Rush: Since Sandra Fluke incident my ratings are up between 10% and 60%

Rush says that he’s seen a considerable ratings boost since the left decided to take him on over Sandra Fluke and that the advertisers who hung with him have been going gangbusters:

The simple answer is that on the range of all 600 radio stations, our ratings are up anywhere from 10 to 60 percent depending on the station.

Listen below for more detail:

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45 thoughts on “Rush: Since Sandra Fluke incident my ratings are up between 10% and 60%

  1. Rush: cleaning out even more “skulls full of mush”..with the “pressure hose” of reason and truth. Can you envision how effective the conservative message could be disseminated if the republican ‘leadership’ could some how, some way put together a coherent sentence or two that actually INSPIRED people.

  2. This is so funny. People are pushing back against the anti-free speech liberal tactics. They don’t want to debate. If you disagree with them they just try to shut you up…one way or another and they have a variety of tactics. Thankfully this one didn’t work.

  3. All I know is that I emailed and called proflowers, carbonite and others that left and told them to stay with Rush. I only started to use proflowers due to Rush and Hannity. I am back to 1800flowers now! I also called and emailed WABC 770 radio in NYC to tell them to not even think of taking Rush off the air. They replied that was not in the works at all. I did all of that when the MMFA goons tried to boycott our adorable little fuzzball!

  4. By now Media Matter & should be wondering what they have done wrong that instead of creating a mess for Rush, they have created totally the opposit.

    1. They aren’t spinning it that way, though. According to them they have done massive damage to Rush.

      1. WE all have to remember that they are all a bunch of radicals liars funded by George Soros to disrupt and destroy our way of life!

        1. Yep, but it’s difficult getting the truth out when the media is pushing the liberal lies. It’s hilarious that the liberal “destroy” tactics are backfiring on them.

  5. New motto WE SHALL OVERCOME all the rabid dogs of the left? Millions of Breitbarts indeed. It’s been four weeks today.

    Adore Rush, delighted he’s stronger than ever.

    1. I know I should know this & in fact I think I used to know this but forgot. What is MMFA??

        1. Many thanks. I see the “M” and the “F” in there and my brain gets sidetracked into potty-mouth-land. We could probably substitute that in there too. Ha!

          1. Too funny! I don’t use the term myself but we see it so often it has left it’s mark. Enough so that it comes to mind when I see Corzine’s MF Global group as well.

            1. Oh me neither!! I get fired up at times & get a little colorful but I’m not a gangsta, ya know!!! 🙂 However, the two letters M & F in the same acronym spells nuthin but trouble!!

  6. Here is the key: conservatives really do outnumber liberals (by a substantial margin). But for too long we have been a ‘silent majority’, content to let others (such as Rush) speak on our behalf, and remaining silent when under assault by the Left.

    No more.

    Let a billion Breitbarts bloom. Onward army of Andrews.

  7. Hey, Scoop, how about an Open Thread. I have something I’d like to post not related to any of our stories. It is a great article from Esquire Magazine about what combat vets think but are unable, usually to put into words. Therefore, we don’t say anything.

  8. You know, watching one leftist lie after another blow up in their ugly faces is FUN!!

    1. vg1, it truly is and it’s also great fun watching them try to moonwalk back from the lies. I usually listen in to MSNBC for two or three minutes to see the absurdity on display.

      One thing I know for sure. The stage used for “Hardball” is level. Chris Matthews drools out of both sides of his mouth.

  9. Not surprised at all. When you tell people “Don’t read that person, or don’t listen to that person,” the natural tendency is to do the opposite.

  10. Love it! We have to financially support those people and groups that support us and our country.

  11. “We have them outnumbered and we are more intelligent”.

    Hooah! It’s past time we realize that bleating leftists are nothing more than a squeaky wheel in a large machine. They know the old saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. Well conservatives, stand up for yourselves!! Make some noise and you get what you want. The 2010 election proved that so well that the Left have refused to even admit the Tea Party still exists because they are not holding demonstrations constantly like their cherished OWS movement. How many #occupy congressmen do we see running? None? Interesting.

    1. Nothing came of this. Newt is dropping out of the race. Newt gave a statement on this and he is not leaving.

  12. …RIGHT ON RUSH RIGHT ON not only are you a ARTICULATE ,INTELLIGENT and a CLEAN GOOD LOOKING GUY you are also bar none the tip of the SWORD that will demolish MAO OBAMAS REGIME come this November 2012 .” (period)

  13. I don’t think the left has absolutely any idea what they would have in their hands if they actually were successful in getting Rush off the air.

    1. I don’t know what liberals were thinking. Announcing his name on every show, every blog, every forum for days on end. That’s free advertising. More people know about Rush now than before. Not everyone listens to conservative radio. A lot of people didn’t even realize to look. Now they do. All because of liberals.

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