SCOOP! Here’s a BIG reason WHY 4Chan may have wanted to take Avenatti DOWN!!

So rumors are running around the social media that Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for Porny Daniels, was hoaxed by 4CHAN into believing he had found a wooden stake to strike the Kavanaugh nomination through the heart.

Well here’s a YUGE reason why 4CHAN might have been motivated to take down the porny lawyer.

In July 30th of his now protected Twitter account, he posted a threat to 4CHAN!!!

Someone posted a screenshot of the tweet at the time:

But even more importantly, someone else posted the threat to Reddit in one of the pro-Trump threads called “the Great Awakening” – it has also been deleted since then.

The “Great Awakening” is a reference to a Reddit deep state conspiracy theory called Q-Anon, which had, at the time, targeted Avenatti, which is why he lashed out at 4CHAN.

From the Daily Beast, again on the same day as Avenatti’s tweet:

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti is the latest target for supporters of the pro-Trump conspiracy theory QAnon, with police investigating a man’s appearance near Avenatti’s office after the building was mentioned in QAnon posts.

QAnon believers claim that a series of cryptic clues posted to internet forums 4Chan and 8Chan are coming from a high-level Trump administration insider, describing a world where Trump has teamed up with the military to take on a global cabal of powerful elites, celebrities, and pedophiles.

“Q,” the online poster whose messages make up the basis of the QAnon theory, targeted Avenatti on Sunday by posting a link to Avenatti’s website and pictures of his Newport Beach, California, office building.

“Buckle up!” the post, made on 8Chan, read.

About 45 minutes later, Q posted a picture of a man standing in the street near Avenatti’s office. The man, who has his back to the camera, is holding what appears to be a cellphone in one hand and a long, thin object in the other.

So could this be the origin of the motivation for the crazy hoax that Avenatti reportedly bit on? We cannot confirm of course, you can make up your own mind…

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that Avenatti shut down his Twitter, but he denies he was hoaxed.

So why is his “witness” all of a sudden not sure about their allegations? Hmmmm.


Avenatti is now claiming that it’s a fake tweet.

But if that’s true, Mitchell didn’t make it up today, it was created months back. Either way, I wouldn’t put it past Reddit or 4Chan creeps to photoshop a fake tweet from the creepy porn lawyer.

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