Sean Hannity triggered into TrumperTantrum twitter meltdown… again!

Sean Hannity was triggered today by a column from Rich Lowry into barking like a chihuahua again on Twitter:

As we posted before, Hannity just hammered Obama for not hunting down Assange – now they’re best buddies because he’s helping shoehorn his favorite cheeto-faced authoritarian dream-bucket fantasy.

Yeah, and all of that happened, but what’s a couple of deaths when Putin’s pal needs to get into the White House?

Assange didn’t hack into anything, it was Russian hackers, but Hannity knows that. He’s just become a tool of the Kremlin, when before he was just a tool.

There can be NO dissent!! Can you imagine getting these totalitarians into power? He’s openly trying to shut down anyone who agrees with Emperor Trump.

No, idiot. You’re the one who pushed a complete dimwit con man. If he loses it’s all on you.

Here’s what triggered the precious Trumpy snowflake:

The enemy of my enemy (or more properly, my domestic political opponent) can still be a reprehensible creep, and that’s what Assange is.

But Sean Hannity of Fox News has a newfound soft spot for the accused rapist and scourge of America. A couple of years ago, Hannity tore into the Obama administration for not doing more to capture the WikiLeaks founder, and sympathized with the contention that Assange was the equivalent of a terrorist. Now, the host says he was “conflicted” about Assange back then, and he had qualms about his work only because “I believe in privacy.”

This makes it sound as though WikiLeaks published a Hulk Hogan sex tape. Instead, Assange dumped, among other things, what the Defense Department called “the largest leak of classified documents in its history.” Hannity was outraged a few years ago that the leaks potentially endangered U.S. allies in Afghanistan — the Taliban vowed to track down named U.S. informants — but now hails Assange for exposing “how corrupt, dishonest and phony our government is.”

Assange puts his agenda in more starkly anti-American terms. He has a poisonous, Chomskyite view of the United States as a dastardly “empire,” bending the world to its will and persecuting brave dissidents like none other than Julian Assange.

You see? Just quoting Assange as an anti-American scumbag makes you an enemy of Sean Hannity’s state. Who knew fascism was so popular on our side?

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