Salman Rushdie compares Ted Cruz and other Kim Davis supporters to Islamist terrorists who want to kill him

The Kim Davis derangement syndrome hit the Bill Maher crew pretty bad, and this is unsurprising, as Maher always has special hatred in his cold, bitter, dark prune of a heart for Christians. In this special episode, they compare Kim Davis supporters to Iranian terrorists and other Shariah-supporters.

Watch below:

The worst has to be Salman Rushdie, who has been in hiding for decades after Islamists put out a fatwa saying that anyone who murdered him was doing Allah’s will. This idiot actually compares those monsters who would behead him because his book insulted Islam, to Kim Davis, who simply objects to same-sex marriage and doesn’t want to approve of it because of her religious beliefs.

Yes, the abject stupidity is strong in these ones.

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