Sandy victim: I wish Obama was gone tomorrow because he lied to us…

We’ve heard from Scott McGrath before and it amazes me that after a year his house still isn’t livable yet. But he’s like so many there who heard Obama promise to cut the red tape and then saw he walk away without cutting any red tape. McGrath said Obama lied to us and he wishes he were gone tomorrow:

(h/t: NRO)

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69 thoughts on “Sandy victim: I wish Obama was gone tomorrow because he lied to us…

  1. it is disgusting we gave jersey 50 BILLION bucks
    only 5 billion has been distributed
    what the hell???????????????? a year later and these folks are in a lot of pain
    but the idiot politicians had time to pat themselves on the damn back
    liars betrayed us again

  2. Only someone with a half of brain wouldn’t want this bastard gone. What a rotten evil man. I don’t think in 5 years he has ever told the truth, ever. Hell we don’t even know who he is.

  3. You are not alone Scott……….we ALL wish he were gone tomorrow………….and all for different reasons! Just pick one.
    We hear ya’ Scott!

  4. Why should I have to pay for this guy’s losses? Or those in Nwahlins? Or anyone else? Oh, sorry… I forgot we’ve outlawed personal responsiblity in Amerika.

    1. Not everyone hit hard by this storm lived on the shore directly. I am way inland in CT and we got whacked pretty good.

        1. My point is that everyone has their hands out. Home owners should have enough insurance to cover the cost of their own re-build.

  5. Hey Scoop. What “red tape” are we talking about here? Am I missing something? Is his insurance carrier not cutting him a check? Is the state or federal gov’t disallowing building permits? Was he not adequately insured? If he’s waiting for the feds to make him whole, good luck with that one.

  6. Add Obamaladen’s progressive Gov buddy into the mix…Christie has done squat and there’s plenty in Jersey still looking to rebuild 1 year later.

  7. Maybe Christie used the money to secretly buy more donuts. Obama knows how to buy Christie’s loyalty. And now that got him Cory Booker.

  8. Well, you could move to Harrisburg, IL or Joplin, MO. where 0 refused FEMA help and they rebuilt themselves. On second thought, just stay there and bitch about it like a good liberal.

  9. It was all about a photo op with Gov rino to get re-elected. Please dismiss any and all thoughts about anything that will benefit the average American.

  10. It’s Taqiya. According to an Egyptian newspaper he’s a member of the MB. This is part of the stealth Jihad. Along with Obamacare of course.

  11. The more average citizens that Obama touches with his “bent magic wand of broken promises” maybe more citizens will realize he is a fraud!!!

    It amazes me that so many still have their eyes closed….but they haven’t felt the pain of one Obama’s frauds, YET!

    1. no that just makes them more determined to support him… when confronted with his lies … in video.. they still make excuses for the guy and will vote for him AGAIN if they could….

  12. “McGrath said Obama lied to us and he wishes he were gone tomorrow:”
    And he will vote for a Democrat next election anyway. 😉

  13. It took me 5 years after Katrina, with help from FEMA, to make my parents’ house livable again for them but my father didn’t live to see it complete. What I could do on my own, I did, and what I couldn’t do on my own or didn’t have the expertise to do correctly, I hired others to do those jobs.

    It isn’t an easy row to hoe but each family’s situation is different and progress is made at different speeds as a result.

    I saw several homes come back with in 6 months of Katrina, yet there others that have never been worked on still or are in various stages of reconstruction this very day. Some people died in their homes and there was no one to inherit their property or the rest of their family were so beset with their own personal catastrophes that some houses have languished ever since all across the metropolitan area of New Orleans.

    What keeps you going is FAITH in the Good Lord above and a deep abiding belief that God will get you through it all because “God is Good All the Time!”
    Also good neighbors, and I’m not simply talking about the neighbors in our immediate area. I’m talking about our neighbors who took us in as refugees in the immediate aftermath of Katrina, followed 3 weeks later by Hurricane Rita which hit where my sister and her family live in southwestern Louisiana. In particular, the people of Houston and Baton Rouge deserve nothing but praise for opening their doors and hearts to us, even when a number of our refugees were far less than grateful and some even committed crimes against the Good Samaritans of Houston and Baton Rouge.

    My sister and her family housed something like 40+ people for roughly 3 weeks after Katrina, including people who just happened to be in the city at the time of Katrina and were staying at the hotel where one of my brothers worked and he brought them to my sister’s house so that they can make it to Lafayette’s airport so they could leave. Few people who have never seen a situation like that can adequately describe how stressful that was on my sister and her husband and children. And I think the same thing could be said for the kind people of Houston and Baton Rouge who came to our aid. One government program that did help were the emergency food stamp cards which were limited to three months of aid in getting food. So any of us lost all the food that we had that the Louisiana Purchase Cards were literally life-savers, especially for families with small children. I also think putting a time limit on the cards – 3 months – was a great incentive to get back to work where ever we could find it.

    All I can say to Mr. McGrath and his family is Pray, have faith in God, and keep working at rebuilding your lives. God won’t let you down. Man might, and often as not, especially under Nero Obama, the government will, but God won’t let you down.

    John Craven
    New Orleans

        1. By design….Oprah anointed him with a fundraiser back in the summer….guess we know who she is going to try to shove down unsuspecting throats in 2016!!

  14. 1- BUT………….. did YOU vote for Obama?
    2- WHY are the tax payers on the hook for YOUR lose?
    3- WAS that lady on the TV show The Munsters?

  15. This is what happens when people rely on government to fix or help them… just don’t do it, Americans are always willing to help and do a much better job. Lets get back to the good ole days when FEMA, DOE, EPA and many other gov agencies weren’t around. A government big enough to give you everything is the same government big enough to take all away!

    1. Or a government big enough to give you everything can decide not to give you anything at all. That appears to be the case here.

  16. I hope he remembers this when he goes to pull Christie’s lever again. You’d think this would have pushed Steve Lonegan into the US Senate. Perhaps heartless but I have no sympathy for those that supported Obama in 2012.

    1. I not have sympathy for those who voted for and Premier O, not once, but twice. Christie pretended to be a conservative. Christie’s closet leftism shown through during his governorship. Obama’s long string of broken promises was evident before last year’s election. Elections have consequences, now you Obama voters suck it up. As for voting for Christie’s re-election, my advice is simple: Don’t vote for him!

  17. Like Sandy to NJ, Obama’s damage to the US will be seemingly indelible for years after he is gone. Notwithstanding, I sympathise with Mcgrath. But I don’t wish Obama gone tomorrow. I pray him gone today, brought down to darkest depths of sheol, where his kind belong, till the lake of fire is ready to receive him. Amen.

  18. All Demonrats=24/7/365 lying liars. Unfortunately for America, the better liars they are the more their voters love them.

    1. Yes, but what about the American press who conspire with Progressives to push the lies? They, above all, in their civic role to report on artful politicians, must be held accountable. I would love to see the American public turn on them.

  19. Deal with your governor, he is in bed with Oass! Vote a conservative in next time. Only 28 billion of the 60 billion is going to you, the rest is earmarks for other states. Christie has that spent… He cares not about you but the rich that had insurance and building his boardwalk. Oh and Ellis Island is open again! You people need to get educated!! Until then, you deserve what you get. If you didn’t already figure out Oass was a liar, that is your fault!!!!

  20. Never depend on the government. They lie. No government program does what it is intended to do. It’s sad that this family has believed these lies. Where have they been living all this time? Fending for yourself is a much better way to go.

    1. Yes, I heard the same thing here: What’s more, ‘The Associated Press revealed Tuesday that a mere $700 million of the $60 billion federal aid package – 1.2 percent of the total funds – has been given to victims of super storm Sandy.’

      So now we now why it takes CGI Federal $600 million dollars to make a barely functioning website.

      1. Don’t forget the senior v.p. of CGI is Moosell’s classmate from Princeton. Friends of the Family don’t have to actually perform effectively for their compensation/graft. Tammany Hall on a national level.

  21. Be careful what you vote for.Elections have consequences.Wait till you get your bill for that free 0care insurance!

  22. That money is working its way through the DC funneling machine. Some of it will trickle down eventually.

    1. CGI and they’ll take good care of you folks like they’ve been doing with the ACA website. Relax, you’ll get your money….only it will be worth considerable less but remember it’s GWB’s fault.

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