Sarah Palin on defunding Obamacare: If you’re gonna go down, go down swinging

Sarah Palin agrees that Republicans should try and defund Obamacare and not capitulate to Obama thinking it’s going to put them in good with him and the media. But even if we lose the battle, Palin says “if you’re gonna go down, go down swinging.”

Watch the segment:

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53 thoughts on “Sarah Palin on defunding Obamacare: If you’re gonna go down, go down swinging

  1. John
    McCain must have been embarrassed in 2008, when he looked around and realized
    the only one with any balls in his campaign was his running mate.—

  2. I don’t believe Sarah will talk negative about McCain, at least not at this time.  McCain will have to make the first negative move against Sarah….all bets are off once McCain make that move.

  3. I wish Sarah would come out swinging regarding McCain.  I know they probably have an agreement to not speak about the other but I can still wish!  McCain is such an embarrassment to the party….just like his daughter!

  4. The woman said she would have an impact without a Title. Unshackled, unabashed and unrelenting. The Alaskan and American treasure.

  5. ” if you’re gonna go down , go down swinging ” does it sound like she understands the dynamic of trying to force repeal of Obamacare by having Obama sign a CR to de-fund it ? In other words , let’s start a fight that we are gonna lose . Lee , Paul , Cruz and Palin all are running for President in 2016 . They are working the far right , right now for their gain . Why can’t I see this for the patriotic expedition that others do ? Br’er Obama , the Marxist  is asking you to throw him in the brier patch . We are positioned somewhat akin to the Army of Northern Virginia at noon on July , 3 1863 . Swell…….

      1. K-Bobdidn’t expect you could come up with any reasoned reasons why Obama would sign a CR funding every part of the discretionary except his namesake healthcare……….Mr. Moderator a question . What percentage of Obamacare falls under discretionary spending and would be affected by a CR ? 8% maybe….. 
        CRS said today that this is not going to work , go ahead call me names and go chase unicorns . You’ll feel better……. in the plainest redneck terms I can muster  this dog won’t hunt . No matter how hard you try a CR only affects a small portion of the overall leviathan. 
        Impeach him for disregarding and overriding established law. Call Bill Clinton to testify to the fact that as President he signed welfare reforms that Obama used as toilet paper. I’m in to the flippin’ wall , he is as guilty as sin. SEC and IRS in collusion to silence/harass ANY segment of the public , I’m in……tyranny by definition . This won’t work no matter how good it seems……I hate it too . Impeach him……….the one action that 1/2 of the legislative branch that you control ( ?) can do other than shutting down the areas of the government  affected by discretionary funding or that Obama can’t fund under an emergency order. Please , show me where I’m wrong, please , please , please. This guy should have been back in Chicago….or Kenya by now. If there is a way that someone can identify that is marginally plausible count me in . I just don’t think this is it. Bad hand to go all in on……..

        1. clevonlittle K-Bob  
          All bills on spending start in the house.
          If barack refuses to sign them, the government shuts down.
          That’s a massive amount of leverage being unused by Weepy John.
          Shut it down.  As long as it takes.
          But stop going along with it.  That’s the problem with the Republicans.  They don’t fight anything.  Let me remind you, not one Republican voted for SCOAMFcare.
          Not one should ever vote to fund it.
          This isn’t internet rocketry.

  6. Agile, athletic, alert, astute, articulate Alaskan Aphrodite Sarah Palin is appealing, attractive, & altogether awesome.

  7. Sarah Palin, a true patriot and champion of conservatism, an able Governor is reviled by the leftists, while the supposed right ignores her, treats her as an embarrassment.
    Even the right give their awards to the most odious unpatriotic woman, the champion of Planned Parenthood, butcher of Benghazi:
    Prior to this, Jeb Bush awarded the Liberty Award to this woman:
    The GOP has gone mad.

  8. Both Amnesty and Obamacare must be stopped.  
    Republicans are to blame that these ruinous atrocities have gotten this far.

  9. Habbity will try to build Rubio back up after the traitor sold out America with the gangster Welfare Amnesty Bill. Sarah just makes too much sense to be President. We deserve only frauds.

  10. I loved in her recent interview when she said she was TOLD she could not challenge the opposition on their radical positions..that was illuminating.
    She is finally getting to blast the opposition on their radical positions and then some!  I sincerely hope she gets to do so in the arena again!

    1. Freempg Limbaugh Greta FULL Wide-Ranging Interview

      1. billma40 Freempg rush  still doesn’t  get it.   Obama isn’t to blame because ehe GOPe  won’t  put the blame on him.

  11. Sarah Palin is the energizer bunny. Just when you think the batteries are running low, she keeps going. Drives the Left crazy. She is a small town self-made woman and they can’t stand it that she has this platform to speak on conservative values. Plus she gave birth to a Down’s Syndrome baby instead of aborting. She is in their face and they can’t stand it when she stands strong. And we love her for it.

  12. Sarah Palin isnt going away anytime soon. The left cant stand it. They are still dredging up old material from 2008 to try and supress her. Sarah is like the old Timex commerial “Takes a licking but keeps on ticking”!

    1. Willie Heath
      The same old lies are getting stale.   Much has come to light.  The lies hate the light.  The truth loves it, and it favors Palin.  Atypically, true vetting helps this politician.

    2. Willie HeathSarah Palin isnt going away anytime soon. The corrupt crony capitalist Bush Mafia left wing of the GOP cant stand it. Tokyo Rove, corrupt lobbyists Ed Gillespie, Trent Lott, and Haley Barbour, Bush parasite political advisers who have no intention of winning, and their minions keep dredging up old material, piling on lies, and trying to suppress her not because they hate Sarah Palin because they despise the conservative base who identifies with her and she has energized.

      The corrupt Bush Mafia isn’t going back into the wilderness for at least another 8
      years. They changed the Rules at the convention to cut out the grass
      roots. The Bush Mafia needs corrupt crony capitalism to survive, hold power, and feed at the trough of greed.
       Palin fought the corrupt machine in Alaska and won. Her conservative principles appealed to the citizenry on both sides of the aisle. Her state went from being in the red to in the black in a matter of 2 years. Therefore she must be made an example of using the scorched earth offensive the corrupt Bush Mafia will use on any conservative, see Allen West and Newt in the Florida primary.
      The Bush Mafia signaled to the left and their lapdog media to do their dirty work for them and take Palin out. Their motto is: “Better a Democrat than someone who is not one of us.”
      Palin, Cruz, and West expose the Bush Mafia for the corrupt panty waists that they are. They expose the play acting in the “District of Corruption.” The Bush Mafia doesn’t want to win. They just want to keep the status quo and keep their membership in “The Club.” If it was up to them we would still be practicing DETENTE!

  13. She has been prescient about so many things, which is why she is villified and attacked by the progressives. It has been wonderful to see Cruz, Lee Sessions and others stepping up in support of conservatives

    1. deTocqueville1  It is wonderful to see Cruz, Lee, Sessions and others stepping up. 
      Even a George Washington quality president is not good enough. How I understand it, our Republic only barely came to be because we had a Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, 2 Adams, Paine, etc., etc.
      As much as I believe SP will be a great president, it is vital that we have the likes of Cruz, Lee, Levin, Rush, etc., as well as a grassroots = We The People groundswell of support, for our beloved republic to be restored.

  14. If we would just stand and not succumb to the propaganda of the Marxist Stream Media, or that from the slimy Rovian establishment wing of the GOP, we would not have to go down at all.  
    However, we have too many people, allegedly on the right, willing to capitulate out of fear, melancholy, exhaustion, or brainwashing.
    I hear so many Tea Party Constitutional Conservatives lament the fact that we elect Conservatives who get to Washington and betray our movement.  Why don’t they stand up and fight, they exclaim.  
    In Sarah Palin, we have someone who fights, who is principle, who stands up for our beliefs, who doesn’t succumb to the Washington elitism.  
    Yet, I hear many of the same lamenting Conservatives adopt the talking points of the left and the GOPe, and call Sarah damaged or unelectable.  Tell me again, why would any Conservative stand on principle when so many, allegedly on our side, are all to willing to toss them aside after the leftist media and the GOPe ridicule and malign them and their families? 

    The leftist media, filmmakers, authors, musicians, pop icons have always mocked and maligned Conservatives.  It is nothing new and it will never stop.  They did it to Reagan, Thatcher, Justice Thomas, the list is too long for me to type. They have already started in on Ted Cruz.
    We have champions willing to fight for us like Palin, like Cruz, but because of leftist and GOPe ridicule, many on the right are all to willing to abandon them on the field of battle.
    Many here ask, why are there no good Conservatives willing to primary x,y,or, z?.  My question is why would anyone run the gauntlet of the Marxist Stream Media and the Rovian GOPe machine, only to be abandoned by the very people they are fighting for.  When these forces are through maligning Ted Cruz, are we going to abandon him?

    1. Judges718 those that  don’t  believe in anything will fall for everything.  That is  why moderates  are the last people  you  want to try to win over.    Which is  why  we are in the position we are in.   Since  Bush the first the  “leaders” always  go for the  moderate/independent.  Those are the people who don’t have any hardcore  beliefs  thus they are moderate.  they are easily led  by the person with the  best sales pitch which seems to be the dems  and  at the  end of the day those of us who do believe in things  get shafted.

      1. unseen Judges718 The Dims’ sales pitch seems to be the best because it requires that one not take any responsibility and then allows ones to feel good about not taking any responsibility.

    2. Judges718 Not I my friend, not I! Karl Rove and his other GOPe elk can go straight to haites! I am so sick of Rove that I know he is a negative stain on the Republican Party. I mean can BIG BUSINESS be that stupid to support a man who has no credibility with the base of the party?

  15. Rush brought up white Conservatives staying home in last election.  Sarah Palin was ABO, which translates to unity  among Conservatives.  We have got to unite…against tryanny..not against one percieved tryanny but all of them!!!

  16. Rush now on Greta (Grossly paraphrased)
    (Rightscoop may want to put this up. The short part I saw was great.)
    The war:
    Liberty. Freedom. We are the boss of government. The government is our servant.
    The government controls everything and takes care of us.
    Rush gets it. This is why he likes Palin.

    1. Thanks for the heads up, Bill589. Had to watch the replay, but it was a great interview!!

  17. How about the people who live in the states whose democrat senators are up for reelection, make some calls ?.

  18. She made the point that the end result of Obamacare, if it is not stopped, will be single-payer.  That is what Obama and the Democrats have been aiming for all along.

    1. RedDaveR
      Single payer. Obama’s general idea is, ‘The state is everything. The individual nothing.’

  19. Next November, the only thing I want to hear is “Sarah Palin has been elected to the US Senate”…Sebator Palin has a nice ring!

    1. ADatum24601 Yeah, but President Palin also has a nice ring! She would be a formidable opponent to Hillary Clinton.

      1. marketcomp ADatum24601 Sarah Palin is the only one who can defeat Hillary. Any other nominee would allow the Demons to persist the War on Women meme. It was obvious Palin should have been the candidate in 2012, but the Rovians knew better.

    2. ADatum24601
      Palin’s proven great executive skills would be wasted as a senator. She managed the kicking ass of a corrupt government, and then fixed the asses of their big capitalist cronies, and then ran a much more efficient government.
      I think this is exactly what needs done in DC.

    3. ADatum24601 I don’t want her running for any Senate Seat in Alaska or Arizona.  She doesn’t belong in the Senate.  She is an Administrator not a Policy maker.   She belongs in the WH where she can do most good for the American People.  I know we need someone like Sarah, Cruz and Lee in the Senate, but we can be vigilant and elect those type of people that can do most good in the Senate and in the House.  We cannot elect another Obama whore like Boehner and McConnell.

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