Sarah Palin to give commencement address to 27 seniors at small Washington St. high school

Now how many big name politicians would give a commencement address to such a small graduating class? I don’t think very many, which to me says something unique about Sarah Palin:

Sarah Palin

NEWSMAX – Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will give the high school commencement address in the small Washington state town of Republic on June 1.

The former Alaska governor will be addressing a class of 27 seniors at the school in northeastern Washington.

The Spokesman-Review reports the seniors launched an aggressive social media campaign last fall to land Palin as speaker.

The key event may have been a class picture taken in April with a banner that said: “We Want You! Governor Palin!” The photo was posted on Facebook.

On April 18, school officials learned that Palin would be coming to graduation at the high school gym, which holds about 700 people and is expected to be packed.

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50 thoughts on “Sarah Palin to give commencement address to 27 seniors at small Washington St. high school

  1. Well that’s at least 27 graduates who  will go out into the world with some coveted wisdom.  Gov. Palin shows courage, class, character, integrity and values every day of her life.  God bless her.

  2. It’s safe to say, Sarah Palin still has it. She rocks! I bet, the elites on both sides are pulling their hair out on this one, that’s why I love her for all of this. Suck it up elitists clowns.
     I stand with Sarah Palin!!!

  3. Good for her and the students.  Let us hope she is better then the scum bucket Demorats who show up to graduations and give politcal BS speeches instead of speeches ment to give real life adivce to those leaving high school.

  4. Wish the Local Republican Party in Spokane Wa could talk her into speaking here also. I would absolutely love to hear a speech from her and shake her’s and Todd’s hands. Great Americans they are…

  5. Knowing the corrupt, liberal media will have a field day with this, the governor shows once again, she’s genuine to the core.
    She’s one classy lady.

  6. This will be the most viewed Address of the year. There will be more reporters than students.

  7. Those kids have good taste.   My son and his family live in Portland, OR, and he said that except for the cities, Oregon is pretty conservative.  Maybe that’s the same in Washiington.

    1. WA is pretty conservative on the east side of Western WA and the eastern side of the state.  There are a few pools of blue that are powerful enough to turn the rest of the state blue.  We have to change that.

      1. Stehekin912 California and New York are the same. the rural areas where no one lives (relatively) is conservative but the cities throw the whole state. Pretty common

    2. comoesta3 It is, comoesta3.  I live in southeastern Washington and it is very conservative.  If we could just get rid of Seattle and Olympia we’d have a pretty cool state.
      BTW, I’m very proud of the fact that Sarah Palin has roots in my area of Washington.  Her parents met here.

  8. She’s not in it for the money.  That’s what it says to me.  If you don’t pay Bill Clinton $200,000 you won’t see his ugly mug anywhere.

  9. That’s how she became governor of Alaska. If you read Going Rogue you’ll read how she once drove 12 hours, one way, to campaign in a town that had 300 people in it. Not 300 registered voters, 300 people. The Left will ridicule her for this, but this is what she’s always done.

  10. Unique and classy. Like Breitbart, upstream and always helping to restore and rebuild.

  11. Unique? You Betcha! She grants wishes and gets 4 million “Likes” on her face book page. Good for those kids going after what they wanted. They will remember this day for the rest of their lives. Sarah Palin never ceases to be a woman of character and American virtue.

  12. Yes, it says something unique about Sarah Palin:
    That SHE is unique; that there is just no politician like her. None.

    G-d bless this outstanding woman.

    1. reevers welltempered2 How blue one could ask…blue enough to have a statue of lenin in Fremont! It should be renamed “Freakmont”.

    2. reevers welltempered2 
      Yep, and problem is that – as in many other states – lefties are concentrated in the big cities and controlling all the laws of the state.
      Anyone been following the wolf problem in Washington?   Wolf-cultivation has been killng off livestock in East-Wash; they’ve offered to relocate the wolves to West-Wash voters’ back yards, but nothing doing.  Self righteous, deluded jerks.

      1. RighteousCrow_JustCaws reevers welltempered2 They just can’t let Mother Nature alone to do what she knows best.
        In one night a wolf pack can wipe out a small ranchers profit for the entire year.

      2. Just goes to show ya….overpopulation in the deer herds where wolf activity would be welcomed, yet the wolves go after the slow domesticated sheep and cattle.  Easier prey

      3. Stehekin912 
        “…yet the wolves go after the slow domesticated sheep and cattle.”
        That’s why I believe relocating the wolves to the western part of the state would help control the leftist population there.

    3. reevers welltempered2  Isn’t it funny, the closer you get to the shoreline the more elite the people think they are- when in reality they are the most vulnerable to have their feet swept out from under themselves. Not like the farmers and residents inland who are part of the land, steady and strong.

  13. The last vestiges of humanity that reside in this state are east of Seattle and the Cascades.

    1. badbadlibsSeattle is so Blue, yet there are three, count ’em three, conservative radio talk stations.

        1. badbadlibs welltempered2  It’s the Salem radio station. So, aside from Medved – whom I’m not big on anyway – Gallagher, Prager, Miller, Hewitt.

        2. welltempered2 badbadlibs Wow thanks! I didn’t know about that one and I love Dennis Prager!

        3. patriot077 welltempered2 badbadlibs I made a mistake on the third conservative radio station. It’s 1590am, sorry.

        4. welltempered2 patriot077 Ok, that explains a lot! on 1300 it’s pretty much an investment/money type station, I think it’s Bloomberg radio or something like that. I was going to come back and mention it to you, but I thought that was just the type of radio programs you like best! Thanks for the clear up! 🙂

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