Sen. Cruz vows to force 60-vote threshold to raise debt ceiling in Senate…

Once again Ted Cruz stands with the people and will force other Republicans to decide whether they stand with the people or with the Democrats. With a 60 vote threshold, some of them will have to vote with Democrats if this debt limit increase is to pass:

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today released the following statement regarding his objection to any effort to raise the debt ceiling with a simple majority vote:

“If you ask anybody outside of Washington whether we should keep increasing the debt ceiling without fixing the underlying problem of out-of-control spending, the answer is ‘of course not.’ This answer cuts across party lines and ideology—outside the Beltway, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and Libertarians all agree that living within your means is basic common sense. And yet Washington is not listening to the American people.

“Under President Obama, our national debt has increased from $10 trillion to $17 trillion, and now the President is asking for yet another blank check to keep increasing our debt without doing anything to reform Washington’s spending problem. This is wrong, and it’s irresponsible. Our parents didn’t do this to us, and we shouldn’t do it to our kids and grandkids.

“Historically, the debt ceiling has proven the most effective leverage for reining in spending; 28 times, Congress has attached meaningful conditions to debt ceiling increases. We should do so again to address the real problem. I intend to object to any effort to raise the debt ceiling on a 50-vote threshold. I will insist instead on a 60-vote threshold, and if Republicans stand together we can demand meaningful spending restraint to help pull our nation back from the fiscal and economic cliff.

My picks for Republicans voting with Democrats will be: McCain, Graham, Ayote, Flake, and Collins. And Murkowski if they need her.

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42 thoughts on “Sen. Cruz vows to force 60-vote threshold to raise debt ceiling in Senate…

  1. Ted’s the man now and will be the man in 2016 when we will call him President Elect Cruz.

    I would expect Alexander (R-TN), Corker (R-TN), Hatch (R-UT), Kirk (R-IL), and Wicker (R-MS) as also likely to vote for the Clean CR and a few others.

    1. Well, we know Boehner didn’t, because it was TOO HARD. I called his office today and suggested he join the dem party.

  2. Go Cruz! As long as he can keep positioning himself as being outside of Washington, and then back it up with good policies, he should do great. I love this move though. We’re gonna found out who the real squishes are. When you have the TRUTH on your side and you can articulate it passionately, you’ll beat the DC machine most of the time.

    1. SOOOOOO proud to have him as my Senator and maybe if we try really hard, we can put someone just like him in Cornyn’s seat!

      1. As part of the Tea Party movement where so many were elected because of the endless work and effort of the tea party, many of those who were elected have been very disappointing in both the house and senate. But I’m very proud of Senater Cruz he has stood firm to his word to the Tea Party members and citizens who voted for his election.

  3. Spot on Scoop… the usual GOPe RINO traitors. I feel like Cruz is just about the only one who is awake and sane up there. Pray for him.

  4. Ted Cruz will once again be attacked by many in the republican party as a radical. These RINOs don’t want their constituents to see the truth of how they have stood with President Obama to gain more power, more money and more fear. These RINOs will hide behind the label Republican, vote with President Obama, and then hold press conferences to inform the American People they had no choice but to go along. Then the John McCains of politicians will tell we the people that it is the law of the land and we are the problem, not the President, or the politicians that support him. RINOs are just as guilty of being a lawless, higher than thou crowd who doesn’t care for anyone but themselves. Not only do we need term limits, we need to do away with ethic committees and start punishing these traitors with the fullest weight justice can bring. Time to fatten up the justice lady so when she brings the weight, it hurts the criminal real good.

  5. The 28 Republicans who voted ”yes” with Democrats to raise the debt limit again

    John Boehner (OH)

    Ken Calvert (CA)

    Dave Camp (MI)

    Eric Cantor (VA)

    Howard Coble (NC)

    Chris Collins (NY)

    Charles Dent (PA)

    Michael Fitzpatrick (PA)

    Michael Grimm (NY)

    Richard Hanna (NY)

    Doc Hastings (WA)

    Darrell Issa (CA)

    Peter King (NY)

    Kevin McCarthy (CA)

    Buck McKeon (CA)

    Patrick Meehan (PA)

    Gary Miller (CA)

    Devin Nunes (CA)

    David Reichert (WA)

    Hal Rogers (KY)

    Peter Roskam (IL)

    Ed Royce (CA)

    Jon Runyan (NJ)

    John Shimkus (IL)

    Chris Smith (NJ)

    David Valadao (CA)

    Frank Wolf (VA)

      1. I had called Mike Fitzpatrick’s office yesterday morning requesting he vote against this. Unfortunately, last evening I had to send him an email withdrawing my support for him in future elections.

    1. Almost all from the morally and financially bankrupt States of CA, NY and PA. The VA votes probably are from Northern VA districts. This Republic founded and blessed by God’s Grace can only be saved by God’s devine providence, but that can only come through a humble and God loving people and that left when the American people choose $ over virtue with Bill Clinton.

    2. It’s not as bad as it looks. We just need to concentrate on the Northeast, IL and CA. The three from PA are just west of Philadelphia which makes senses as PA is two states.

  6. Principled and brilliant strategy to separate the the real constitutional conservatives from the frauds. I agree with your names but there will be others in all probability.

    1. yeah, and that’s why the different groups that “rank” the politicians on how conservative they are by looking at how they vote need to change it to include how they vote on cloture.

      voting for cloture essentially is a “yes” vote

  7. Well played Cruz! Shining a light on those cockroaches trying to run for reelection. Either they’ll throw off the roachy-ness and return to the mammalian world, or- most likely- they’ll scurry for cover and get an old-fashioned butt whoopin in their primaries/reelections.

  8. Mr. Scoop says “My picks for Republicans voting with Democrats will be: McCain, Graham, Ayote, Flake, and Collins. And Murkowski if they need her.”

    But I thought THEY WERE DEMOCRATS ? – Who knew they weren’t –

    I learn something every day!

  9. To your list I’d add Hatch.

    I’ll give Graham this, he doesn’t care that he’s up for reelection (although maybe that’s just arrogance)

    Unlike McConnell/Cornyn, who would surely vote for this if they didn’t fear a primary.

  10. Rep. Huelskamp: Boehner Retreat on Debt Shows GOP Weak
    House Speaker John Boehner’s decision to push through a debt ceiling vote without any compromises from Democrats reveals an ineffectual Republican Party whose members “cower in the corner,” Rep. Tim Huelskamp says.

    “[Democratic House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi today is running the floor of the House,” the Kansas Republican lamented on “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

    “Why do we have a Republican majority when we’re bringing things to the floor that 180 Democrats are going to vote [on], 30 Republicans might vote on, and all of the other Republicans are a no?

    The speaker has said this gets the monkey off the back of Washington and his fellow Republicans, but, my gosh, it puts another $700 billion gorilla on the backs of our children and grandchildren and new debt. It’s totally unacceptable, but it is totally what people have come to expect, even of a Republican majority in Washington,” he said Tuesday.

    Huelskamp says Boehner’s refusal to fight is saying to Americans, “We’re OK with doing nothing about our spending problem.”

    “We’ve got to do something about this, and here we are, punting down the road,” he said.
    “They’re going to wait until March of 2015 before they’re going to cut a dime of spending, and somehow they wonder why people get upset about what’s happening in Washington, D.C. today.”

    Huelskamp says President Barack Obama’s further tweaking of the Affordable Care Act, to again delay the employer mandate, shows that even he is unsatisfied with his signature law.

    “Even President Obama doesn’t like Obamacare, he keeps changing [it],” Huelskamp said.

    “It’s a real threat to the issue of no one’s above the law, no one can rewrite the law unless they go through Congress.

    “But here we have a president that simply day after day takes his pick, doesn’t like this or that law.”

  11. Boehner selling us out again, nice to have cruz and a few others at least trying.

    In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a congress. – John Adams


        Send a “Dear John” message to Speaker Boehner and let him know that things just aren’t working out. Sign the national petition urging House Republicans to “Replace the Speaker” with a true conservative

        It’s not us… it’s you.

        Conservatives helped John Boehner become Speaker, but he has ignored us and helped President Obama enact his liberal agenda. Instead of using the House majority to stop bad legislation, Speaker Boehner has used it to increase spending, raise the debt limit, increase taxes, pass a bloated farm bill, and fund the implementation of Obamacare. Instead of fighting for conservative principles, Speaker Boehner has repeatedly surrendered to the Democrats.

        We’re never getting back together.

        There are 232 Republicans in the House today and it requires 218 votes to become Speaker. If 15 Republicans refuse to vote for John Boehner when the new Congress begins in January, he won’t have the votes to be re-elected and House Republicans will be forced to pick someone else for the job. We can debate who should replace him later, but first we need to create the vacancy. John Boehner isn’t going to leave unless we force him out.

        Whip List

        Call House Republicans and urge them to replace John Boehner as Speaker. They control who leads the House and they’re ultimately responsible for his actions.

        Total Republicans Who Support Replacing The Speaker = 10

  12. Good for Ted Cruz. Get those Senate RINOs to vote AGAINST Conservatives. I agree those RINOs will be: McCain, Graham, Ayote, Flake, Collins and Murkowski.

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