Sarah Palin on Obamacare: If Obama is reelected Americans won’t recognize the country they love

Sarah Palin says that Obamacare is a harbinger of things to come and that if Obama is reelected in November, Americans won’t recognize the country that they currently love so dearly:

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196 thoughts on “Sarah Palin on Obamacare: If Obama is reelected Americans won’t recognize the country they love

  1. Why did Sarah say the phrase “repeal and replace” in this? I’ve never heard her say that before. It gives me a sick feeling.

    1. She meant create the environment for Free Market Healthcare options, but we have to tackle obstacles like Tort Reform, being able to buy HI across state lines…..

      Replace these obstructions with freedom….

          1. Thank you for asking, milady. She is back at work. I couldn’t talk her out of it!
            Did you know that she could cuss like a sailor if I push her too hard to take a rest!! LOL! Just something new I’ve learned about her!
            She feels a strong sense of responsibility to her patients, especially since they are children who are slowing leaving this life for the next.
            I’ve been reading over your shoulder on occasion on the other site. So many folks have left! It’s stunning!
            I’ve also noticed that because of your strong stand on principles and values, you are increasingly a target of the wannabees and whiners, if you get my drift. I would have never thought the day would come when YOU of all people would come under fire on that site!
            Whats the deal with the black borders and the Flag hanging upside down in a tree? Thats kind of bizarre.
            Anyway, my respects to you and Papa bear, milady! VG

            1. The new look is depicting the state our country is in…distress and mourning.

              Yes. lol, I have managed to once again, garner much attention from those who would wish that I would sit down and shut up…

              Your good wife sounds like different times in my life..and I come by it honestly, from my dear departed mother, who was a WAC…

              Her cousin, one of the first Navy Seals, was telling me how she could out cuss him..

              I never knew that she had a cousin that was one of the first Navy Seals, until she passed away and stories were being told…but I did know she could out cuss a Sailor…

      1. So when Sarah says it, it’s OK — we just need to interpret it? And when Romney says it, he means another big-government program?

        Maybe “reform” is the better word. We do need to let people know there are plenty of market-based ideas to take the place of ObamaCare.

        I think we get a little hung up on the terminology, but if we really have a problem with the word “replace,” then it’s not OK for Sarah to say it if it’s not OK for Romney to say it, IMHO.

        1. Hmmm, I suppose if someone has PDS, and is a Romney supporter, they might see it that way…

          However, when one realizes that Romney is the grandfather of obamacare, you could decipher what she meant….

          Vast difference between the views of Government mandated healthcare

                1. PDS= Palin Derangement Syndrome. It is the standard derogatory label for anyone who does not fall into line, with their positions.

                2. Ohhhhhh, I see. So because I said Sarah shouldn’t say “Repeal & Replace” either, if we don’t like that Romney says it, and we should just automatically know what she means and it obviously can’t be what Romney means, it must be because I suffer from PDS. Got it.

                  Thanks Ken.

  2. He is an embarrassment to the Supreme Court. He’s an absolute joke of a Chief Justice. I used to think he was really intelligent, now I view him as sleazy. The guy just appears smarmy like Obama now. Roberts just makes my skin crawl when I look at him now. Years to build a reputation, he destroyed his in one day. What a shady dealer.


  3. I just read this article this morning and found it to be a little better worded than the one that was circulating yesterday about why Roberts did this. I know Mark Levin disagrees (was over at that thread — nasty!), and I respect that. But just as we were given Romney, who I know was not so popular here on TRS, and we’re supposed to make the best of it, the same goes for yesterday’s decision. So, for me personally, I am looking for ways to find the silver lining in this — the ‘blessing in disguise’ if you will, and I think this article articulates it very well:

    After reading it, I’m not so sure anymore that giving the democrats the opportunity to use a 5-4 vote down party lines as “the evil republicans want you to die” campaign slogan from now until November would’ve been so great for us.

    And frankly, the way I see it, Romney got $3.2 million ABO dollars yesterday. People who were on the fence about it were pushed into action yesterday.

    1. I don’t know if Robert’s intent was this but he sure did conservatives a favor. We should look at it as such.

      At any rate, it’s done and we need to look ahead for our next move. The GOP congress and conservative governors are doing this as well as Gov. Sarah Palin. Let’s keep up folks and show the rest of the country what we’re made of.

      1. It may have something to do with this, by affirming it as a “tax” and eliminating the “commerce clause argument” it can be repealed by a simple majority of 51 votes as opposed to the super-majority that would have been needed to repeal the entire law if it was allowed to continue as it was. As unpopular as Robert’s decision is to those only looking at it on the surface, he has in fact set it up to be eviscerated from within. In simpler terms, a simple majority can now rip the guts out of “O-care” and relegate it to the trash bin.

      2. “he sure did conservatives a favor”

        You can’t mean that. He saddled the nation with Obamacare, and along the way invented a very, very dangerous precedent that future Supreme Courts are going to bludgeon small government types with.

        1. He saddled the nation with Obamacare

          No he didn’t, a Democrat controlled Congress and President did. What the Roberts opinion did was to hamstring the law. It did declare the mandate unconstitutional, declared the “non-compliance penalty” to be a tax, therefore making it vulnerable to being taken out by a simple majority vote of 51 versus the super-majority needed previously to take out the entire law, as a “penalty” it required taking down the entire law to get rid of it, as a tax it can be taken out on its own. The ruling also did away with the administration’s leverage to threaten the States with seizing their medicare funds to force compliance with O-care. Like the ruling or not, what it has done is expose a soft underbelly of the beast.

          “If I cannot take thee all at once, I will settle for taking thee a piece at a time”

    2. Why must we make the best of having romney shoved at us, a true RINO he is. Now we are to look the other way making excuses or reading articles that spins what Roberts did, am with Levin on this, there is no excuse, Roberts in my opinion played politics that is not what the supreme court is suppose to do.

      1. I hear ya Bill, I really do. I’m angry too. I just don’t know how it helps though, unless we focus our anger on some kind of action. Can we change the nominee now? If there was really a way, I think there’s enough anger to do it. But we can’t. Even Levin says the only way out of this is to vote for Romney.

        I really do agree with you 100% in everything you said though.

  4. Governor Palin became a leader and was looked up to by many. A lot of us dumped her and dumped on her when she didn’t do what we expected of her. But she does a great service by motivating the right. We shouldn’t look to her as the great cure for America’s problems.

    It is within us to fix the problems (they are of our own making). It requires us to be focused on the objective, participate in the entire process, stay involved, and get the very best candidates in office.

    Do not reject Mrs. Palin because she is not the great political leader we hoped she would be, she still does much more than many of us. Her function right now as a motivator and calling truth the way she sees it is extremely necessary.

    Stop looking for a scapegoat somewhere else and find the hero inside yourself.

    1. and that is what she wanted us to do. She’s a humble person who knows what being a public servant really is. That means leading people to action, not doing it for them. Find the hero inside yourself-indeed. One person cannot do it alone.

  5. Isn’t it ironic that we are about to celebrate independence day right after we learn that independence, freedom, and liberty have been stolen from us, and the Constitution declared moot?

    It’s time to get a hammer and start reshaping our plowshares.

    1. And to top it off, many areas around us, toon, will not have fireworks, due to the extreme dryness and lack of rain. 🙁

      I, for one, am melting down my plowshares into bullets. Lock and load, my friend. Lock and load.

  6. It would be easy to be down on a day like today. After all, the Supreme Court just ruled that I can now actually be taxed for doing nothing and that the government can also tax me to force me to buy something too. Am I now going to be taxed to death because I do NOT own a Chevy Volt? And if Obamacare stands, will I be taxed because I don’t weigh a certain amount or I don’t maintain the right temperature in my house all year round? So you can see why so many Americans are down in the dumps today. Well, there is one thing the Supreme Court, Obama, and any of the toads on the far left can’t take away from us, and that is our fighting spirit. The same spirit that brought farmers out to fight the British Army at Lexington and Concord and at Bunker Hill is definitely within us today. Count on it. Americans do NOT take things sitting down. Obama will hear from us in November when, with one, earth-shattering voice, we will throw that socialist out of office. You cannot erase over 200 years of free will. That will not be allowed to stand. Keep your eyes on the prize and get everybody you know to vote in November. We’ll show this fraud in the White House what a REAL mandate is, one that comes from us, the people.

    1. I second what you say, Libertyship. There is going to be a Tsunami in November that will leave Obama with no one left to blame. So be it. But we must keep the pressure on from now till then.

      On another note, as to forcing us to buy a Chevy Volt, they stopped production of them (wonder why, lol). The bad news is, I heard GM is about to come out with a new hybrid vehicle called the ‘Chevy Tax’. The Supreme Court says it’s okay for them to force us to buy that.

      We’ll see.

    2. I am not down today. I read Patrick Henry’s famous “give me liberty or give me death” speech frequently to remind myself that we must be constantly vigilant on keeping our freedom. It is also a reminder of how quickly it can be taken away.

  7. …as Glenn Beck so wisely has pointed out President George W. Bush is a PROGRESSIVE (as is his DAD) as his appointed member of the SCOTUS Mr.Roberts has verified this perspective by his ruling on OBAMACARE.”(period)

    1. That’s a scary thought, hard to refute. Let’s hope that some of the core of the majority opinion serves us in the future.

  8. She said what I was looking for. I’ve seen a few complaints (understandably) about Romney saying “replace” the bill, but I wanted to wait and see what he meant by “replace”. Sarah just described “replace” as reform that is desparately needed (tort and others). As long as that’s what Romney means we are in business.

    1. Yes, I agree. We need Healthcare reform. I get so sick of hearing libs say, “Well, if not Obamacare, then you must not want healthcare”. We need reform of our healthcare system. There are several obvious ways that could get that started right now – tort reform, allow crossing state lines for insurance, crackdown on fraud and waste, better ways of dealing with medicare/medicaid payments to doctors, and so on.

      Just like reform of Social Security and Medicare is quite possible if we get away from the politicians who only want ‘more revenue’ for their spending habits, reform of Healthcare and reform of our broken political process is achievable and restoration of our Republic is in sight.

  9. Gov. Palin always tells it like it is. Good old common sense and she doesn’t mince words. One of the things I liked about this is even though she disagreed w Roberts she made lemonade out of lemons and basically said we can use this to get even more fired up and congress can defund it. So let’s jump on board w Gov. Palin and be constructive because complaining about it extensively is non-productive and won’t help anyone.

  10. I already don’t recognize the Country I grew up in but I understand what Sarah is saying..

  11. I’m not sure why so many of you have been banned over at C4P. I will advise you not to make a habit of slamming Romney here every day because that serves no purpose at this time. He’s the guy who will run against Obama. That’s a done deal. The time to clobber him was during the primary (yes, it’s still technically the primary, but let’s face it, it’s over). Scoop tolerates healthy debate, but isn’t interested in folks antagonizing each other over their votes.

    Besides, who wants to see a bunch of comments that say the same thing over and over?

    I assure you that most of us who comment here regularly did not want Romney as the nominee. That stated, we now have other fish to fry.

    Just follow the Comment Policy and you’ll do fine.

    1. In case that wasn’t clear, I’m not telling you that you can’t comment on Romney negatively, or point out problems with his policies, statements, etc. Just keep it civil, and non-repetitive.

      Hmm. Unlike this comment, I mean.

      (Oh, and direct your ire at me, if you want to take issue with this, not the site or “all of you people” or whatever springs to mind. We can discuss this.)

    2. So commenting on a dislike of Romney is frowned upon but you don’t mind people using hate speech and making insults. Sounds hypocritical to me.

      So don’t take issue w “all of you people” even though you singled out “C4P” people as making the comments about Romney.

      1. Apparently, you have a reading comprehension issue. Just where in K-Bob’s comment are you extrapolating that we here at the Right Scoop, tolerate hate speech and insults, while not tolerating a dislike of Romney?

      2. Huh? That’s what you got out of what he posted? That’s not what he was saying. He was saying the constant whining about Romney won’t do any good at this point. He’s more than likely our nominee and we need to band together and support him so we can get o out.

    3. Hi K-bob.
      Permit me to respectfully contend with you conclusion. Even if Romney is the GOP nominee, he must be held accountable, and be told what to do. If we sit in the stands as blind cheerleaders, he will do exactly what Bush did (and perhaps what Bush says) by appointing another John Roberts (who was not an etch-a-sketch, Roberts was simply a blank page…..with a pleasant smile).

      We can support down ticket races and get out the vote. If we do that, people will pull the lever for the GOP nominee while they’re in the booth.

      I make a distinction between Romney ‘bashing’ and reminding him that he must honor the draft of the etch-a-sketch he used when he ‘secured’ a plurality of deligates.

      1. K-Bob never said we should not hold Romney accountable. On the contrary! First we must get him elected over o and then we hold him accountable.

        Right now too many conservatives are at each others’ throats when we need to be going after the lefties’ throats. We must stand together is what he’s saying.

        1. I don’t have to ‘support’ Mitt Romney in any way and the GOP nominee will still be elected by default, so I can start attacking him now to hold him accountable.

      2. Held accountable, yes. But held back? Hell no. He’s all there is; let him run! After he takes office, we have to work hard to keep pushing him toward supporting the Constitution as written and approved, not the mess we have now.

        But for now, complaining about Romney serves exactly one purpose and one purpose only: to irritate people by registering the complaint.

  12. I wasn’t happy about the ruling either but nothing I ever got that really had value to me ever cam easy. Obamacare happened because a lot of Americans with good intentions were stupefied and flummoxed and bamboozled. Americans have no one to blame for Obamashit except themselves.

    We let this happen through weakness and apathy which we wrote off and called tolerance. We wear patience, we held our noses wile the deviants in the Democratic party raised taxes and gave money away to incompetents. The we woke up one day and found out that the incompetents, the lazy, the entitled, the ignorant and the hate-filled and the illegals had out numbered us and intended to steal everything the foul, devil worshiping Democrats have not already handed over.

    Obamashit is a problem that we created and now, and you better be on your knees every day begging for Divine help, because we have to face it. We have to defeat it or by God, we deserve to eat it. The Jews, headed for the promised land, stopped off to worship the golden calf and as a result, they were sent on a trip of 200 miles which required 40 years. Most of those calf worshipers had expired by the time the objective was reached. I don’t intend to join the calf people. But there ain’t no cavalry waiting to ride over the hill, no spiderman perched on the Empire State Bldg and the rest of this planet is worse off than we are.

    The days of feeling good and being fair are over. The next underdog is you.

    1. conservatives are just as much to blame as liberals. RINO’s kept getting elected and many conservatives supported them.

      1. Looking for the “(R)”, was the same as “Look for the Union Label.”

        Trust yourself.

  13. America is changing rapidly and I fear some of this mess cannot be changed. People sat on their hands way too long.

  14. Listen up because Im speaking truth here friends… If Etch asketch is the nominee is the nominee then 0 wins another term,etch that in stone…

    1. No. You have to keep heart and you heart’s only keeper is you.

      On the other hand, you are NOT alone.

      1. Romney, Palin, Paul, whoever…we can’t sit back and expect leaders to save us. We have to do that work ourselves.

  15. there is a bear in the woods and she is now on her hind legs looking at the map to tampa……is tampa ready for the bear…will the bear challenge romney…..are we ready for the bear…..

      1. Ron Paul should wake up and smell the horseshit he’s spreading. He talking principle and audit the fed- and flatten this and make that fair and blah bl;ah blah while these malcreants are stealing us blind.

        If you are not with us– unite all America loving conservatives and defeat Obama- then you are against us.

        No to Ron Paul.

        1. Amen! All that crazy old goat cares about is himself. He is an attention mongering old bat.

      2. It’s lawyers that got us where we are today and until we kick the lawyers to the curb, we will not regain our Constitution. Ron Paul doesn’t have the answer by creating an ‘army of Lawyers’ and neither do any other politicians. It’s the American people that make up the words and meaning of the Constitution and it’s the American people who will reclaim that lost document in November.

        We have depended on Lawyers to solve our problems, right our wrongs, and save our souls for far too long. Politicians (many of whom are lawyers themselves) realized this a long time ago and started filling the benches with political activists. It has become the norm for any case to go all the way to the Supreme Court anymore. We expected the Supremes to be our final arbiter. Yesterday, we found out that they are no different than any of the lower Federal Courts, who have not had our best interests in mind for some time now.

        God is our only salvation and we, alone, can do the things that are required of us by God. We, the People are indeed the answer to this country’s problems. We few who pay close attention must awaken that sleeping giant that is the voting populace. For far too long, far too few have voted. That must change, right here, right now. It’s up to us. When that happens, and it will happen in November, we will have won a great victory indeed.

        1. Ron Paul isn’t doing any of this. These are activist citizens seeking redress from the courts against a corrupt machine. I hope and pray they are successful and the cconvention opens up. Ron Paul will never be nominated, but he may very well hold Romney under 1144 votes in the first round, which will open it for everyone else, including Sarah Palin, should five states place her name in nomination. Period.

        2. Actually, the last go round far too many people voted that were clueless. More people voting is not a good thing, unless they are truly informed.

      1. In a Pigs eye,He couldnt beat mccain,cant get 50 % of the vote has 0 crediability,shall i Continue I can go on all day about Etch a sketch…

        1. I used to agree with that until 10:30 yesterday morning. At this point, the SCOTUS’s ruling will galvanize Conservatives including myself.

    1. The only hope I have is that Americans will wake up and discover who the enemy is and destroy him and his access to power for ever. After that job, if there is another, we will face it.

      There are two choices: Destroy a man and a liberal, entitled culture that wants you on your knees or wait for a prince in shining armor to come into our lives and fix everything.

      I choose the former. If Romney fails, we will fix him too, one enemy at a time.

      Are you awake to this world? Because that’s all we need. Don’t get bs-ed ever again and stop bs-ing yourself.

  16. The Pesident brought with him a Marxist revolution and his intentions are clear, destroy America’s capitalist system of free markets and individual liberty and replace it with a euro-style socialist prison. We have one shot in November to try to save her. So, what are you going to do about it?

    Are you willing to give your time, treasure and talents to turn the tide? Are you willing to network and go grass-roots like never before? The choice is truly ours, I guess it’s just a matter of whether or not we believe that this once great Republic is worth the sacrifice it will take to save her…

  17. I ain’t quitting. I didn’t spend all that time and energy in the Army fighting against commies and Marxists, just to be rewarded for my efforts by seeing them “change” my country into their POS version of a country. The Dhimi Senate has contempt for us. Roberts and his black-robed butt wipes has contempt for us. The entire MaoBama admin has contempt for us. No sir-ree bob they ain’t taking my country without a fight. By any means necessary these swine need to have their arses kicked all the way up to their necks.

      1. Well I didn’t spend all that time in the Navy drinking & recovering, and drinking & recovering to quit drinking and recovering.

  18. Notice how Sarah did not say romney must take the whitehouse, but that the GOP must take the whitehouse, the house and senate.

    She also said she expects congress to repeal the tax after the july recess. This pairs with her response a few weeks ago to questions about a third party run. She said that if the GOP establishment did not take TEA party seriously within the next three months, then yes, there is a possiblity of the people supporting a third party candidate this election.

      1. If by any miracle Sarah decides to do that now, she will know exactly what she is doing or she will never take the risk to let obama win.

        1. I saw her say in an interview a number of months back that now is not the time for a third party because that would mean o gets back in.

    1. U dont remember wht She said during the Barbra wawa inteview…What She would do if it got to this… and we are there now,never doubted her for a min…

  19. “When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.”
    ― Thomas Jefferson

    1. Which is why the dems are so hell bent on taking away 2nd ammendment rights. Guns scare the crap out of those cowards.

  20. “It is not honorable to take mere legal advantage, when it happens to be contrary to justice.”

    Thomas Jefferson

  21. Nobody can slice and dice Barak Hussein Obama and the rest of the Libs like Sarahcuda does.

    Liberal fraud Etch-A-Scetch is shamelessly mouthing off against Obamacare,the very
    socialist scam he invented in Massachusetts.

  22. Roberts basically said today, “It’s not our job to protect dumb voters from themselves!”

    If that’s the case, why have a Supreme Court at all? What happened to check and balances? What the hell do we pay you for?

    The country is lost, we’ll never get it back!

    When the great American experiment of liberty and freedom is repeated later on earth, their framers had better make sure to put the various branches of government in different geographical regions. The framers must never allow too many powerful people to gather in one geographic spot. Roberts decided he would rather have it easier in DC than be the conservative he said we was during his confirmation. He chose to protect his status among the cocktail DC elites and sold us down the river. The next great american experiment should also never assume that the forces of tyranny will be kept at bay by a straightforward constitution. Their constitution must explicitly prohibit welfare of any kind.

  23. Gov. Palin has been “on to” Obama from Day 1.
    The rest of the country is just now catching up…and if this doesn’t do it–nothing will.

      1. I know I am going to get flamed, but it is my opinion.

        We need a third party, a conservative party, a Constitutional party, a party that will eventually replace the Whigs Republicans.

        When if not now? Especially in light of today’s ruling. If past is prologue, continuing to place your hopes in the GOPe will only yield further betrayal and heartache.

        Death by a thousand paper cuts, or for the sake of the country and our children, we take a stand, fight back, and say “no more”.

          1. I am not being critical or sarcastic in anyway, so don’t take this the wrong way. I always read your posts. I agree with and respect your opinion, so I ask:

            When? What will it take?

            Roberts and the Marxist tyrants on the SCOTUS just abrogated the Constitution, stole your liberty, and the liberty of your children and grandchildren. Do you trust the GOPe and Romney to restore your stolen liberty, and if so, based on what precedent?

            A half-hearted stunt repeal like the one the newly elected house republicans voted on in 2010, ain’t gonna cut it.

            I said in an earlier post that I would vote for Romney, because the country would not survive another Obama term, but it might just survive Romney.

            After today, I am not so sure it can survive Romney. As I said earlier, we are snakebite, the poison is coursing through our veins and if we don’t get the poison out along with a heavy dose of anti-venom, the poison will stop our heart. A band-aid won’t save us. The hour is late. Do we roll over accept death by Romney instead of death by Obama, or do we die fighting?

            1. What good would a third party do for this election? It would get o back in and then that is it…our country would be gone and there probably wouldn’t be another presidential election.

            2. Ditto regarding respect but, like you I have to speak mt mind. Then we can both go on.
              Sometimes you go to war to preserve the good, sometimes you fight to destroy the evil. Damn few people who are about to fight can remember or care which was which and not one can picture anything but joy when the war is over and their side has prevailed.

              We are way too far down the road to start picking fights with each other. The Ron Paul should be slapped down by moral Americans. The rest of the repub candidates get it and are now on board. It doesn’t matter a hang whether Romney’s a rag doll or a ring tailed baboon at this point.

              I see the unwashed, jabbering, America hating hoards, clutching their idols, their gut filled with hate, coming our way, blood in their eye, fists full of vengeance with a blood oath to put the rest of this country in the same slums and ghettos where they’ve been raised. If you don’t have the courage or the will or the faith to stand the line, I don’t care. Just shut up and pass the ammo.

              We will not yeild. I love this country.

              1. We will not yield. I love this country.


                To use another analogy, imagine we are pinned down in a fox hole. We have the American hating Marxist hordes on one side and the back stabbing French-like surrender monkey GOPe at our backs. Do we cower helplessly in the fox hole pissing in our pants waiting for our inevitable death in hopes of living just one more day, or do we rise up, raise the banner. and charge the enemy in the hope that we catch the enemy off guard and pull off an unexpected victory saving ourselves and our nation? True, we may die [metaphorical of course], but we will die as free men and women.

                In light of today’s SCOTUS ruling, I don’t think Romney will avert the catastrophe we face. He is not a leader. He bought the nomination. He may make some half-hearted attempt to repeal Obamacare that he knows will fail, but he will not fight as hard or show as much commitment as the Democrats that passed it in the first place.

                As I said earlier, IMHO, a third party, a Constitutional Conservative party is our only hope. If not now when? Today’s ruling is the lynch pin, once removed, will destroy the remainder of our Liberty. Their will be no limits to the tyranny the ruling class will unleash on us. If we wait to fight, they may be nothing left to fight for. How much more betrayal and abuse are we supposed to take from the GOPe? It is like battered wife syndrome, he promised it will be different this time. They promise they will repeal Obamacare and restore our stolen Liberty. I ask you, with the exception of a few CYA votes they knew would fail, once lost has the GOPe ever, ever, fought to restore our Liberty?

                I will let Rooster Cogburn speak for me:


                1. “We have the American hating Marxist hordes on one side and the back stabbing French-like surrender monkey GOPe at our backs”

                  At least the “back stabbing French-like surrender monkey GOPe” no where to hide.

              2. Damn Words… you nailed it. I’ve been trying in my girl patriot way to say what you just said. Thank you.

                This is not the time for sunshine patriots – we fight together or hang together at this point.

                This is one chick that will be on the front line.

              3. I couldn’t have framed it better. And, I’ll be standing right next to you, ready to kick some tail.

            1. Romney spent 65 million while McCain was toting his own bags through airports. Romney still lost to McCain but was so utterly power-hungry he undercut Governor Palin to assure he had control of the GOPe machinery to position himself for 2012, spending another couple hundred million from cronies he will not disclose to steal the primaries by buying them.

        1. No worries Friend Sarah has the stradgey in her Hip Pocket,we leave the small stuff to her,Shes always bed many moves ahead of the rakers and reevers… ~ !

        2. NTT, it is too late this go around. Too many obstacles to get on each state ballot. I agree that this year would have been the time if there ever was one. I think a Palin/West ticket could have kept both the Dems and Reps from achieving a majority of electoral college votes, which would have thrown the election into the House. Each state would have one vote. With a new crop of Tea Party candidates, the third party would have had a shot, more so than at any other time in our history.

          1. Wishing in this case is not an option,I am not buying wht the Mods at c4p have ben pushing dwn peoples throats since Oct 5th… Thts why MBH banned me…Despite all She will be our 45th president…

        3. The socialist progressives and communists took over the Democratic Party from the racist. Then the Republicans, having learned how easy it was to steal money from the voters who trusted them, took over the liberals policies vacated by the former racist democrats.

          Essentially theri is one party now and it is liberal. If Romney wants this job and the power that goes with it , and believe me he does, he’ll deal. Maybe he’s a greedy, power hungry bastard, he our greedy bastard.

        4. I agree with you on the need for a new Constitutional Conservative party, but we have to be careful. Levin said that if we start one now, it will give the Dems ‘many years’ of power before we can take over. We can’t afford that. What is needed is a ground base, an organization set in place.

          Romney won the Republican primary race, not because he out-attacked his opponents, but because he had a national ground game, a total organization, from the get go. Without that, all is lost.

          I have been saying for sometime now that we first need to defeat Obama. That is paramount. Then, on November 7th, instead of sitting back on our laurels like we usually do, we begin in earnest to establish the Party that will eliminate the GOPe. And that includes Romney if he so chooses to be like them.

          That will ensure that 2014 and 2016 are firmly in our control and with that comes the restoration of our beloved country.

    1. +1000 like

      America is snakebite. We need to remove the poison and a heavy dose of anti-venom. Putting a band-aid on the wound won’t keep the poison from stopping our heart.

  24. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY. WHYYYY didn’t sarah run and become the nominee instead of romney. i want to join in with all the people in real life and on the internet who are all fired up to vote obama out in november, and they got even more fired up after today. but that means supporting romney, and don’t want to support him (and i have consistently said that for months). i am in a lose-lose situation. i want to help kick obama out of the white house but i don’t want to support romney. so i lose either way. i wanted it to be sarah, so much… or at least someone else other than romney.

    and obama has an easy way to attack romney on health care. we all know what that is. obama even mentioned in his speech today that romney supported the mandate, go watch the speech again if you missed him saying that. ugh

    i am so mad,

    so very mad…

    1. Jasmine BHO must be defeated if we want the country to survive. You are not alone wishing Governor Palin would have run. She is the only one who has been taking on BHO since 2008.

      1. Has ben running her “Unconventional Campaign” ever since McCain Blew it and the GOPe blew it bk in 08… And depite all She will be our 45th President along with Allen West as Her running Mate,Etch that in stone MBH…

        1. One wonders why certain individuals are so very dead set against that idea.

          So it’s a long shot, maybe even ‘moondust and unicorns’ (isn’t that what the very charming barracuda43 used?) but it doesn’t hurt anything to speculate and hope…since it’s about out best hope…

        2. Newt has also been running his “unconventional” campaign. If people would have just listened to his words, they would have known that he has not given up and neither has Sarah Palin.

          Allen West is speaking out for a reason.

      2. This is not a perfect world, as we have just witnessed. It’s not even fair, let alone perfect. We have a choice it’s Romney or Barry the Barbarian. PERIOD! Sarah Palin and everyone else is not in this equation. You can be part of the solution and get rid of this tyrannical, inept, marxist ideologue, or continue to tear down the only hope we have at saving what is left of the Constitution.

    2. Jasmine, I know you are young, just starting out, but can you imagine us old-timers having gone through this time and time again? We’ve seen this with Bush 1 when all of us wanted to true Reagan heir apparent Jack Kemp, then we had to support Bush 1 again even after lying about not raising taxes; then came Bob Dole’s turn, and after that spectacular failur came the nepotism of another Bush, and then another term for him where he abandoned free market principles to save the free markets, which led to our current disaster Obama. The GOPe is responsible for all of this. I can’t blame the left. They just do what they believe.

      1. i actually feel like i have been through this over and over again, even though i haven’t! but i feel like, if we support romney, we are weakening the conservative movement somewhat. but i understand the people who want to get obama out too. i understand that argument. sigh

    3. You don’t have to support Romney, Jasmine. A movement is under way and you just have to trust some of us who are telling you we are working very hard for this.

      Some things can’t be discussed out in the open.

  25. Today was a sad day for America. Sad times for our children and Grandchildren to come (:

          1. Didn’t Brown run so he could be the 41st vote? Of course the dems didn’t follow proper procedure.

            I thought the witches of Maine weren’t running for re-election?

      1. True. But it is also the world as prophesied in the Bible. I have only read bad news today. Pam Geller has posted this recently:

        “Concurrently, Israel National News is reporting that Iran, Russia, China and Syria are planning to hold the largest war games exercise in the Middle East in less than a month, according to Iran’s Fars media. Citing “informed sources,” the report said that 90,000 soldiers from the four countries are to take part. The massive war games drill will include air defense and missile units as well as ground, air and naval forces. It is scheduled for early July.

        A total of 400 planes and 1,000 tanks are said to be taking part, among them “12 Chinese warships… Russian atomic submarines and warships, aircraft carriers and mine-clearing destroyers as well as Iranian battleships and submarines.”

        “All of the above are to arrive shortly in Syria, according to the report.”

        Sounds like there is a small Armageddon practice planned in Syria in the next few days.

        And then there is this:

        Whistleblower Reveals Plan to Evacuate London during the Olympics

        I don’t know how much truth there is to it but the news are quite depressing recently.

        My prayer is that God keep us all safe throughout the next months!

        1. The thing is Cindy, we have the capability to eviscerate this rag-tag clown circus with an aircraft carrier and a squadron of planes, and that’s with our nuclear and laser technologies tied behind our backs. The sad fact is, we don’t have a leader like Ronald Reagan who is feared by our enemies, someone who wouldn’t hestitate to pull the trigger if need be.

        2. Believe me Cindy, I’ve been keeping tabs on all of the stuff going on. The world is changing, getting ready for the global power that will give birth to Antichrist. In my love for America and freedom, and in my love for the coming King of Kings, I am still double minded. I pray for God’s wisdom and will, but ask that while I don’t know for sure what His will his for America at this moment in time, I will fight to preserve what bit of freedom is here for others to come to. Does that make any sense? I’m so tired right now. :-/

          1. You make perfect sense… I’m with you on that.

            Moral corruption has brought this nation and the West to its knees… and believe me, I’m no prude… I get human nature. Moral corruption and its handmaiden, corruption of thought through post-modernism liberalism keeps our fellow citizens permanently on snooze. Our present problems are not God’s judgment on us… it’s the natural consequences of not following Him. We live under grace… even the non-believer since Jesus stepped into history. But what is happening is what is called the “ripening of sin”… it’s not God’s punishment… that is over… punishment went on Jesus 2,000 years ago once in time and for all sins. But the natural, normal and inevitable consequences of not following him are evident everywhere. But man is a stupid, stubborn and mule beast. The deeper in sin he sinks, the darker his mind becomes.

            All that to say this … I too am praying that God will enable our nations to confess their sins and turn to the one who paid the price for it all.

          2. I understand. I feel it is going to be a rough and speedy ride from now on. Things that take decades to change, are being changed in one day. Hang in tight there, sister! “Where sin abounds, God grace abounds even more!”

        3. Yes, we can’t change bible prophecy and my mother has been telling me for awhile now that we are in “end times.”

          Christians are just waiting for God’s return. All of the evil in the government is revealing itself and will have consequences. The SCOTUS ruling, everything is a factor in how this is playing out.

    1. Sad fact is Obama will get a bounce out of this in the polls. Did you hear or see MSM reports? CBS opened with a breathlessly relieved mother whose daughter’s life was saved for having a kidney transplant made possible by provisions allowing enrollment by those with pre-existing conditions. God bless her. Some states have been early adapters. Thirteen billion has already been spent on Obamacare.

      I’ve been visiting family in Minnesota, I just watched a local broadcast where the liberal Governor (the feckless, silver-spoon, failed Senator, and only elected for the conservative vote having been split by a third party candidate) Mark Dayton being championed as hero compared to the neighboring governor Scott Walker who was made out to be a cold-hearted villian for “delaying” the implementation of the same provisions when he could have saved lives.

        1. Thanks, T, nice to see you. As you may know, I got banned at a site which shall remain nameless for savaging disingenuous, pathological lying, stocking trolls. Surely I should not have referenced the Dan Akroyd quote to Jane Curtain when referring to one, but such is life. I hope you and Papa are well.

          1. Under the circumstances, we are okay….

            I didn’t know …I will look for you here then…

            Miss your posts.

            1. Hi Theresa-somone said folks were posting here, thought I’d drop by to see what’s what.

          2. Hey, they actually banned you?

            Those sorry azzed, self-righteous…..grrrr.

            I think that and the mournful new ‘decorations’ just did it for me.

            Hell with them.

            Much trouble here?

          3. You and me both. Someone asked me why I had “left.” Euphemism for “disappeared.” The mods there have a Red State problem.

            1. amen to that! there’s about three or bloggers that should not be allowed… I know you know of whom I’m thinking… KTF!
              Subject: [trscoop] Re: Sarah Palin on Obamacare: If Obama is reelected Americans won’ t recognize the country they love

        1. John, there is no there there. As Sarah said, one must instinctively turn right. Romney flaps and spins in every direction like a flacid windsock.

      1. Romney will not be able to stand up under what the MSM is going to do to him. I’m aware of all this from a friend who works in New York media. They are salivating just waiting for their opportunity.

      2. Yeah, you are right fmpg
        Here in my area, it was triumphal reporting all day, with lots of man on the street high fives to cement the impression for the peeps.

        biggest win for Obama of Obama’s Presidency. No credible way to spin it otherwise.

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