

    1. No, it’s really not. Rush has used this incident to explain everything you need to know about liberals. Listen to him because he’s right.

      1. I did listen to the whole thing carefully and I know when I’m being manipulated. For instance, why was it necessary to mention Mrs. Romney’s cancer and MS so many times I lost count (as a cancer survivor myself, I hate it when people use it as a sympathy ploy, like it is brave to have survived cancer.) What about that 1996 interview in the $60 month college apartment and the door as a desk.

        And I already know everything I need to know about Liberals, I’ve been fighting them all my life and I’m sure Mrs. Romney’s life story won’t enhance that knowledge.

    2. You’ve got it! Kabuki theater. We are being played. Everyone came out right on cue on this one. Even the whitehouse.

      The country is burning. We have a racebaiting marxist in the white house, a lawless DOJ, radical Islamic toppling whole nations, staggering debt, no budget, $4 gas, massive inflation, war clouds over Iran and Isreal, and we just had a Progressive/Socialist shoved down our throats for the GOP nominee.

      And this dominates the news?

      A nation of fools.

  12. This is a perfect example of Liberal outrage being contrived 100% of the time. They are great at staying on message 99% of the time, them some fool lets the mask slip and they are all forced to move on and drop their current “outrageous outrage”.

    This woman is now trying to claim that the whole “war on women” meme we have been witness to for the past 3 months was a “Republican attack”. They think we are stupid, or have short memories. This started when Obama forced Catholics to provide contraceptives and abortion-inducing pills in their health insurance plans, and the push-back on the grounds of religious liberty and the first amendment. Even prior to that, it was a debate question, coordinated through the WH no doubt.

  13. I heard this. It was great. I also like the way Rush brought up the point that back then, parents didn’t expect to keep doing for their kids, and kids didn’t expect help from their parents. It was the same way with my folks. People used to ask me why I had to put myself through school when my parents could have easily afforded to pay. I never did understand the question because me, and most people I knew were raised to make our own way and work hard for what we wanted. Not to say there haven’t been a few times in my life I would have appreciated some financial help from my parents, I never asked for it, and the situation would always work itself out or I’d find a way to work it out.
    Just because parents are wealthy, doesn’t mean kids are, or that kids have everything paid for. My experiences growing up around many self made people, and knowing others who had inherited much, I found that those who were self made raised their kids to earn their own way while those who inherited over a few generations didn’t have the same work ethic.

    Thanks for putting everything in the typcially proper perspective Rush. You rock!

  14. I don’t like the attack on Ann Romney, I was a stay at home mom, and it did cost us to do so, but this attack is nothing compared to what Palin and Bachmann went through. I don’t remember Rush spending an hour, 1 hour defending them, did Rush defend them yes, did he give them a whole hour, NO, I’m sorry this attack is child’s play compared to the Tuscan attack.

    1. The feminists have been Rush’s thing forever. This is right up his alley so that’s why he’s so passionate about it.

      And he’s right. It’s the basis of all their thinking and their success at it has encouraged them to use the same tactics over and over when it comes to everything else. Civil rights. Gay rights. It’s all an extension of the same argument they started with the feminist movement.

      Rush knows them. He knows them like the back of his hand.

    2. You exactly right. Thank you! This is all the huff and puff of Kabuki Theater . Drama for public consumption, entertainment, and distraction from Romney’s elitist far left record.

      They went for Sarah Palin’s very existence and the big tough guy conservatives where no were to be found.

  15. How was equal pay for equal work at all the original rallying cry of feminism?

    I believe the original rallying cry was things like… you know, being able to own property and vote.

  16. The only time I didn’t listen to Rush and I missed this “great teachable” moment.

    However, thanks to @TRSCOOP for keeping us informed.

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