Sarah Palin: Evangelicals are motivated to vote so that God will heal our land

Sarah Palin was on Greta last night to discuss the evangelical vote and one of the last things she said was that God’s promise to heal our land is something that has motivated quite a few evangelicals to get out and vote.

Watch the full interview below:

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51 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: Evangelicals are motivated to vote so that God will heal our land

  1. Funny how politicians on the right always say how important the evangelical vote is at election time but seem to forget us and even deride us when it comes to legislation.
    I don’t include Sarah Palin in this group however.

  2. God is not going to heal our land He is in the process of chastising it. He doesn’t punish. He allows us our free will. If we direct ourselves against Him, we reap the consequences of our actions just as sure as if we choose to put our hands into a flame we will get burned. This country has embraced a pro abortion, pro homosexual “marriage,” party who has gone out of their way to rid themselves of Him, even the verbiage in their platform. What we will reap we have created for ourselves.

  3. God bless you, Sarah Palin! You and Andrew Breitbart carried the load the last four years, and hopefully, together, we will be able to drag the GOP nominee across the finish line.

  4. Evangelicals would never vote for an abortion extremist. Everything about Romney’s life reflects the values that Christians hold dear, except of course his Mormon faith. I would guess that about 10-15% of all Evangelical voters will abstain from voting for President but the rest will vote predominantly for Romney.

      1. I hear you. Leadership of a nation is important and it would seem that even if Palin is correct, the idea that fulfillment would happen by putting into office an individual that does not hold to Scripture seems to be a bit immature.

        1. “Leadership of a nation is important”. Yes, but you overestimate the importance of the leaders of the government. The US President is not like a king or priest in the OT. In our system the government is separate from the church. The leftists like Obama do not believe that. They believe the government should be the center of a secular religion to which we are all forced to belong. Voting for someone who will honor our traditions and let the church be independent from the government is a good thing. Let the pastors, teachers, and evangelists be the leaders of our nation. They can’t take their rightful place if the government’s footprint is too big

          1. I think it is hard to overestimate such an importance in the influence of our nation and the moral direction of the country. The president has become more about a reflection of our society than it is about leading the society.

            A true leader would be above such a notion and neither of the two major candidates could offer such a thing. You are correct that voting for someone who will honor our traditions and let the church be independent is important, that is why I voted Constitution party.

            We have no idea what may have happen if Romney did win. Mormonism is a cult and by definition cults do not like opposition to their views. When they had power back in the day, they did take Christians “out to the woodshed” per se. It is not a pretty history and one that will not have an opportunity to repeat itself this time. However, that is not the only reason in my rejection of both major candidates.

  5. Sarah honey, it’s not just the evagelicals getting out the vote. Catholic bishops have been preaching from the pulpit and getting their flocks out to vote. If Romney does not win in a land slide, we’re in touble and need divine intervention.

      1. I know, if you’re going to beat the drum for the REPs you should get everyone fired up. We’ve been accused of being narrow in our diversity.

    1. Your tone “Sarah honey”, sounds a bit sarcastic. Apparently you believe Sarah was disregarding the Catholic vote? She was explicitly asked by Greta about the evangelical vote, that is why she gave the answer she did.

      1. I know. And don’t tell me what I believe or don’t believe it makes you look arrogant.

    2. The Catholic bishops are a day late and a dollar short. With the exception of a few, the USCCB is populated by liberals or cowards who are afraid to speak the truth.

  6. HUH? We’re voting so God will heal our land???

    I love Sarah Palin, but excuse me?

    The actual scripture reads:

    “When I (God) shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command the locust to devour the land, or send pestilence among my people, if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, THEN I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” (emphasis mine)

    Notice that the key to healing our land is NOT ours to determine; it’s God’s alone! God heals the land HIMSELF! Not a politician or our exercising our right to vote. GOD is in control.

    There are three key things this scripture reveals:

    1) God sends calamities! See Lot, Noah, Moses, Jeremiah, Isaiah. Revelation. This verse!
    2) The key to overcoming the calamity is for HIS PEOPLE (Christians) to call upon God’s name in prayer and humility and to seek His face and turn from sin.
    3) God alone sends the rain. God alone sends the healing. God alone purges the wicked from among us.

    Although there have been POCKETS of this, we have NOT turned from our wicked ways nor have we cried out to God in humility and brokenness!

    So, go vote! It’s our right, but don’t assume that this will fulfill the scripture above. Far from it. God stipulated what we must do, and until we do, I’m afraid there are far more calamities facing us in the future.

    1. Please do not turn this into your personal pulpit.

      Let’s hope we are rid of Obama early in the night….

      1. Excuse me sir, but I am responding to a VERY CLEAR assertion made by a political figure posted on this VERY THREAD dealing with a SCRIPTURE from the Bible.

        Sarah Palin was using 2 Chronicles 7:13-14 to make the point that VOTING will “heal our land”. She is wrong, and I corrected her.

        If that offends you, I am sincerely unconcerned.

        1. See my previous post.

          Your “know it all” attitude is why people are afraid of Christians.. It HAS to be interpreted your way. You should consider becoming Muslim?

          1. And your “arrogant anti-religious attitude” is why our nation is in the mess it is in. See my previous post.

            1. hahahah…I am hardly “anti-religious”….and you are not behaving like a Christian that you portray yourself to be.

              I am anti being preached to by an “expert” on the bible. The different Christian “arms” interpret the Bible differently, your “interpretation” does not make it fact

              Now I suggest you ask God for forgiveness for your arrogance

              1. Are you for real? When did I EVER label myself an “expert” and how have I specifically “preached” directly to you? I made a comment about something a political figure said in a public video! Others have done the same. Because mine addressed her reference to 2 Chronicles 7, I’m “preaching” and arrogant?

                And for your information, I used to be a Youth Pastor! No, that doesn’t make me an “expert” per see, but I am familiar enough with the Word of God to know what it says and the context in which it was written.

                And to accuse me of not acting like a Christian because I take issue with your accusations against me is insulting and false!

                I exercised my free speech right, and I made a comment on a message board which was well within the rules of this site. If that offends you then in the future I will kindly ask you to just avoid me and my comments altogether. I will certainly do the same for you.

                And for your information, I actually like Sarah Palin A LOT. I always have! I just disagree with her reference.

                Now, I’ve made my peace. I’m done.

                1. ah a wanna be preacher. An as usual, you have to have the last word.

                  “And for your information, I used to be a Youth Pastor! No, that doesn’t make me an “expert” per see, but I am familiar enough with the Word of God to know what it says and the context in which it was written.”

                  You have just proven my point….You know the word of god AND the context. My my, no arrogance in that statement

                2. Haywoodjbl,

                  I apologize to you if I appeared to be acting “holier than thou”. That was never my intention. I get passionate about the Word of God sometimes, but I never intend to come across as any expert.

                  I sincerely apologize if I offended you. If I did, I ask you to forgive me.

                3. Ditto….I was not trying to start anything…..I apologize as well. Let’s now hope that we don’t get Mr Hope and Change again….

                4. The bible tells us to work all things out with scripture, and to reason these things out. The gnostics say that there is “secret” information that not everyone can figure out.

                  I have disagreed with a couple of main stream doctrines. I have taken it to church leaders to reason it out, and never did find anyone that wanted to. People tend to listen to others, take their word for it, and be led around like sheep. That is a bad idea in my opinion.

                5. Just for the record. I am an ordained pastor and your interpretation is correct. Sarah though we love her, mis handled the verse in question. Furthermore I applaud your firm responses.

                  2 Tim. 2:24 And the Lord’s servant must not quarrel; instead, he must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful.

                6. hahahaha… another “expert”…

                  Which version are you using?

                  “you applaud” …you should apologize for the way this wanna be pastor scolded me. “no resentful” LMAO.

                  Glad I don’t go to your church if your interpretation of non resentful is his response

                7. I am not seeing where you offered your interpretation of the scripture in question. Do you belong to a cult where the only “experts” are those wearing long robes and chanting in multiple languages that they don’t even know, and are not even real languages? Are people who know scripture for themselves via study using the original languages and their concordance just so smart to you that they couldn’t possibly be an average guy on the street?

                  You might want to be careful who you consider to be an expert. Lots of experts lead people to hell.

                8. The Kook is officially loose on the board.

                  Hold on….I have to go get my rob on and start my chanting right before my trip to hell

    2. I believe Sarah’s biblical reference was very close and on the mark for a politician. BTW, it also depends on what Bible you use. In the case of King James, it differs slightly with your quotation (see below):

      2 Chronicles 7-14
      King James Version (KJV)

      If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

      However, I don’t ever link politics to biblical scripture. IMO, you’re correct about fulfillment. Yet, I don’t believe that was the point Sarah was making.

      1. Politician or not, people need to be careful about how they use scripture to get others to do something. Manipulation via God’s Word is not something that we want to be accused of.

    3. Stage9,

      To take this a bit further, many in the US takes this passage out of context. If one looks further, this passage is in response to a prayer of dedication of the temple that Solomon built. If we were to look at the verse before the quoted text, we see that it is when God brought judgments based on the Mosaic covenant. The Lord continues to speak after this verse and one verse reads, “For now I have chosen and consecrated this house that my name may be there forever. My eyes and my heart will be there for all time.” (2Ch 7:16 ESV)

      This is not to say that there are not principles that are applicable. However, unless our country is under the Mosaic law and have the Temple, a direct one-for-one application is extremely difficult at best.

      1. YOU ARE EXACTLY RIGHT! BUT it is ALSO A PRINCIPLE of God’s faithfulness to ALL OF HIS PEOPLE down through the ages, not just those in the days of Solomon.

        If the Bible is strictly a book of history without abiding principles given for ALL generations, then it is pointless to even believe that THIS generation can even be saved. After all, Jesus live 2,000 years ago! And He preached salvation to those of HIS day, and we cannot take ownership in our day something that doesn’t apply to our generation.

        But I don’t think ANYONE would accept that idea AT ALL! The Gospel is timeless and the principles Jesus taught His disciples are still meant for us today.

        The fact is, yes, there are literal accounts in the Word of God that dealt with the circumstances of those living at the time, AND those accounts are GIVEN FOR our admonition.

        The Apostle Paul shows us how the ancient principles of the Hebrews applied even to HIS DAY.

        “For I want you to know, brothers,a that our fathers were all under the cloud, and all passed through the sea, and all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea, and all ate the same spiritual food, and all drank the same spiritual drink. For they drank from the spiritual Rock that followed them, and the Rock was Christ. Nevertheless, with most of them God was not pleased, for they were overthrown in the wilderness.

        Now these things took place as examples for us, that we might not desire evil as they did. Do not be idolaters as some of them were; as it is written, “The people sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play.” We must not indulge in sexual immorality as some of them did, and twenty-three thousand fell in a single day. 1 Corinthians 10:1-8

        Obviously the Apostle Paul’s generation was far removed from the Israelites but he still used the Israelites’ experiences in the wilderness to address moral issues facing the Corinthians.

        And this is the point of 2 Chronicles 7. God is telling every generation that when they see Him send pestilences, famines — calamities upon the land, if the people will humble themselves and seek Him and turn from sin, then He will hear them and answer them. There is nothing in that verse that requires any deep philosophical interpretation. It is plain.

        And the power of God’s “healing the land” is in God’s hands not the people’s in so much as they humble themselves and pray and seek His face. And THAT was my original point.

        1. Sorry for the delay. Could you tell me what covenant that the US has with God that He would pour out such curses upon this land? It is interesting that Paul also mentioned that we are no longer under the old covenant but a new one. Which part of the new covenant has curses attached to it?

          In fact, those curses that God poured out, He called wrath. For thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel: As my anger and my wrath were poured out on the inhabitants of Jerusalem, so my wrath will be poured out on you when you go to Egypt. You shall become an execration, a horror, a curse, and a taunt. You shall see this place no more. (Jer 42:18 ESV) So, if the curses of the Mosaic covenant was the vehicle of God’s wrath, then what is the vehicle for God’s wrath against those under the New Covenant? If there is no more wrath since Christ is our propitiation, then how does a Christian literally apply 2 Chron. 7:13ff to the USA?

          Please do not misunderstand, I am not arguing that our sins do not have an effect on our relationship with God. I am though stating that for the understanding of the Chronicles passage as you laid out, one would have to argue that such a relational promise was made between a certain people and God. One that has no warrant in regards to the US or any modern nation.

  7. We need every vote we can get for Romney. We just don’t want to win, we want to win big. Anybody who wants to join the coalition to defeat Obama is warmly welcomed.

    1. Humans face challenges in their lives and God is ready and available to help us deal with them.

      I am quite positive that those facing the storm’s destruction and praying to God are receiving a calm spirit and a determination to
      handle their personal situation, whatever that may be, while also
      receiving a call to help their neighbors and others.

      How one handles adversity is the teaching lesson.

  8. The last four years were anything but fast for me. It sometimes seems as if Obama has been in office for decades. It’s like getting a tooth drilled at the dentist’s office; the more unpleasant something is, the longer it seems to last.

    1. I agree! I saw an article recently on PJ Media about the fact that we didn’t have an October surprise this year, primarily because over the past 4 years we have learned something scandalous, shocking, or otherwise jaw-dropping to the extent that we are almost immune to anything that might qualify as a “surprise”.

      A lot of truth in that article. I think the author is combing comments to compile a list of all the many outrageous over reaches we have lived through during this presidency. I’m sure it will be a very long list!

  9. This was a great segment and her last words reciting the bible verse were spot on. It disturbs me that it took a radical like obama to get them to get out and vote. I heard evangelical leaders were working hard to get these people to the polls.

    1. Too many faith based people are black and white, can’t see the forest
      through the trees, having no vision, not being able to separate the
      candidate’s good points from the one point the voter disagrees with.

      One must always remember that the candidate will be president of
      ALL the people.

      I also personally feel that it is our duty, and a privilege to
      vote. Never forget the voters in Iraq who risked life and limb to
      have a purple finger.

  10. Sarah is saying good things. I just have to wonder if God isn’t just waiting for us to do it. We know the times that we live in (biblical), but we have to fight the good fight anyway. We are trending toward destruction, and it makes sense with end times prophesy. Romney will not change this, but he might give us some more time to do what we need to do.

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