School CLOSED after backlash over student assignment to write MUSLIM STATEMENT OF FAITH

There’s been a huge backlash against a Virginia school that gave an assignment to students who were asked to write the Muslim statement of faith, called the Shahada which translates to “There is no god but Allah. Mohammed is the messenger of Allah”.

The backlash was so huge that the entire Augusta County schools closed, even though they said there were no specific threats to harm any students:

WHSV – All Augusta County Public Schools canceled classes and activities through the weekend because of backlash from a world geography assignment.

Augusta County Public Schools had been receiving numerous phone calls and e-mails about the assignment. Superintendent Dr. Eric Bond said in a news release, “The communications have increased in volume today.” He spoke with Sheriff Randy Fisher and together they “mutually decided schools and school offices will be closed,” according to the release. They went on to say there is “no specific threat of harm to students.”

Here’s the report:

Here’s the original report:

You know, it’s ridiculous for this school to hide behind the fact that this ‘calligraphy’ wasn’t translated so that the students had no idea what it said. If the teacher hadn’t told the students what it was to begin with I may concede the point.

But they told them on the assignment itself that it was the Muslim statement of faith called the Shahada and almost certainly some of these students looked it up on the internet. I know I would have.

With all the fuss and fight over the years about keeping Christianity out of the classroom, there is just no way I would ever accept any justification as to why this was brought into the classroom.

I learned calligraphy when I was a kid and didn’t need the Muslim statement of faith to do it. What do these school officials think we are, idiots?

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