RUSH: Roy Moore was a Democrat when he was supposedly attracted to underage girls…

Rush Limbaugh appears to have some doubts about the allegations against Roy Moore. Now I haven’t listened to his entire show, but that’s the gist I get from these clips.

In this one clip, Rush just tosses out there that Moore was a Democrat before 1992 when he was ‘supposedly’ attracted to underage girls, and nobody said anything:

This was one of those things Rush likes to do at the end of a segment and just before the break. He had discussed earlier in his show that many of these sexual harassment and assault allegations that are coming out of the woodwork are against Democrats and I think this was his attempt to harken back to that and to the apparent hypocrisy of Democrats on this issue, especially when it comes to Bill Clinton.

He also make a point about the fact that yesterday’s accuser, Beverly Young Nelson, said she couldn’t get out of the car when Moore was sexually assaulting her:

His point is that child safety locks didn’t come out in vehicles until the 1980s, so it’s conceivable that she could have unlocked the door and gotten out. Unless of course, Rush jokes snidely, that Roy Moore had a special custom lock called the “female anti-escape lock” on the passenger side of the front seat of his car.

He then points out that she said she was being overpowered, that her hands were around his neck, and asks “isn’t that right?”

Yeah I think Rush is indeed a bit skeptical of these accusations and I get that, to a point. In a very heated political environment like this, if you aren’t at least a little skeptical, you probably haven’t been paying attention to politics very long or you just don’t like Moore. I think there’s plenty of the latter going around in Washington.

Also Moore is adamant that these two accusers are lying, arguing that he doesn’t even know them.

But these allegations are compelling and there are several conservatives we respect who are now feeling very uneasy about Moore, like Cruz and Lee. Since they endorsed the guy, it’s saying something that they have now pulled their endorsements in light of all of this.

I don’t know where this will end up when it’s all said and done, but I do know one thing for sure. If Moore loses in December because of this, most people won’t care anymore about the veracity of these allegations.

But we’ll keep an eye on it, especially if Moore follows through and sues them.

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