Rush: Romney is the one guy the media isn’t vetting

Rush noted today on his radio show that Romney is the only guy that the media is refusing to hit. I would add the word “yet” to the end of his statement. While Rush doesn’t draw any conclusions here, he’s said before that Obama and the media want’s to run against Romney because they believe they can beat him. So, the media takes a political axe to each candidate except for Romney. Whether it be CNN or ABC smearing Michele Bachmann for her Christian Counseling center helping people who want to overcome being gay, the Washington Post smear  about the “Niggerhead” rock on Perry’s family property, the well-known hit by Politico on Herman Cain, and now the attacks on Newt Gingrich.

Now I’m not saying that some of this isn’t legitimate criticism, but the media always says that when you get high in the polls, you get scrutinized more. Well, Romney’s been high in the polls from early on, and yet I don’t remember reading a Politico or WaPo story on anything nefarious that he’s done.

I think there’s only one good conclusion from this and that is that Romney is the media’s candidate because they believe he’ll be easiest to take down and give Obama another four years. And believe me, if he wins the nomination, his background will all of a sudden be fair game while Obama’s background will still be off-limits.

The media is not the friend of any Republican and they should all wake up to that fact, even the ones in Congress now.

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91 thoughts on “Rush: Romney is the one guy the media isn’t vetting

  1. The main stream media does not have to attack Mitt Romney. Rush and all the other so-called conservative media types have gone after him relentlessly. Their desire to create a candidate in their own image has resulted in a never ending assault on a very good, very capable man whom has done everything right in his life. And has prepared himself for leadership from his very early years. He is the kind of man you want your sons to be and your daughters to marry.

    If the talking radioheads and red meat bloggers would back off a bit Mitt would be polling in the 30-40% range. And that is exactly why they won’t back down. Their frustrated desires have turned their thoughts from wishes to demands and their logical thinking to bitter spite. They will wake up one morning and realize they’ve assaulted a righteous man. They will have achieved their desires and burned their best hope and end up with nothing but ashes. Say hello to another four years of Obama and another four years of contention and chaos.

    I’ve enjoyed listening to conservative radio for years, but lately their words have been harsh sounds and tantrums slightly above the maturity of OWS protesters.

  2. Fox Radio on SiriusXM has been going after Perry, Cain and now they’re starting on Gingrich. Haven’t heard a lot of criticism of Romney from them. I get the feeling they’re in the tank for Mitt.

    1. You have got to be kidding. I don’t watch FOX any more because of the anti-Romney bias. Carl Cameron jumps with glee when he has negative information on Romney. If Glenn Beck and Levin do not point out Gingrich’s love of Big Government and government solutions like the Department of Education and his love for Pelosi it will tell me that these two guys have zero principles. Do people realize that Gingrich is on record as saying his favorite president was FDR and Woodrow Wilson?

      1. I recall him mentioning FDR along with Reagan in the ABC interview, but not Wilson. Got a link to that story?

  3. I wouldn’t add “yet”. He’s just like them. Like “Brown” who got in as a Republican, but is anything but.. In Hungary, the opposing parties join forces and support the opposing party or party candidate that is most like them, thus popular momentum is the option between strong-clone 1 and a lighter, watered down version. The momentum is, however in the same direction – the destruction of US and all of its principles.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised” if” RINO ROMNEY becomes “the ONE” for the republicans ,that the MSM DOESN’T GO TOO hard on him because guess what, he’s good buddies with OBAMA and after Obama wins again, he appoints him to some high paying ,sweet government post!!!

  5. Does anyone think it matters who gets in? The cards are laid out(The Bible). Read revelations & see. It’s good versus evil. Can anyone doubt this when they see what’s going on today? The evil ones control the media… They control the minds of the sheeple. The time is now for all patriotic Americans to take a stand,grab your weapon,mount your horse & defeat these bastards. This is life or death for the Good ‘Ole U.S.A. unless we act.

  6. As usual, I agree with Rush. The media will always tell us who our candidate should NOT be. Romney should not be our candidate.

    1. Maybe the media is still looking for dirt on Romney. In the meantime their strategy is to attack every GOP candidate but Romney. They know that knee-jerk conservatives will automatically assume that the media is protecting Mitt and take him out for them (with Rush leading the charge.) Rush is too clever by half. He has already fallen into the media’s trap of positioning Republicans into a circular firing squad.

      If you have specific points of disagreement with Romney, by all means point them out. But don’t let what the media does, or does not do, make up your mind for you. Get out of this suicidal circular firing squad and point your weapon to the left – that’s where the enemy is!

  7. Preach it Right Scoop! Give us a wake up call to the reality that the media has a bulleyes on any candidate that is a threat to Romney! They are essentially engaged in a proxy campaign for Obama and using our primary to rid themselves of his greatest threat. Anyone notices that Romney is keeping a low profile when there are no debates? He realizes he doesn’t have to do much to maintain a 20% voting block. The media is doing all the work for him.

      1. I didn’t say anything inflammatory about Romney.

        I am marking the media. They are doing all the heavy lifting for Romney which is why he can afford to be MIA 90% of the time.

  8. Rush is just mad because his favorite is blown out. Hey Rush, why don’t we just give Obama a hand and list all the crap you can find about all our candidates. You know what I like most about Romney? He’s busy trying to take Obama down, not another conservative. The Republican party is not what it used to be. Since when do we redicule men of honor, faith, and success? What do you want Rush? Everything Mitt has done is on record. They can’t find dirt. You know why? Because the very thing that aggravates you, that Mitt is a Mormon, is why has no skeletons in the closet. I can’t believe you are gripping about one of own conservatives.

    1. What I find funny is that these so called conservatives are going gaga for Gingrich who is BIG GOVERNMENT personified and was extremely vocal on the National Healthcare mandate through the 90’s through 2010. He is actually on the record. Newt also was one of the few conservative votes for the creation of the Department of Education. Newt was also very vocal and pro Green house cap and trade legislation with Pelosi and Newt has the morals of a PIG but he is somehow the “Great Conservative”. People are being fed a load of “crap” from FOX and Rush and the other conservative loons. Newt is on record as saying his favorite president was FDR and Woodrow Wilson. I would post the link but the moderator won’t allow me to…..I guess it can’t tolerate factual information regarding the “Real Newt”!

  9. This post is flat wrong.

    It isn’t necessarily that Romeny will be easiest to beat. It is the fact that the cost of losing is less severe. A Gingrich presidency with a Contract for America 2012 “severely” damages the Left’s “progress.”

    On the other hand, Romey’s election merely slows down the Left’s “progress” and results in progressive-lite for 4 years!

    1. Gingrich is the LEFT. Look at his record. He has the same Big government Progressive Record as the Left. Newt is the ultimate Washington Insider who has made millions from BIG Government. He has no idea ,unlike Romney and Cain what it is like to work in the private sector in creating jobs for decades.

  10. Duh. Mitt and Obama benefit, Rush. Mitt doesn’t care if he wins 2012. He’s happy to let his buddy Obama beat him. And Obama is probably happy if he loses to Mitt. Know why? They’re the same people. Its just that one’s pretending to be a Republican and the other is a loud and proud communist psycopath.

    1. You must be a Democrat or more like a liberal…you provided no evidence to your argument and your tactics appear to come from an Alinsky playbook.

    2. Another parrot. One thing I have liked about conservatives is that they stick to core issues, you are just mad your candidate is not winnining. Put the facts out there and let people show you if it holds water.

        1. If you would have responded to someone calling me a “dirty troll” I would think you are trying to be fair here. Parrot is not a name per se, but a description of an action. I read rude, negative comments on here daily, but in general are fairly mild and today you are having a tantrum? Nothing I said has been disrespectful or attacking…it has been in support of a much hated candidate. Either way, I promise not to come back. Who needs this crap in a society who wants to freely exchange ideas. It is obvious you are one-sided and a little thin skinned.

          1. I see your perception is a bit lacking “Speaking of parrots” refers to you “parroting” leighrow’s attacks, while leveling the charge at another, a bit like “the pot calling the kettle black. Freely exchanging ideas can only be accomplished when one puts forth those ideas in a respectful adult manner, something at which you failed. You came in here behaving like a troll so you got called on it. Get over yourself.

  11. We already know which candidates are incompetent. The list includes Rick Perry, Ron Paul and Herman Cain. They should get out of the race. If we want Romney to be vetted then make him work for every vote and not just win because a variety of candidates are sharing votes that would be taken from Romney. Rick Santorum is not going to make it and John Huntsman probably won’t either. Michelle Bachmann has a gaffe problem. The choice is between Romney and Gingrich. Both are competent and probably equally conservative with Newt being the smarter more experienced politician of the two. That is cancelled out by his personal failings. In my opinion Either one of them has about the same chance of beating Barack Obama. I don’t think Romney is not vetted. He has gone against the Ted Kennedy machine and I am sure he left no stone unturned. I doubt Romney has any sexual scandals or other things of that type but he may have financial dealings that will be exploited by the Democrats. Newt has both sexual scandals and financial dealings including his ethics violations and the fact that he seems to be selling just about everything. Assuming there are no more surprises from either candidate either one would be a very good Republican nominee. In fact if either one that wins chooses the other as their running mate they would probably be unstoppable by Obama.

  12. Rush is correct on this… the left wing media is holding the untouched stuff on Romney for two-three months out from the election. So they can get maximum negative bounce on the muck they throw at Romney. The only good thing is, Romney has been largely vetted because the of the last election; still there must be a few juicy skeletons in the closet that makes him vulnerable.

    All the media needs is a few solid months of negativity to take his polls down 3%-5%, and Obama can beat him. See John Kerry’s Swift Boat demise. Similar tactics in use then by the right. Best thing the right can do is vet him thoroughly now, themselves… hard… so all the hidden issues are out before September 2012.

    1. I highly doubt that. I agree with another poster that Ted Kennedy probably unturned every rock in his very close race in the 90’s. Romney also ran for governor as a Republican in a state whose populace is 87% democratic and he won and the Democrats were looking for anything and everything and could not find anything.

      This week the Democrats were complaining that Romney’s staff bought their personal government computers and destroyed the hard drives. They placed all of the records on paper and are stored in hundreds of bankers boxes in archives. The Dems are upset because they can’t find anything and all of Romney’s actions were perfectly legal. Governor Devel Patrick of MA is a campaign arm of the Obama administration. Romney’s team just served papers to Governor Patrick claiming the governor’s office was utilizing the office to work on Obama’s national election. It is actually quite amusing.

    2. Why is it hard to believe that it is possible to have a clean cut candidate with nothing to pull them down about? Mitt’s record has been debated since 2004…nothing new has come up…get over it, some people don’t mind Mitt at all.

  13. my memory may be off but wasn’t this the tactic used with mccain?

    seems they (msm, progs) were all aglow over the “maverick” until he got the gop nomination.

  14. Scoop, I think bloggers like yourself need to understand that the media thinks it’s their responsibility to choose our candidate. It’s collusion between the GOP Establishment and the media as to who is the acceptable candidate not to rock the boat in Washington.

    Basically the deal is that the media will assist the GOP Establishment defeat any and all upstart candidates, in exchange, the media gets to have free reign on the Establishment’s choice after that person is nominated. The understanding is that no matter how desperately the media goes after the GOP Establishment’s choice, the economy and other factors in the general election will ultimately tell the tale. The media doesn’t control the weather folks!

    But the media, along with the political Establishments want to ensure that no one not approved by them can reach the White House. It’s a corrupted process and we must fight against it and not buy into the things the media and the GOP Establishment want us to focus on in the primaries. Cain was a victim of a smear campaign right when his campaign was consolidating support and moving into an indomitable position. The same will happen to Newt.

    Ultimately, the media gets away with this because We The People give them the power to do so by being so fickle in our decision for who we support. We always seem to lose perspective and are easily swept away in the media spectacle of our candidates. It’s time for us to wake and access candidates base on a cost-benefit basis rather than on the whim on who is up in the polls or who is receiving the most negative press. We need to make sovereign independent decisions based on our own research and from hearing the candidates directly and accessing whether the skills and abilities that each candidate brings to the table is to our liking. Otherwise, we will continue to be We the Sheeple of the Media and the Political Establishments, thinking we are in a democracy, when in reality we are in a aristocracy control by the political Elites.

  15. The media is not the friend of any Republican and they should all wake up to that fact, even the ones in Congress now.

    There’s hope for you yet, Scoop.

    Candidates and voters alike need to get this through their heads. We can’t go chasing after every sweet talker that comes down the pike. 15 million has gone to the Perry campaign. 9 millions has gone to the Cain campaign. That’s 24 million wasted on candidates who will not likely be the nominee.

    Right now we need to focus on the one who can get elected. Focus on the one who can beat back the MSM attacks and define the debate. I’ll admit our choices are not looking good, but the ultimate goal is to defeat One-bama.

  16. Very good point . We can NOT let the media pick our candidate . They want it to be Romney , they must have something on him that they’re saving for the general election to save Obamas ass .
    In the primaries it’s ANY BODY BUT ROMNEY , In the general it’s ANYBODY BUT OBAMA !!

  17. The problem with Mr. Romney is that the GOP elitists see their influence, relevance and established position at the top of the republican heirarchy is not at risk. The MSM at a minimum can tolerate a Romney presidency.

    1. Folks in my local paper say they’d be cool with Romney because “he’s a democrat”. These are hardcore union folk! That doesn’t exactly light a fire under my butt.

      1. “That doesn’t exactly light a fire under my butt.”
        I know what you mean, not exactly the kind of endorsement that engenders conservative confidence.

        1. The conservatives can’t win with a hard core conservative candidate. The world has changed. You gotta slip in with someone palatable to the “whole” nation and then stack your cabinet with staunch conservatives….no other way.

          1. with attitudes like that, no wonder we have dear leader. I heard the same thing in the last election which is why we were stuck with McCain. Gee that worked well didn’t it. The time’s may have changed, but people are suddenly waking up wondering how we got here- if they don’t give up and have the same mindset you have here in believing conservatives can’t win with a “hardcore”, perhaps we may have a chance to save this country.
            With dear leader, we die a horrible quick death.
            With Romney, we still die, but by a million cuts.
            How about supporting a conservative which will staunch the bleeding?

            1. Romney wasn’t my first choice. Cain was. Then he blew it and self imploded. I would have voted for Perry before Romney, but you can’t blame Romney for the candidates who self-imploded. I would love for whoever gets in to include Ron Paul somewhere. I am libertarian at heart socially, but fiscally conservative and therefore Romney doesn’t bother me much.

          2. America can’t win with anything less than a hard conservative. The hard left is driving our country into the ground.

            If the people are given a choice between the hard left and a sticky middle, they are going to choose the one with conviction, Obama. If given the choice between the hard left and hard right, they will choose the hard right, especially after three years of socialist policies, unemployment, and intentional destruction of the private sector. They can see that the hard left turn is driving us into a swamp, a moderate right turn will keep us in the weeds but a hard right turn will get at least get us back on the road. Once we are back on the road we can begin to weigh our choices again.

  18. I think the reason mittens is so high in the polls is because the media machine wants him to be, which is partly a result of the whittling away of the others through smears. I hope the voters will see through that and stop waffling every time a new hit piece comes out.
    And yes, if mittens ends up being the one, the left will have a field day. Whether or not mittens some how beats dear leader in the debates, the bleeding of America will not have stopped. It may be slowed but the nation will still be bleeding with a rino progressive in the White House.

    1. You remind me of a lefty always making excuses and claiming conspiracy theories. Jeesh, you gotta hand it to anyone who can get through these election cycles unscathed….instead you gotta dog pile on one of our own.

      1. Romney might have an R after his name, but the little letters after names have never impressed me. It’s the person that I look at and Mitt Romney has nothing much impressive.
        Talk about dog piling, I didn’t see a whole lot of you sticking up for Herman Cain.

        1. I will not dog pile onto Cain, but I will not look the other way when one of my highest marks for a candidate is fidelity and honor, therefore, he does not have my vote. I have never said anything unkind about Cain.

      2. Romney is not one of our own. He will call himself whatever he needs to to get elected. Romney is a big government politician. Duck, are you conspiracy mongering? I don’t think I’ve ever read a conspiracy comment from you. Hmmm.

        The only one getting through the election unscathed so far is Romney. Why do you think that is? Is he too conservative? No, it’s because he’s almost as liberal as Obama and when the media finishes off the conservative candidates the only one left will be Romney against the socialist, and then the media will use their saved up arsenal against him. Theoretically then Obama will win because so many conservatives will not vote for him. Regardless of what the GOP and media say Romney can not beat Obama, he really hasn’t got a chance.

        1. The media will go after anyone who runs against Obama. No one will get a free pass, Romney included. It is not Romney’s fault the other candidates have self imploded.

  19. My theory…..they know Hussein will lose so they focus their smears and attacks to ensure that the next White House Occupier is as Progressive as possible.

    1. I agree, they (democrats) consider romney a wash really.
      if they lose and he wins….they didn’t lose much at all.
      and if we elect romney we give false credence to obamacare, making it that much harder to abolish.

  20. The media is constantly referring to Romney as a flip flopper and by the way why should the LSM spend all of its time ripping on Romney when the right wing media are hitting on Romney every minute of the day.

    The Right Wing Media and the “not Mitt” gang have become very useful tools or I should say idiots for the Obama campaign.

    Good luck at trying to win the women’s vote in the general election with the moral standard bearer Newt Gingrich.

    There is one thing I have to give the GOP…they are really good at losing presidential elections.

      1. So I am a liberal because I am a woman who thinks Newt Gingrich is a big fat pig? By the way Newt is more of a flip flopper and Newt is certainly no conservative! I just love the conservative’s double standards.

          1. Clinton and Gingrich are so much alike, and they both are opportunistic pigs with no moral compass.

            What is really funny is that the true tea party conservatives in this race are Rick Santorum(great guy he grew up in my home town),Michele Bachman and you would have to say Ron Paul but the so called conservatives are pushing Perry,Gingrich and Cain who says he is a conservative.

            Nothing in this race makes any since. If you are objective you would see that Gingrich is a much bigger flip flopper than Romney. Gingrich ran a $37 million Health Think tank that promoted a NATIONAL Healthcare mandate from the 90’s into the 2000’s, and Gingrich approved Romney’s STATE plan.Gingrich was really big into the green movement. Gingrich voted for the creation of the Department of Education and Gingrich recently ripped on Paul Ryans plan as right wing social engineering…but the conservatives still give this guy a pass….I don’t get it.

            1. I lived in Cranberry twp not too far from Butler for two years. Rick Santorums problem is he focuses on Abortion and Gay issues way too much. A president other than defunding planned parenthood is not going to be able to do much about Abortion on his own. A constitutional amendment is the answer and that takes a vote of congress that is veto proof. In that sense there is no reason he should expend so much energy on something he will not be able to do much about. He is for a federal ban on abortion but in my opinion the proper way to do it is to give states the authority to decide on their own. As far as gays in the military he is fighting a losing battle. Marriage is essentially a state issue as well and he would not have much influence on that as president. He is far too strident in the way he presents his views and it turns off the voters. I may agree with him in spirit but his methods are not presidential.

              1. I would agree. Santorum really has good international policy ideas but he needs to tailor his message to focus more on the economy and international policies instead of placing his main platform on social issues…although I feel social issues are very important.

        1. And Romney is more conservative than Newt?? Your arguments are confusing. The hate that you have for Newt just seems over the top like a typical Lib. I’m sorry if you’ve been hurt by a man but don’t take it out on Newt.

          1. No I am just a social conservative who hates hypocrites and politicians who pander for votes saying they have been reborn.

          2. leighrow and Aemricanforever are the same. If you find one confusing its coz they are troll commenters. Read all their comments on this thread and see if you see a pattern. I’ve already had my encounter with them both. See below. lol

        2. To look at Newt Gingrich and toss him aside at this critical time in our nation’s history because of some “woman” thing is absolutely ludicrous. I’m a woman, and quite frankly, I don’t care about his affairs, or what he did regarding his wife some 20 years ago. I am more concerned with my country’s future. Grow up.

    1. We, as in conservatives, don’t want to elect someone who has to be prompted, pushed or forced into the conservative ideology, we want a candidate that has those conservative values at their core and not afraid to espouse them.

        1. Then you must hate him, “I am a woman who thinks Newt Gingrich is a big fat pig?” now there is an argument.

          1. Hate is too strong a word but all I will say is Newt is absolutely no conservative and he is a much bigger flip flopper than Romney ever was.

            1. Check out Newt’s website and his new contract with America. If you see something you don’t like let me know. And remember who the real enemy is. I don’t respect the name calling of our own and the more I see that the thinner the line is between us and them.

              1. Just words to win an election. His history as a Washington Insider, Crony politician lack of discipline in both his position as speaker of the House and in his personal life speak volumes. Gingrich is a very mean guy who has no moral compass much like Richard Nixon. Gingrich’s own staff refers to him as a Sociopath.

                1. Spare me. You’re just a cheap judgemental hater and you don’t know anything about Newt. No true conservative dislikes anyone in the primary that much. Come on out and tell evryone you are a lying liberal ashamed to use your real name. What a joke you are.

                2. Knock it off. Let others have an opinion. Seriously, anyone who says one kind thing about Romney and all of a sudden they are “dirty trolls”, “plants”, “liberals”. Stop with the paranoia.

      1. Actually, no one is shoving a candidate on you. Everyone has imploded except Romney. And yeah…Newt will be fried by the end of next month. Women hate him.

        1. Darn right they aren’t shoving anyone on me, Romney reminds me of vanilla, the only safe, no risk, no gain candidate. By the way, I will vote for whoever wins our primary but I sure won’t help you sell vanilla.

          1. Grow up. I have been posting on these boards for a long time. Your over reaction to someone who supports Romney is a little irratating.

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