Rush: Romney is the one guy the media isn’t vetting

Rush noted today on his radio show that Romney is the only guy that the media is refusing to hit. I would add the word “yet” to the end of his statement. While Rush doesn’t draw any conclusions here, he’s said before that Obama and the media want’s to run against Romney because they believe they can beat him. So, the media takes a political axe to each candidate except for Romney. Whether it be CNN or ABC smearing Michele Bachmann for her Christian Counseling center helping people who want to overcome being gay, the Washington Post smear  about the “Niggerhead” rock on Perry’s family property, the well-known hit by Politico on Herman Cain, and now the attacks on Newt Gingrich.

Now I’m not saying that some of this isn’t legitimate criticism, but the media always says that when you get high in the polls, you get scrutinized more. Well, Romney’s been high in the polls from early on, and yet I don’t remember reading a Politico or WaPo story on anything nefarious that he’s done.

I think there’s only one good conclusion from this and that is that Romney is the media’s candidate because they believe he’ll be easiest to take down and give Obama another four years. And believe me, if he wins the nomination, his background will all of a sudden be fair game while Obama’s background will still be off-limits.

The media is not the friend of any Republican and they should all wake up to that fact, even the ones in Congress now.

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