Sarah Palin’s surprise appearance in West Virginia

H/T PalinTV. Sarah Palin made a surprise visit in Wheeling, West Virginia today after campaigning for John Raese. She’s very excited and delivers a short but great speech witha little interview at the end! And might I add that Sarah looked really great today!


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4 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s surprise appearance in West Virginia

  1. Hmmm Maybe looking for a new place to use her slogan “Drill baby Drill” If you love the mountain’s without gas rigs all over them , it would be best to keep these people far away from them .. get the picture??

  2. We need to get this election over with and start moving to the future. Can’t imagine the election fatigue will hold off much longer. Even though Stewart’s rally was pretty useless and pointless the Conservatives need to lock in whatever gains there are while they still exist. Some of them by a thread. And then get some of the Obama investigations started by throwing Daryl Issa ‘bringing the fear back to Obama’ kickoff party.

  3. That camera crew is impressive. They weren’t surprised by Sarah’s visit. Looked like they were well prepared. Very nice camera sweeps, angles and shots. Very good quality. I loved at the end when Sarah looked close up into the camera and said “yeah repeal it!”

    1. what bothers me is it looks like the camera crew is the only people there I wish they could had paned over the crowd…

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