Sarah Palin on with Megyn Kelly says we must primary those who won’t fight fundamental transformation

Sarah Palin was asked if she intends to support primary contenders to Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell and others who she’s mentioned in recent past and she replied that she’d see who is running against these incumbents and go from there. But she reemphasized tonight that those who won’t stand up and fight against the left’s fundamental transformation and fight for our economic freedom must be primaried or the country is going down.

Here’s the full interview:

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130 thoughts on “Sarah Palin on with Megyn Kelly says we must primary those who won’t fight fundamental transformation

  1. Always good to hear from Gov. Palin. For those who feel the need to critique her speech,, she is from Alaska. People from different regions in the country have different accents and phrases. That may seem unintelligent to those who stick their nose up at others who don’t wear the “right” clothes, have the “right” house and car etc. My criteria involves depth of character and honesty. Palin has both. How she speaks has never been a concern of mine. It shouldn’t be for anyone. It’s unimportant.

  2. Yeah! primary the bastards! that’ll show’em!… We need “TRUE” conservatives like Christine O’Donnel to run to oust those RINOs… it’s not like republicans will lose seats in congress or anything… you’re kidding me right? moronic… people who we agree with 80% of the time are not our enemies. We need to focus on getting out Democrats first and foremost.

    1. Yes that’s EXACTLY what you do. People bring up O’Donnell and others and guess what you win some and you lose some. What do you miss having Mike Cassel in DC undermining the GOP? I don’t. You chose to ignore that the Tea party has given us great candidates and a more diverse party.

      The GOP DC establishment is in a hissy fit because Cruz exposed this law, the GOP’s refusal to fight and the cozy working relationship of the
      statist in both parties. Obamacare must be defeated! It’s cost and damage will harm the nation and its citizens. This is a basic attack on liberty. if the Rhino establishment class won’t fight on this ground then what will they fight on? The answer is nothing. The reality is that we don’t need them. Do you really think we need Mc Connell, Graham and Alexander cutting deals and selling out the country? People in those states can do something about it. Send them packing. What the Rove/ Bush GOP ruling class refuse to accept is that you don’t win any argument when you refuse to fight. Why the establishment GOP chooses to attack Cruz rather than this law shows their true colors not his in this debate.

  3. I’m a bit irritated with those her who are such Megan haters. Or maybe it’s just that some are so defensive of Palin, who needs no defense. She certainly has her big girl panties on.

    Megan didn’t interrupt Palin, except after letting her go on at first and finally broke in because she did have questions to ask. Look, they have less than 5 minutes for an interview. Most politicians, including sometimes Palin, will go on in soliloquy if you don’t stop them to get your questions in. Megan was not rude, nor disrespectful. And certainly, as a journalist, Palin understands this.

  4. I love a well-spoken woman. I thought the way Lady Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth spoke were/are just a big ol’ turn on. Sarah Palin is as well-spoken as they are if you realize she is not speaking the same language. I’m from MN and we don’t speak the Queen’s English here. Sarah sounds like me and my neighbors and it’s what attracted me to her at first. I don’t want her to become Hillary Clinton who has allowed the elite establishment types to change her until they thought she was good enough–and still got kicked to the curb by her own party in the run for POTUS. I don’t want a phony of either gender in public service. How has an ivy league education helped BO and MO? Neither of them can say anything intelligent off-prompter. I love how Palin hasn’t changed one iota of her unique speaking style. Honesty, integrity and honor is Palin’s language and we hear it no matter how she phrases it.

    1. Just so you know, Margaret Thatcher underwent extensive speech training early in her career after being criticized for sounding shrill and like an uneducated country bumpkin.

      If Sarah Palin wanted to follow Thatcher’s footsteps into public office, she would be wise to do the same thing.

        1. Even many of Palin’s supporters agree that she has one of the most shrill voices in politics.

          Critics thought the same thing of Thatcher. She did something about it. You can read about it below.


          Prior to the election of Margaret Thatcher in 1979, her adviser Gordon Reece was travelling by train from Brighton and bumped into the legendary actor Laurence Olivier.

          Mr Reece, a former journalist and television producer, had been tasked withoverhauling Mrs Thatcher’s dowdy image – and asked Olivier’s advice about the problem of her voice, which critics considered too shrill.

          Read more:

          1. I have lots of time for sincere debate but I do not have
            time to conversationally wipe your ass every time you poop out some idiotic word-pile. Buh-bye.

            1. She’s 5’5″ and 120 lbs soaking wet. Is there anyone dumb enough to expect her to sound like Pavarotti???

              1. That’s funny! I made a comment on a Sarah Brightman video (she’s a singer) earlier today and I thought maybe this comment was about her. Frankly, I think it’s a great comment for both Sarahs.

      1. The point here, RUexperirnced, is that we DO NOT want cookie cutter politicians, like Obama, Reid, McConnell, McCain, and so many others who have really nailed down the art of lying to the citizens to get elected and get reelected with smooth rhetoric and when they get there use silk moves the undermine those who they represent. Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Cruz say the same thing regardless of where they are heard. And what’s more important they actually do what they say they will do. So it’s not the ability to lie but it is the messenger and the ability to deliver on that message.

        1. Ronald Reagan, as a professional actor, was a skilled communicator. And communicated with a deliberate and likable style.

          Obama was smart enough not to campaign for president speaking in ebonics. How much traction could he have gotten with the American public if he sounded like he just walked out of the ‘hood?

          Likewise, when Palin does her ‘gosh-durn’ ‘youbetcha’ ‘silly old me’ thing, how does this appeal to potential voters?

          1. Its appealing because it’s not fake or phony. No one expects the same cadence because we are from different States and Gov. Palin is no different. But more importantly you are focusing on the superficial and not the substance. Yes, Ronald Reagan was an actor which garnered him skills to articulate and communicate conservatism. Ronald Reagan battled with communist in Hollywood and that is the fire power that gave him the will to fight them by espousing a Conservative philosophy.
            This is similar with Sen. Cruz. Because he heard stories of communism and socialism from his father which gives him the fuel to fight.

          1. No matter how much we like someone, there are times when they say or do something we cringe at. Anyone Who REFUSES to admit it, IS LYING.

        2. I appreciate your efforts but they are lost on this one. He/she is clearly uninformed and not at all interested in becoming less so.

          1. This quote is from her interview the other day with Sean Hannity.

            And it is the kind of Palin word salad that makes her look bad in interviews.

            Sarah Palin: Our vets and those who are supportive of our vets which, to me, is very symbolic of all that really matters in this country at this point, the priorities in our government.

            Good thing she has a communications degree… /sarc

            1. She’s not running for office and her enthusiasm for correcting course in this country is infectious. Perfect vocabulary is not as important as patriotism and patriotism is what I see in what you typed.

              1. Yeah, she makes me proud to be, and all of ‘we the people’ and the patriotic ones especially, our God given rights, because we will persevere, like our Founding Fathers, which are endowed by our Creator to form a more perfect union giving us liberty or death from sea to shining sea a true American, bravely not firing until they saw the whites of their eyes.

                (rolling eyes)

                1. I’m rolling my eyes because when Palin was governor of Alaska the bond rating of her state improved. Obama , the genius, was the first USA President to see the bond rating of the country downgraded.
                  Which is more important? Obama says everytime he’s off teleprompter ahh, ahh, ahh. You think he’s at a doctors appointment.

                2. I do believe you are prone to and experienced at exaggeration.
                  Here’s the quote you gave:

                  ‘Sarah Palin: Our vets and those who are supportive of our vets which, to me, is very symbolic of all that really matters in this country at this point, the priorities in our government.’
                  Most people or intelligence can make sense of something when there is a little bit of error in it. Perhaps if she had a bit more time to think over what she was saying she would have made this slight bit of editing:
                  ‘Our vets and those who are supportive of our vets, which, to me, are very symbolic of all that really matters in this country at this point, ought to be the priorities in our government.’
                  Not everyone is equally gifted in extemporaneous speech. Some are better when they have more time to think over and rehearse their remarks. That does not mean Sarah does not add and importand contribution with her own giftedness to the table of conservative thought. She is a cheerleader type, in my opinion, someone to rally the base, playing one of the roles that is needed today.

            2. RUexperienced is an SP hater that travels the web lying about her. I’m not sure why she scares it so much, except maybe it’s afraid of losing it’s government check.
              Obviously, bearing false witness as much as it does, it doesn’t believe in heaven and hell either.

            3. Of course this dismissive attack is only directed at Palin because she’s a conservative. Compare her to Nancy Pelosi.
              Pelosi had real power as Speaker and constantly looked for ways to circumvent House rules. Look at how Obamcare was passed. Have you ever seen her speak?? She’s a moron who can’t speak in complete sentences. During the debate on the stimulus she claimed 500 million Americans would lose their jobs if it didn’t pass and repeated it. There are only 300 million PEOPLE in the US. Unemployment went up anyway. Pelosi had real power and damaged the country. Palin isn’t always smooth but she is always right. More importantly her governing record in Alaska was exceptional. Its why the low life Democrats sent a small army of Hack lawyers to Alaska to attack her with bogus ethics complaints which were all throw out but put her in debt and was the reason she resigned.

  5. Palin vs McCain re-election in 2016….will be great to see Palin to get a chance to put McCain in his place. My gut says McCain will not run, but that would be great to see go down.

    Not saying she would run for Senate in Arizona, but she would fundraise for the tea party canidate like she does everywhere.

      1. So it would be a waste to get more Tea Party like people like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in the senate and remove these Rino that helped get us where we are?

        1. I think he meant SP being a senator would be a waste and distraction. We Palinistas’ hear it too often, and it may have been a quick response. Her biggest strength is her executive skills.
          I know that’s not what you meant. Any Palinista would love to see McCain replaced by a TPM candidate.

          1. Most Tea Party conservatives would have loved to have seen John McCain replaced by a real conservative.

            But Sarah Palin propped him up and helped to defeat a real conservative. She endorsed McCain. Palin convinced conservatives that McCain was one of them.

            Then she went to Utah and did the same for Orin Hatch.

            She’s disgraceful.

            1. What real conservative are you talking about replacing McCain? You can’t be talking about the guy that was being paid to tell people how to get money from the government?

              Gov. Palin never stepped foot in Utah. Retirement is the only one that can dethrone Hatch.

              You are a disgrace.

              1. I agree the problem in Utah was Dan Liljenquist wasn’t a conservative. His voting record was one of a Rino. (see Link).

                There was no option. Both Levin and Palin supported Hatch with the expectation he wouldn’t see out the base. He did on amnesty. That speaks to his lack of character not their on this issue.

                I’d rather stick with Hatch for another 5 years till a true conservative emerges. If Utah elected DL we may have been stuck with Liljenquist for thirty years.


            2. Why do you hate SP so much you spend your life lying against her? Are you afraid she’ll take your monthly check away?

          2. That is what I thought some would think on SP being a sentor, which is why I made the 2nd comment to clarify it.

  6. Decent Americans need to stop going on these Trash Bag gutter sniping shows like the Kelly Files. These people are building an argument for those that are attacking our country and our constitution and frankly it’s left bags like Megan that has damaged our country severely. There is no middle ground and very little room to be civilized. If you love this country you need to defend it and you need to hate those that are attacking it in any capacity. If we don’t show our solidarity now in protecting our country on the battlefield of ideology, we will soon be fighting these folks for REAL on the battle ground of survival.

  7. MICHAEL WALSH: Most Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.
    “The GOP is not, in any meaningful sense, a conservative, first-principles, Constitutionalist Party — and unless it’s subsumed by the Tea Party, it never will be.
    Rather, it’s content to be the lesser half of the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party as long as it can collect some of the pork scraps from underneath the table of the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Government. No wonder they keep losing — they like it.”

    This is what Sarah Palin and Mark Levin have been saying. At last, others are coming to the same conclusion.

    The Republican Party is dead to me.

    1. Exactly. I used to say to students and clients: What feels so good about banging your head against a brick wall? They would stare blankly and I would answer: When you stop!

  8. How much make-up is on Kelly’s face? Looks like a ghost. How much are you folks paying for cable? PULL the PLUG and save money! Please start criticizing McShame, Sarah.

    1. You can put all the lipstick in the world on a liberal Pig and it’s still a liberal pig…you can never hide what’s inside…Megan Kelly is full of nastiness and it bleeds through the makeup…

  9. Megyn is still smarting because FOX wouldn’t let her interview Palin without Bret riding shotgun, to cleanup any damage to GOPe messaging Palin caused. The Bush wing is very sensitive and demanding regarding their propaganda outlet.

  10. It is not Megyn’s job to make anyone look good or bad, she is tough on everyone, you are supposed to be able to handle it. And I think its possible Sarah couldn’t hear her. But we cannot make excuses for people we like. I love Sarah’s passion and her patriotism, she is right on the issues, awesome out on the stump, but TV interviews are not her strength. To deny that is stupid. I wish she would or could do better and I’m not sure why since out in person on the stump she is amazing?

      1. Also she is bombarded with “gotcha” questions and just as she is about to make her point she is conveniently interrupted.

        I am not just speaking of Megyn’s interview. Many interviewers use the same tactics on Governor Palin. Greta asks her tough questions, not “gotcha” questions, but in contrast to others, Greta let’s Sarah answer the tough questions without interruption.

        Watch her Greta interviews to see a real interview and not a game of “gotcha”.

        1. Bill O Reilly was the biggest offender of Palin interruptiions, BOR talks over his guests, especially women, so Sarah called him out on it. She wont go on his show anymore, he is a rude boor. Greta is great.

          1. Governor Palin put him in his place, and as a consequence O’Reilly, being the megalomaniac he is, hasn’t had her back on his show.

          2. In the interviews I saw, O’Reiley was simply trying to get Palin to talk specifics.

            In the “Immigration” interview:

            O’Reiley: “Governor Palin, you are now president. One of your first acts was to secure the borders. Now they are closed, what do you now do with the 12 million people looking at you?”

            Palin: “Bill you have to secure the borders.”

            O: “You are the president. You did that. Now what?”

            P: “Our boarders are not secure. Secure the borders.”

            O: “That was your first act as president. So what do you do with all of the people in this country illegally?”

            P: “We have to secure the borders.”

            1. U R a Palin troll that combs Palin threads to troll. I knew Jimi Hendrix and he would kick your azz for that avatar!

            2. Was that a purposeful joke with the use of the word ‘boarders’ or a typo?
              I think Palin’s point is, securing the borders is her first priority, (something I think there is wide concensus on), that it will be no easy task, and needs to ACTUALLY be tackled and accomplished before she’d discuss what needs to be done with those within our borders illegally. She wasn’t going to dip into Bill’s hypothetical.

              1. It was a typo. I have a predisposition to the word ‘boarder’ since I have horses and ‘board’ them for others. So I am always talking about my boarders. (but mine are not illegal immigrant freeloaders and my boarders pay their way)

                Back to O’Reiley, I think he was probably trying Palin to discuss what to do with all of the illegal immigrants just like she discussed in this interview.

                Palin eventually stuttered and stammered her way through the O’Reiley interview and endorsed nearly every part of her 2008 position on immigration:

                Q: As governor, how do you deal with them? Do you think they all should be deported?

                Palin: There is no way that in the US we would roundup every illegal immigrant -there are about 12 million of the illegal immigrants- not only economically is that just an impossibility but that’s not a humane way anyway to deal with the issue that we face with illegal immigration.

                Q: Do you then favor an amnesty for the 12 or 13 million undocumented immigrants?

                Palin: No, I do not. I do not. Not total amnesty. You know,
                people have got to follow the rules. They’ve got to follow the bar, and we have got to make sure that there is equal opportunity and those who are here legally should be first in line for services being provided and those opportunities that this great country provides.

                Q: To clarify, so you support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants?

                Palin: I do because I understand why people would want to be in America. To seek the safety and prosperity, the opportunities, the health that is here. It is so important that yes, people follow the rules so that people can be treated equally and fairly in this country.

                1. I would not agree with Palin’s position stated above, if she still feels that way. If she were running for President, I would not be voting for her anyway, provided there was a man running whose positions were primarily mirroring my own.
                  If she were running for Senate or the House, this interview would be one to use as a springboard to where she should further clarify her position or tell if she’s change her mind. However, she is not running for anything at the moment (to my knowledge) and is supplying moral support for tea party candidates.

        2. And to think that Greta is a Democrat and is the fairest interviewer of them all. I like her and respect her for that.

      2. I think I said that it is possible for why I thought she kind of went off on a fillibuster and didn’t seem to hear Megan but my biggest problem and why I think until she fixes it she can never be President is on TV she slaughters her syntax and this makes her sound bad. And I love her but as an English Major this bugs the crap out of me. Sorry. And what is weird is on the stump even when she is just free wheeling no script this doesn’t seem to happen. I really wish she would fix this as it could really be helped and it will hold her back. This muddles her message and makes her sound uneducated which I know is not true she is as sharp as anyone.

        1. Camille Paglia:

          “I like Sarah Palin, and I’ve heartily enjoyed her arrival on the national stage. As a career classroom teacher, I can see how smart she is — and quite frankly, I think the people who don’t see it are the stupid ones, wrapped in the fuzzy mummy-gauze of their own worn-out partisan dogma. So she doesn’t speak the King’s English — big whoop! There is a powerful clarity of consciousness in her eyes. She uses language with the jumps, breaks and rippling momentum of a be-bop saxophonist. I stand on what I said (as a staunch pro-choice advocate) in my last two columns — that Palin as a pro-life wife, mother and ambitious professional represents the next big shift in feminism. Pro-life women will save feminism by expanding it, particularly into the more traditional Third World.”

          Read the whole thing. Great column from 2008:

          1. You have to go back five years to find this kind of support for Palin?

            Since that quote we have had to endure her reality shows, the blood libel thing, presidential strip tease, the Bus Trip to Nowhere and many other things.

            That is why her popularity has dropped dramatically. In Alaska, she had a 90 percent approval rating. Today 59 percent of those same people DIS approve of Sarah Palin.

        2. Are you referring to quotes like this?


          “I want to help clean up the state that is so sorry today of journalism. And I have a communications degree.” –Sarah Palin

    1. Call me stupid, she did fine. Megan interrupted Sarah’s answer that was not a filibuster but a complete explanation.

      My only negative on Sarah is that she becomes a little shrill when she is impassioned. Her high notes are hard on my hearing aids.

    2. A right Spirit means everything in leadership. I much prefer Sarah’s realness, to others who have been trained to smokescreen by baffling the public with their BS. Sara has the understanding that any leader should have: You cannot make a tree grow; you have to let it grow. As with most conservatives Sarah is frustrated at the feeble attempts of the progressives to “make a tree grow.” It’s a degree of immaturity that they simply have not grown out of. It’s heartbreaking to watch.

      1. Agreed. She speaks clearly and articulately and never fails to make her points. Apparently there are those hard of hearing.or perhaps have other favorites and agendae.

    3. I agree. And she has had plenty of time to correct this. It is almost like when she is rambling on, using way too many words to make a simple point, she, herself, forgets the end point and has a little hiccup, then corrects the situation.
      I love her and her passion tho!

    4. I agree. Palin insulates herself from reporters and networks who might attempt to ask her hard questions. And she still comes off looking like a lightweight.

      This is one of the factors I’m sure that keeps Palin from running for office- she would be forced to do sit-down interviews with people trying to pin her down or trip her up.

      1. Stop roaming the internet for Palin stories so you can lie about her. It’s really sad that you’ve been doing this for several years now.

        Here’s CNN’s Don Lemon saying Palin stayed and answered all his questions off the cuff, unannounced:

        1. Let me know when Palin agrees to do an in depth interview in hostile territory.

          Dick Cheney, who was despised by the media, never shied away from doing interviews on the hard hitting Sunday shows or by the toughest and most aggressive (liberal) interviewers.

            1. Cheney can also think on his feet. And when he talks, it is slow, deliberate and with authority.

              His critics may not like him or what he stands for. But even they would agree that he does not come off as an airhead or someone who doesn’t know his subject matter.

              1. “Yeah. I follow Palin articles around the net and attack her with lies for years and years. But she is irrelevant. . . .” – RUexperienced at bearing false witness?

    5. She interrupts too much and she is condescending in the extreme most of the time. However she is better than the people on the competition.

  11. We can start by primarying Congressman Bustany (R) from Louisiana, my home state, for voting for this Continuing Resolution travesty.

    The other Republicans from Louisiana voted against it which was the right thing to do!

    John Craven
    New Orleans

  12. Sorry Megyn, you are not going to be the first interviewer to make Palin look stupid. I can see it in your face, you want to be the one to make her look bad, but I can also see the realization in your eyes that she is smarter than you and all of us combined. Maybe next time.

    1. There was a song years ago called “Fools Rush In”, when a Palin thread arrives it becomes “Trolls Rush In”!

  13. I love how she drives the libs,the DC GOP establishment and Loser Rove and his K street ilk bat crap crazy. Gov. Palin is simply the best!

    1. A true patriot, a principled Conservative, a woman of remarkable integrity, and a true leader. But for me, her most admirable trait is that she is a fighter. She will not yield to the evil Marxists, the GOPe mafia, the Marxist praetorian media, or the crony capitalists. She adheres to our founding principles and the confines of Constitutional governance.

      And, unlike many “Republicans”, I will not leave her on the battlefield merely because the left mocks and ridicules her. That only strengthens my resolve. She draws the ire of all the right people.

      I stand with Sarah Palin! WE FIGHT!

      1. It seems the real Conservatives like Palin, Lee, and Cruz are fighters. We just need one heck of a lot more like them.

    1. I’ll say it for you. It was a lefty troll who got its “facts” from the Daily Kos and HuffPo. Then true to the nature of a leftist, resorted to insults and denigration.

      1. Have you noticed they swarm in like screaming cicada bugs on every Palin or Cruz thread? Yet not one on McCain, Graham, Ryan, Boehner, or any of the other Vichy Republican threads?

  14. the left doesn’t care if the country is going down, that is their goal…..the devil is a liberal in the white house…………………..

  15. Sarah, I LOVED that you kept on talking when Megyn tried to cut you off with one of her questions.
    Megyn, SHUT UP AND LET YOUR GUESTS FINISH THEIR ANSWERS. I’d rather hear ALL of what Sarah has to say to one of your questions and run out of time…than for you to keep interrupting with your questions.
    Megyn, I hate the way you try to cut people off just when they are really getting to the meat of it. I can always tell when one of your guests really hits the nail on the head… interrupt.

    1. She learned from watching Bill O’Reilly. If she really wants to know how to conduct an interview, she should watch Greta.

      1. Yes, I’ve thought the same thing. Bill O is not the example MK should be following. Bill O….yeeeesh…..the last thing we need is a female Bill O.

        1. How about a dead fish wrapped in The New York Times?

          How about one of the Three Billy Goat’s Gruff…wait, that would be someone to run against you, little troll..and when I say run against, I don’t mean in political fashion.

    1. I quit donating to the Republican Party a few years ago and now only donate to individual candidates like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee…people I can trust.

  16. The mainstream news media is the emperor with no clothes more than ever in the present day. It was Obama, not the republicans who shut down the government, and did so with the threat of default. Obama created a crisis to get his way. That’s Saul Alinsky 101. But the media keeps reporting it wrong. Let’s see, the Whitehouse sends out the marching orders to the NYTimes and WPost. From there it goes to all the major networks, and from there to our tv’s. Manufactured news, phony polls, lies.

  17. Excellent, Sarah Palin. She knows the issues, she is a fearless conservative, and establishment republicans better watch out in the next election cycle! The Tea Party is coming for you!

  18. If we are losing as Megan and Ed Henry say that we are then why do Pelosi and all the other dems call us hostage takers and wreak less Republicans. If we are losing then let us implode. As I remember it just a couple of days ago it was Obama who called the Republicans in to negotiate after saying that he wouldn’t. And placing those barrycades up to keep our veterans out, was not a good photo op, Ed and Megan. It’s likely that Ed Henry sited another bogus poll as Megan Kelly did last week to Sen. Cruz.

    1. Maybe Megan thinks the way for the republicans to win is to bow down to King Obama and say ” Yes Master, Whatever you want “

      1. That is why I have turned Fox News off. I have had enough of their promotion of the establishment. And, their outright mockery and ridicule of Constitutional Conservatives and the Tea Party. Fox News is now part of the problem and an enemy of the American Republic.

    1. Every time I hear Premier O speak about our credibility being harmed because of the evil, radical TEA Party Repubs, I keep on saying that he doesn’t need their help, he’s doing just fine all by his lonesome.

  19. Another great interview. She covers a lot of territory well. Megyn advanced the tired GOPe meme. Palin responded perfectly, get the party on a conservative path and restore the Constitution. And yes primary the losers.

  20. I’m all for removing leftists from any political office and position of authority! Sarah is a true patriot and model American!

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