VILE: Sen. Mikulski calls the American people ‘tea baggers’ after cloture vote

Democrats can say anything they want to say and the media just ignores it, especially something as vile as using a sexually explicit term to refer to the American people they disagree with. And that’s exactly what Sen. Barbara Mikulski did today when on with Andrea Mitchell:


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238 thoughts on “VILE: Sen. Mikulski calls the American people ‘tea baggers’ after cloture vote

  1. We’ve been seeing the foulness, the gutter talk, of the democrats sinking lower eery passing week since about September ’08. This is not a shock, but I’m still surprised at how filthy democrats are WILLING to be in public, on the record. Even though it’s not a shock, it’s still amazing. There is no moral bottom for these creatures. All video input indicates that they are human, but their willing, even eager, extremely foul mouths make them seem like something spawned in hell.

    No dignity, no reason at all to respect themselves. They befoul everything they give their attention to.

  2. What an Ugly bombastic fat bellowing cow….Instead of name calling she should look in the mirror and see if she can clean that disgusting image up a little..

  3. Good Golly Almighty, That species actually speaks english. A mouth like that she could scare a hundred bulldogs off a meat wagon. People like her need to move to a country more suitable for them, like Iran, Saudi, Iraq, are maybe Mexico, where they have those laws she favors most, Maybe if she served some time there she would think differently, maybe she should wave her insurance and join obamacare.

  4. The picture of that communist beeotch says it all! You folks in Maryland had better get busy or get out of the way. We the People are coming…and SOON.

  5. The Cintons were the ones to set the tone and lower the bar for the American family. Now we have nothing but animals running amok.

  6. this old lady has probably never even heard the term tea bagger and wouldn’t know it was sexual in nature at all. That being said she did intend it as a derogatory term for a group of people that happened to disagree with her point of view.

    1. This “old lagy” is a career polititian. I am a Marylander. She’s been a lifer for longer than my adulthood, that’s about 35yrs. She knows exactly what she’s saying when she makes a derogatory remark to refer to her political opponents. She’s been honing that craft for more years than I can remember. Mikulski is all about unions and big government control. Sadly, her position is not in jeopardy here in the “Free State”.

  7. there havent been any new jobs in some time, this is all a smokescreen to give the sheeple something to listen too ,shes a wind bag just like everyone else there in tinsel town, its not the republicans who have stalled and held back wake up and smell the coffee those in office are quickly running out of time….

  8. I am sure that this one ugly woman has been more than “receptive” of this sexual act. Those big red cheeks are a dead give away.

  9. I’ve never seen more disgusting and vile people in my life like the dummycrat libtards. I’m so glad I learned to escape that plantation mentality and to think for myself on my own. I hope to FREE as many of their slaves as I possibly can like I was freed too…

    1. Same here. Clinton and my local Senator throwing me under the bus when the Union I worked for violated it’s own union contract when they laid me off cured me of being a Democrat.

    1. Looks can be included. Her big red cheeks are a dead give-a-way that she has more than likely been “receptive” to this sexual act.

  10. The only thing worse than a screaming fat lady is a screaming fat lady spewing garbage. obviously we pay these senators too much as this lady has too many vittles.

  11. Very interesting film clip. I really do not want the Government to Shutdown. The Retired people and the Disabled Vets need their pay check to include me. The Military needs to be paid if for no other reason then they are under enough stress defending our ever shrinking freedom. Plus they need to make payments on their Payday Loans or they will be charged extra interest. Automatic pay or not if it does not come the Bank Drafts will come and the will involve late charges on one side and ISF charges on the other. The poor Troop is caught in the middle screwed as usual. I do know however the B.O. Care must be Delayed and then Repealed if for no other reason then the Affordable Care Act is Not affordable. The last Great Venture into Socialized Medicine the HMO proved that with the $2 Co-Pay the lines did not go down for years. Only when the Co-Pay reached the decent amounts $15- $20 dollars did things get reasonable again. i do not really want to pay for Birth Control and i most certainly do not want to Pay for Abortions, however to prevent the latter I would do the former. When B.O. says Tax Credits and Help he means we the people that are working are going to pay for in some form or another the insurance of those that are not working. I do not want to do that either. Also the fine of $95 Dollars or 1% of income at Tax Time is unrealistic because you cannot get blood from a turnip.

    1. I am a disabled vet and a military retiree currently working as a federal civil servant. I would gladly risk all of that with a government shutdown if it would purge the nation of heinous and harmful legislation.

  12. If (and I’m beginning to believe it’s when, not if) there is ever a revolution in this nation, things will not go well for Mikulski and other tyrants of her sort.

  13. People like her should never be allowed to hold a position of authority of any kind. Such ignorance and bias is dangerous.

  14. Why call them “tea baggers”? Why not just go for broke and call them “c%$k suckers” for emphasis?

    1. The ladies red cheeks are a dead give-a-way that she is more than likely “receptive” of the sexual act.

  15. Susan-Lee Ahl you are right, but we stupid Republicans didn’t read the bill. Nancy Pelosi said you have to sign it before you can see what’s in it, and they fell for that, how stupid can they be, most of them are Lawyers would they let their clients sign a contract without reading it, I don’t think so.

  16. Obamacare was passed in the dead of night,by Dems only, after trickery and bribing and the illegal election of Al Franken. The Lib/Dem fool act as if it had popular and bi-partisan support. NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH. We have to cll them on this every time they say it is law. And does anyone doubt that Chief Justice Roberts was blackmailed or threatened before changing his vote? Yes! He DID change it as he originally voted against Obamacare. There had to be a leak about his impending NO vote, because he then changed his mind. And Al Franken was NOT the real winner of the Michigan Senate seat. Remember how that went down? So the so called law is only law due to trickery, blackmail, bribery, lies, etc. It IS NOT THE HOLY GRAIL OF LEGISLATION AS THE DEMS WOULD HAVE US BELIEVE. AND WE MUST KEEP FIGHTING TO DEFUND AND REPEAL IT!!

      1. Yes he is the MN Senator. Don’t know why I said Michigan other than emotions run high for me on this topic. Re Mikulski: She no more represents the people of Western MD than the dark side of the moon! No wonder why Western Md wants to secede! It is mostly conservative, hard-working middle class, hunters, advocates of the second amendment, etc. It must make the people of W MD sick to see this pig denigrate everything they believe in.

  17. Barfbagger Mikulski’s kinder,gentler tone,no doubt.She needs etiquette lessons from her brother Jabba.

  18. Yesss!
    Andrea Mitchell said “feral government” – listen, it’s at the start of this clip. (OK, it’s her bad pronounciation, but there you go …)

    It has indeed become a ‘feral government’ – so use that and when lefties moan, tell them it came straight out of the mouth of Andrea Mitchell.

  19. Liberals and Rhinos FEAR the Tea Party. They SHOULD!

    The Tea Party gave the House BACK to the Republicans in 2010.

    Rhinos would do well to keep that in mind…..
    The American People are coming to the polls…..and, not soon enough.

    1. I WOULDN’T LET HER WATCH MY BOSTON TERRIER…..what happened to that new civility the dems and oba-me spoke of after that az shooting?

  20. SEN. BARBARA MIKULSKI (D-MD): “The reason Ted Cruz showed up and asked for a delay is so that he could vote during today when his — the “teabaggers” in his tea party”

    SEN. BARBARA MIKULSKI should be immediately awarded the Democrat Party’s most prestigious honor for ugly and vulgar nastiness above and beyond the call of liberal socialist marxist duty- The Order of Lenin. And quick, someone tell the Obama Pravda Propaganda MSMedia Networks to spread the news.. lol

    Isn’t she such a classy professional political leader.. Not lol.. unbelievable.. lol

  21. And people wonder why the western side of Maryland want s to succeed and start a new state to get away from this ___________ (whatever word you think is appropriate).

  22. Which way do I turn my head if I want to see “radicals”? When it comes to turning one’s head, there are but two choices, to the right or to the left. Reagan or Obama? Cruz or Reid? Given the choices, I’d have to go with…stay tuned.

    You’ve heard that the pen is mightier than the sword. That just means that the pen has the power to inspire many swords. The power to inspire cannon and coin as well.

    The media, the democrats, public school teachers, tenured professors, government bureaucrats, and other left wing missionaries/prosyletizers, want you to believe that the desire to adhere to the U.S. Constitution, and have our country spend within it’s means, is wacko bird territory. Is it? Or is it the real wacko birds who are calling the sensible citizens names for effect? I vote B.

    I’d call it experiments in group-think technology. The attempt to sway the masses into self-inflicted death, at the hands of the prevailing power. The oft repeated culling of the herd, while enslaving the rest, save the oligarchy. It’s simply Marxism revisited.

    When will brain-gifted people, i.e., everyone, finally bury this genocidal ideology? We’ve a few genocidal ideologies competing for dominance and prominence currently. In addition to the obvious sprinting rather than creeping Marxism, we’ve abortion on demand, assisted suicide, the gang murder culture, serial killers, sexual killers, and politicians trying to take away our second amendment rights so we more easily killed by killers, type killers. It’s amazing some of us manage to stay alive.

    Do we even want to stay alive? I do. We do that by making our voices heard, and it isn’t easy. It’s simple but not easy. Winning hearts and minds while not possessing the most direct pathway to those hearts and minds, which is the media we are all bombarded with, is a toughy for sure. How many media outlets are there? How many are here? Are we not each individually a media outlet? Yeppers! Light and heavy steppers, and preppers. Heck we’ve even got a special room for lepers.

    Keep on speaking out.

  23. Nice to see nothing’s changed in how the Dem’s view the world.

    It’s all peace and love- until you don’t agree with them.

  24. 2014…..Vote everyone out of office, that voted against the American Public’s Wishes, and voted for obamacare !

  25. if your not a vile and ssick individual you do not fit in the democrat party. Even the little ol grandma’s are sick sexual perverts as that is all they can think about

  26. I think Conservatives should stick to their principles in that if we get stuck with this horrible law….every single government employee, judge, Presidents now and future and Congressmen should be forced into the exchanges without subsidies unless their income is at a level that is set for the rest of America. When will America stand up and stop letting government shove their mess on to us and then exempt themselves? We have got to stop this hypocritical government from ruining our lives. They are destroying the American Dream!

  27. In typical fashion, when you’re unable to support your argument with facts, you stoop to call people names. . Of course if you have a “D” behind your name, it’s a virtue. .

  28. Is she talking about The Unaffordable Crap Act ? It took the idiots 2700 pages to tell us that they are going to FORCE us to buy insurance. I just said it in one sentence – even shorter than the Canadian version ! Suppose it was about Lawyers rather than doctors. I wonder what would happen. They tell me to spend money that I don’t have. I wonder if there are “unintended consequences” of such an unprecedented “law”. How many articles have been written saying that the US govt has not done such a thing in the past. Oh, but wait, if Roberts says you can call it a TAX then they can extend this reasoning to ANYTHING. This is just Nancy Pelosi trying to impose a middle class value, having insurance, on everybody, including those who can’t afford it, with some silly promise of subsidy. Of course, it will not mean anything when you get a bill under the deductable, which will be higher. So much for any ‘health care’. I wonder who benefits from this unamerican crap act ? Possibly Insurance companies ? Have you ever seen anything so corrupt – and UNCONSTITUTIONAL. It benefits Lawyers and Lobbyists. It pretends to give everybody a subsidy. One could go on, and on, and on ……..

  29. Obama does seem to surround himself with dykes like this, does he not? Her ancestor must have been a Polish recruit for Nazi death camp guard.

  30. So, who does this scummy rhetoric, from all these demmy scumlords, from junior demmies to the most senior, motivate and/or impress? Answer? Scum rabble. Yep, they’ve got that vote sown up. They can have that vote.

    We prefer the votes and support from decent Americans, and those decent Americans recognize scum and rabble when they see and hear them. There’s a visceral response which steels the resolve against indecency.

  31. So much lack of education in that damned Whitehouse. Does she even know what the word teabaggers means? And Paula Dean gets crucified and destroyed by the media for a word said in private 20 years ago. The media is a disgrace

    1. Oh she got her Liberal pills all right. She just didn’t read the bottle where it says, “Side effects may include ignorance and verbal diarrhea. If you find yourself sounding stupid, contact Barack Obama immediately”.
      😉 😉

  32. So democrats, independents that are in the tea party in her state, how does this make you feel? This is how your Senator really feels about you.

    1. Many of us had to move to get away from her. She has been the face of Maryland politics for a very long time.

  33. Everyday the left and the establishment makes the conservative base stronger. What also was just as appalling besides this overweight loser’s comment were some Senators laughing in the background in chamber during both the cloture and the amendment vote . How condescending by a bunch of power drunk imperialists.

  34. I wonder if she even knows that she’s using a sexually explicit term or if she’s just repeating what she heard. I find it repulsive to see a Senator use the term. It’s unprofessional and vulgar.

    1. Maybe she just repeated it. I didn’t find out what is was for some time and then even later that it was a queer thing. I’m not excusing her however, she’s still a POS leftoid.

      1. Isn’t that the ironic thing of it all? The term is an insult to gay people, yet Democrats use it all the time at the same time they push gay rights.

        1. Rap music, ‘N’ word, irony?
          All just liberal, situational, hypocrisy.

          ‘It’s OK for me but not for thee’. 😉 😉

        2. The term is a way that liberals will use to make fun of a teaparty member. It is a term that describes male genitals that hang down.

          1. ….that hang down in someone’s face and even in the mouth. It’s used as an insult, but it’s something gay men do all the time. Liberals claim there’s nothing wrong with gays doing that, yet they use it as an insult to attack those of us they don’t like. They contradict their supposed views on the behavior.

            1. exactly. The BESTEST friends of gays in the world, but they betray themselves when they use an insult for gay people. It’s like saying “blacks are my best friends” then turning around and calling someone they don’t like a n*gg*r

              1. EXACTLY!! Thank you for describing it better than I. Very, very good. I watched a video of a guy attacking a reporter from the website MRC (I believe), and bashing Republicans for being anti-gay. He finished by saying “I’m not a faggot fuc*er or anything” making sure he was not thought of as being a disgusting gay man. ROFLMAO! He trashed the very people he was defending as being normal.

                It’s all political and if their leaders say it they obey it. If Obama was anti-gay they would be as well.

      2. And that is why she shouldn’t be collecting tax dollars in salary and benefits as a us spokes person. Pathetic. Maryland is an idiot state.

    2. Look what the media did to Paula Dean for saying a word they didn’t like twenty years ago and in private, not on national tv as this fat liberal did

      1. I know, and it’s appalling. They destroyed Paula’s life in order to create a weapon to use for political gain, yet they ignore anything that’s said by a liberal.

  35. I was really surprised here in my home town to see our local Tea Party out campaigning for gay marriage, whats up with that?

      1. This is in Oregon by the way, does anyone know if the Tea Party in that area is trying to cast a broader net with their support of the local gay marriage vote?

      2. Would a lefty troll post the following on the RS?

        “Save Your Confederate Dollars! • 7 hours ago

        Ted Cruz is fantastic! Kudos to him for coming out of the closet. That took the kind of courage you’re only going to see from the Tea Party!”

        Yes indeed; Cruz “coming out of the closet is so trollish.

    1. This is the growing number of gay conservatives that want to be conservative and gay. Some of them are just as smart as the rest of us conservatives.

    2. The Tea Party, to my knowledge, was based on individuals from many walks of life and of various political parties who don’t want a heavy tax burden, not on what are deemed ‘the social issues’.
      Various kinds of sexual sin people commit are separate issues…issues of rebellion of human hearts against God, the Author and Definer of marriage.

  36. Are ANY Democrats speaking and standing up against Obamacare for their constituents? We know at least 60% of Americans do not want Obamacare. They are not honoring their oaths to represent the people…their oaths are to Obama. It is sickening!

  37. There should be a rating system for this type of video. It should be rated XXX. Children under the age of 18 shouldn’t be subjected to hear or see this.

  38. Liberal progressive Democrats are a pathetic sleazy clan. Barbara is living proof that liberalism is a mental disorder. Long live the TEA Party!

  39. The double standard in American politics is astounding. It is a sure sign that there is a one-party rule running away like a runaway steam engine.

  40. If Barbara Mikulski ever hopes to get tea-bagged, she’ll need a second bag…………………….for her head.

  41. is’nt she supposed to be ‘smart’, some one should tell her what ‘tea bagging’ is, her expressing would be priceless.

  42. Barbara Mikulski looks like she hasn’t gotten tea-bagged in years.
    All you have to do is look at her and know why.

  43. We’d spare ourselves a lot of angst if we accept the fact that congress critters are scum and will act like scum.

  44. Just who came up with this tea-bagging meme? Is it something lefties picked up from tumblr? Oh right, tumblr is the bastion of lefties…

      1. I know that this term is sexually implicit, but it didn’t become a meme out of nowhere. That’s why I’m suspecting tumblr because tumblr is the Ground Zero of memes.

    1. It’s an obsession they have. Whenever you get into a “discussion” with any of them, first you get talking points, next you get a litany of homoerotic-based language regarding their deranged view of you, then you get screaming and yelling to shut up because you’re racist.

      She just forgot that in Congress, you’re not supposed to move on to the second or third of those when anyone’s recording you.

      1. So in short: Nothing but ad-hominem attacks and numerous fallacies. Thank you for clarifying Bob… currently I’m reading Saul Alinsky’s “rules for radicals” just so I know what I’m up against. “Know thy enemy”, as they say.

  45. This old bat doesn’t even know what the term “tea bagged” refers to. She heard it and thinks its a daddy little jab at her parties opponents. Someone should whisper it in her ear.

  46. Obama is losing minorities, for they are beginning to turn away and that really scars the media. His past 5 years are catching up to him!
    Speaking of compromise where is “no compromise Obama?”

  47. An example of Barbara’s brilliance:

    Barbara Mikulski Halts Important Cybersecurity Hearing To Respond to Twitter Critic

  48. The sad commentary is there are people that actually voted for her (again and again) in large enough numbers to give her voice within our national politics. Each person that voted for her are actually worse than she is (either that or they are incredibly stupid). The longest serving female Senator in U.S. history does not say much for the voter population of Maryland. If I had to wager a few bucks on the intelligence level being higher between her and a common houseplant… my money would be on the houseplant.

  49. People who want fiscal responsibility and a return to the Constitution are seen by the morally bankrupt Democrats as Jews were by Hitler in 1930’s Germany .
    Soon we’ll be required to wear red ribbons on our shirts, or the twenty first century equivalent, canine chips so they’ll know where we are when its time.

  50. Daddy used to say, “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly’s to the bone.” This is one UGLY woman. So let me get this straight” In her world, if a president signs a bill into law, that’s it? The opposition does not have the right to stop the law from being enacted after it has blatantly and illegally been altered by said president? Just what country is she a Senator in?

  51. I’m not wading into the cesspool of that vile woman’s mouth. Just reading RS’s take on it was enough to make me wish someone would slap her mother.

      1. The left have taken a page out of the book of their lawless leader and say whatever they want and what’s really in their blackened hearts. It’s disgusting, democrats should come with a XXX rating.

      1. Which too are ad-hominem attacks. They have to spin the truth to even stand a chance… Thank God more people are waking up.

  52. Vote the witch out of office. This ignorance and insolence cannot be allowed to exist in America and especially our government.

  53. mukulski represents all that’s wrong in Washington! She forgot that the American tax payers and paying her salary and her pension, etc. Time for the American people to defund the politicians that no longer represent them.

  54. The ONLY law that ought to be even discussed is a 28th Amendment …
    “Congress shall make no law that applies to any citizen of the
    United States that does not apply equally to all US Senators and
    Representatives. Congress shall make no law that applies to any US
    Senator or Representative that does not apply equally to all citizens of
    the United States. All existing laws and regulations that do not meet
    these criteria shall be declared null and void!”

  55. The ONLY law that ought to be toed with at this point is the 28th Amendment to the Constitution …
    “Congress shall make no law that applies to any citizen of the
    United States that does not apply equally to all US Senators and
    Representatives. Congress shall make no law that applies to any US
    Senator or Representative that does not apply equally to all citizens of
    the United States. All existing laws and regulations that do not meet
    these criteria shall be declared null and void!”

  56. What a week to be an American! I don’t like Obamacare, don’t want our government to shutdown and been called an arsonist, extortionist, blackmailer and a suicide bomber because I have a different opinion. I thought we can have an individual thought. I guess not! Pathetic!

    Isn’t a one year delay to implement that law too much to ask for because of all the glitches?

    Government is the loser of the week.

  57. shrew |SHro͞o|noun1 a small mouselike insectivorous mammal with a long pointed snout and tiny eyes.[Family Soricidae: many genera, in particular Sorexand Crocidura, and numerous species.]2 a bad-tempered or aggressively assertive woman.

  58. Does anyone remember that little lady from the Poltergeist movies? Doesn’t Senator Mikulski remind anyone of her?

  59. She has been in Congress for 36 years. She served in the U.S. House from 1977-1987 and in the U.S. Senate from 1987-present. She became Chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations in December of 2012 after the late Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye (D) died. She is 77 years old.

  60. what a photo…looking at the open mouth on that vicious ugly mug I thought it might be a good place to put pennies

  61. Call a Democrat a name (i.e. moonbat,) and they’d probably say you’re a right-wing racist, especially on MSNBC.

  62. the problem is the senate is not a great debating body it is a great body of division…sprare us the BS Babs, like McCain it is time for you to retire

  63. They really have a mental illness problem – I sincerely mean that!
    How else can you explain such erratic and vitriolic behavior?
    (Is she even familiar with that term?)

  64. How about emailing or calling Jake Tapper or his show and demanding that he apologize for her use of such disgusting language on his show? At the very least it will bring attention to the inappropriate nature of her word choice and perhaps Tapper at least will have the dignity to disavow her use of this revolting term. Action is key now people, let’s stop letting the media away with allowing their guests to use these vile terms to describe those who they are supposed to serve. I am looking for his email right now and if anyone follows him on twitter how about you tweet him. Lets take action even if it is tiny steps.

  65. LOL! M Levin was just talking about this! He says things that a lot of people wish they could get away with! He had me cracking up!

  66. You libtards and RHINO’s are going to find out just how small the tea party is when elections come around !!

  67. My public persona prohibits posting profane proclamations. Otherwise, I might make a really nasty remark about her looks.

    1. Just write it down and pass it around, I’m sure someone will say it out loud for you. In fact most of us are probably thinking the same thing!

    1. I think you are right. The Republicans allow this kind of craptastic behavior, but we don’t have to. Every time one of these ignorant and obnoxious cretins say these things, their mailboxes should be filled with ‘shame on you’ notes. Harry Reid has been quite obnoxious this past week. He must be boxed into a corner or something because he is looking and sounding as if he is losing. Ted Cruz’s speech has him spooked. Does he see the tsunami that is headed his way? I think he does and he is feeling somewhat powerless. He certainly isn’t a class act, but it’s been particularly virulent this past week. It looks as if the fear is spreading to the drones. They won this battle, but the American people are beginning to notice.

      1. She doesn’t care, the crazy whore has become more radical since she moved to the Senate 24 or so years ago. SHe so nutty that she would kill the babies herself if she could get into the operating room. Yes, she’s that nutting futs.

  68. Ah, good old Sen. Barbara Mikulski (Moron-MD), always good for a laugh. But other than laughs, why do Marylanders keep electing this boob?

    1. I know!! Why does Arizona put up with senile McCain too? Here in Illinois, we need to get rid of Durbin AND Quinn.

      1. Amen….and Alexander and Corker here in Tennessee. I think I’m past the “ballot box” stage of governance, it’s too unreliable and time consuming….I think I’m ready for the “bullet box” stage.

        1. In Pa. the Toomey and Casey are safe until the late teens. The media turned on Toomey once he stepped out of barrys line. He lost many votes for getting in it.

    2. Sadly this little piece of crap is one of my senators. She gets re-elected each term by the voters in three of our 25 political subdivisions who depend on the government (either through welfare programs or are employed by the federal or state or by a contractor) for their existence.
      She is a lying, venomous foul-tempered member of that same group which includes two supreme court judges and janet napolitano.

    3. I can tell you why. MD is controlled politically by the populations of Prince George, Montgomery counties and Baltimore City, all have one thing in common, high density black populations and you know what that means….zombie thoughtless low information voters. The remainder of MD’ers would rather them break off to form their own little utopian state of idiots ruled by idiots using idiotic policies that stifle all businesses that don’t profiteer from SNAP programs.

      1. I recently read that some western areas of Maryland (like some northern areas of Colorado) want to break off to form another state. I’m ALWAYS for secession, rebellion, and general contrariness, and I hope those folks get their way. I’d love for the eastern part of Tennessee (my home) to break away from west Tennessee, and I’m not even all that sure of middle-Tennessee, way too many Dims come from that area to suit my taste.

        If you look at the TN flag you’ll see three stars on a blue background; those stars represent the three Grand Divisions of our state, east, middle and west. We are three separate areas, geographically AND culturally AND politically and it’s enshrined on our flag and in our state constitution. Even our state supreme court must be equally represented by judges from the three Grand Divisions.

        So Tennessee is sort of like a “cut-on-the-dotted-line” state, predisposed to secede from each other if one division gets too uppity or overbearing. So far there has been no talk of secession, but if it did arise, I could certainly go for it. We’ve got our own deadbeats and low-information voters here in East Tennessee, and I don’t really feel all that beholding to the deadbeats and low-information voters of the other two divisions. Just my 2-cent’s worth.

        1. It’s not just the western counties, it’s the entire state other than those I listed who would jump at the chance to see those mentioned packing to get their own state. Wouldn’t hurt if they took the population of DC as well and included them.

          Wouldn’t have this problem if the Capitol was expressly forbidden to have permanent residents and instead had only hotels from which to call home temporarily. Scratch that.

          Just make sure the residents of the capitol know they have no representation whatsoever in Congress and to stop clamoring about it already. It’s their choice to live there, it wasn’t foisted upon them.

          I don’t want them to get a choice in local politicking either. Whomever wins the WH get’s to appoint a mayor to take care of things ’cause I’m sick of THEM making all the horrible mistakes that make DC a blight upon the shining city on the hill. Ow, well, in do time, they’re all get what’s deserved.

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