Scalise tells Raddatz the truth: Joe Biden is clearly TRYING to create a debt crisis

Rep. Steve Scalise called it like it is on Sunday when he told Martha Raddatz that Biden is “clearly trying to run out the clock and create a debt crisis” rather than negotiate or even have a meeting with Speaker McCarthy and the Republicans.

It’s obviously true, Biden has done everything to avoid such a meeting, up to and including mocking the very idea as the press laugh along.

Why would Biden want a debt crisis? A million reasons, including because he wants to blame it on the GOP and knows the press will go along. And they already are, even the way Raddatz put the question shows they are continuing to put the blame on the GOP despite House Republicans passing a bill and Democrats not even introducing one.

Biden’s administration creates problems on purpose. It’s all part of the same philosophical view that Obama and Hillary and the rest of the so-called “progressives” have talked about for years: to “fundamentally transform” America in their own image. And under their own thumbs.


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