Rush: Seth MacFarlane got Lefty hate mail for making him look good

Or at least they thought he would make Rush look good on last night’s Family Guy episode. According to Rush, Seth emailed him before the show actually aired and told Rush that he was getting hate mail from those on his side of the aisle because they feared he would make Rush look human and conservatism look good. This seemingly shocked Seth, so much so that he declared Rush more ‘progressive’ than many of those on his side of the isle who are supposed to be known for their tolerance. Ha!

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24 thoughts on “Rush: Seth MacFarlane got Lefty hate mail for making him look good

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  2. Really I see the whole thing as a win. Nothing pisses off lefties like their guys actually being open minded no matter what they preach in public. The episode was ok and I’ll never like the show wholeheartedly, but bringing in Rush as someone normal who can poke fun at himself has to be like a grenade to the idiots at Huffington and Kos.

  3. Make no mistake: MacFarlane is a scumbag. A dire, dire dirtbag that deserves no respect. He claims to be a Jew, but that’s apparently a lie. He is one of those idiots that claims to believe in people that are “non-practicing” catholics/Jews, etc. If you’re not practicing your religion, then you are not OF that religion. It’s nothing more than a smokescreen and cover for derogatory “humor” against Jews. He claims to be one of those compassionate liberals, and yet he shows an episode that attacks a small child with Down Syndrome, then uses the Down Syndrome voice actor to justify his despicable position, using this person as a dupe, because she wasn’t intelligent enough to know she was nothing more than a prop. While I like Rush, I refuse to watch that show, ever again. I’m glad he’s shocked that his own people are venting their hatred and bile against him, simply for not slathering over the top hatred on Rush Limbaugh (which he couldn’t, simply for the fact that if he did, Rush wouldn’t do the part; I guess leftists are too stupid to understand that). Maybe after a few more years of hate mail, escalating in to death threats, he’ll really get to realize what he is, and who he seeks the approval and adoration of.

    1. Jewish isn’t just a religion, but also an ethnicity. I have no idea if he’s actually any part Jew, but that could be a possibility. As for the “non-practicing,” remark…that just means that they’re not the types who go to church every single week and pray every day. On other words, it doesn’t mean that you don’t partake. It just means you don’t partake as much as you would ideally like to. At least that’s what everyone I know who’s ever used that to describe themselves and their religion defines it as.

      1. non-practicing is a pretty broad and vague topic, my father is catholic (he was raised and believes Catholicism) but he never goes to church, ever. He’s non-practicing, it would also apply to what you describe.

        The nifty trick to all religions is that 99% of the time, all that’s ever required is faith (belief based on nothing but say-so).

    2. He’s an Atheist and not of the Jewish Religion, or decent. Also there are quite a few Jewish people on his staff that are actually swell people. Don’t make assumptions about people if you don’t know know the facts. Also MacFarlane himself is a swell guy and has done a lot of charity work. What have you done besides tearing him down.

      Also reading your other comments you seem to be very narcissistic. Conservatives are Conservatives and Liberals are Liberals. I’m not saying my party is the best, but I know what’s best for me at this point in my life.

      I’m a Libertarian.

      It’s seems a lot of you people have a stick up your ass and have no clue how to retain it.

      This episode of Family Guy was wonderfully put together. Well done, Seth!

  4. You’d have to understand how liberals “think” to get how hilarious the episode was. I’d never seen Family Guy before, so this is the only episode I’ve ever watched. It was very funny, but the funniest parts of it were parts liberals would never get because it was making fun of them.

    Rush was a good sport. There were a few digs at him and conservatives, but they were funny because they were digs from a liberal point of view and so were ridiculous. The digs at the liberals were funny because they were so true.

    Well, except Nancy Pelosi and the crack pipe. That’s probably not true:)

  5. The satire was taken very far, with words being put in Rush’s mouth that were shocking and twisted to me. But then, maybe I “don’t get it.”

    1. You clearly don’t…because that was Rush Limbaugh actually doing his own voice therefore he agreed to poke fun at himself in this manner. I think the episode was rather exceptional and that Rush did good here to agree to be a part of it. Haha.

      1. I stand by what I said. I knew it was Rush’s voice. However, it was not Rush’s writing. He was definitely a good sport.

  6. I watched the episode and I owe Seth an apology. It was BRILLIANTLY written and I have to give it to Rush for making fun of himself and his party like they did. Wow it was a major dis, the whole show, against republicans and conservatives. Seth, I’m sorry. It was an amazing episode.

  7. I enjoyed the show and I can see where the liberals were upset.
    I think my best part was the Scooby Doo parody where McCain said Democrats couldn’t resist pork.

  8. I like Seth and i hope he realises the hate on the progressive left and the total irrationality of their policies and becomes a libertarian. But that is probably to much to ask from a show biz guy

    1. A libertarian’s, in most cases, is nothing more than a social liberal in Conservative’s clothes. Our country’s been damaged enough by them. He needs to be completely rehabilitated and go Conservative. His comedy would probably get even funnier, considering he’d have so much more material by making fun of liberals. Rush, Hannity and Levin need to thoroughly re-educate him.

      1. I’m sorry. What’s wrong with the idea of wanting the government to stay out of people’s lives as long as we’re not violating the rights of others? You can claim damage by the liberals all you want and I will agree with you, but it’s those who have claimed “conservative” for so many years who aided in the destruction.

        “damaged enough by them,” you say. Libertarianism has not been tried in recent history. You conservative types talk about change, but really just want more of the same only the big-government controls different aspects.

        Libertarianism is really the only answer to keep our country alive and well, but both sides of the big-government coin refuse to acknowledge it and as you have shown for me…like to attempt to discredit this truth with nonsensical arguments supporting status quo.

        1. What’s wrong with it is that holier-than-thou busy-body “true conservatives” simply know better about how you should be raising your kid and having sex.

          If you disagree and say it isn’t any business of theirs, in their mind, that only proves their point that you are decadent and part of the problem justifying their arbitrary exercise of the government monopoly on force.

      2. I’m glad we have you on record in vague support for political reeducation.

        If you are a conservative and taking that kind of position, then libertarian is what I will forever stay.

        For the record, libertarian stances on social issues are we say to the conservatives to keep the government out of our bedrooms, away from our kids and our heads. We then turn around and tell the progressive left to keep government out of our wallets and our companies.

  9. Well I gotta say, I watched the episode and wasn’t impressed. It never feels good to get spat on by the left, but when they have one of your own help them do it, it’s an extra kick in the gut. I’m still a fan of Rush and I know he had good intentions, but I think this was a mistake on his part.

    1. On the contrary…I think it shows that the Republican types aren’t all a bunch of “liberal haters.” C’mon now. It was a good episode and I think Rush was an awesome sport to be a part of it.

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