Sen. Ted Cruz gives final speech before cloture vote on House CR that defunds Obamacare #MakeDCListen

If you missed Sen. Ted Cruz’s final speech before the big vote today, you can watch it below:

Remember, a vote for cloture is a vote for Obamacare.

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27 thoughts on “Sen. Ted Cruz gives final speech before cloture vote on House CR that defunds Obamacare #MakeDCListen

  1. Ted Cruz is fantastic! Kudos to him for coming out of the closet. That took the kind of courage you’re only going to see from the Tea Party!

  2. Ted Cruz is wonderful. About continuing to fight, does anyone on this site know which states have nullified obamascare? I heard that Alabama made it a federal offense for anyone ( like the IRS) to force citizens of that state to buy health care, etc.

    1. (thx for that link Patriot! **__**)

      it is becoming clear what the bottom line of the HOR Conservatives should be:

      a full 1 year delay in the implementation of the Obamacare Trainwreck (equivalent to a ‘defunding’… for now) in exchange for the raising of the Debt Ceiling ….

      …. which has already been breached secretly, but kept hidden read:

      Mark America explains National Debt ‘hidden’ danger; Cruz or Lose: What’s Really at Stake if Our Leaders won’t fight

      HOR Reps on speed dial Patriots! We must herd at least 217 GOP Reps and keep them in the **DEFUND/DELAY for one full year** corral … they must DEFY Boehner and HOLD THE LINE

  3. this DEFUND fight is dual in purpose – in fact LTC Allen West compares it to that ancient battle of Thermopylae

    Allen West explains how fighting to defund Obamacare is like the battle of Thermopylae

    we want to re-create the political landscape that preceded the 2010 Conservative Landslide

    In that case it was the DEMs alone, ramming through the BULLSCHMIDT Obamacare in the first place, using political chicanery, AGAINST The WILL of The People

    (March 2010 —> Nov 2010)

    now in this case we will have the Ruling Class, on both sides, who are not willing to put the welfare of The People first … those who will not fight to DEFUND the BULLSCHMIDT, being exposed beautifully for all to see as the 2014 Midterms approach

    (Oct 2013 –> Nov 2014 a few months more to build for 2010 on STEROIDS this time)

    so sad, too bad for the Ruling Class Tools and their Masters

    … the **FIGHT** on it’s own, irrespective of outcome, will produce the desired outcome:

    a separation of Senators into 2 clear groups:

    1. The Senators willing to put the welfare of *WE The People* first, their constituents who for FOUR YEARS have consistently REJECTED this Obamacare BULLSCHMIDT … Senators willing to put The People first, BEFORE the ‘party’, before the interests of their CRONIES in the Healthcare Lobbyists posse


    2. The Senators who won’t. The Senators who choose to put their ties to CRONIES and LOBBYISTS ahead of *WE The People*, or, their re-election fears before the WELFARE of their Constituents and their families ….

    The good thing is this:

    EVERY VOTE THEY EACH MAKE will immediately be transmitted via the new and social media like WILD FIRE


    #BeClingers —————-> #AmericaRISING


    Mark America explains National Debt ‘hidden’ danger; Cruz or Lose: What’s Really at Stake if Our Leaders won’t fight

  4. Just wish all Republicans/Conservatives were like Cruz. I hope my home state of TX tells John Conryn to take a hike. I sent and e-mail to Cornyn, asking him to explain to me how he’s against Obamacare, and never got a reply.

  5. I think Ted knew that they would vote for cloture, and I sense that his mission here was a far greater one: To expose the traitors in the GOP and of course the defiance of the Democrats to We The People.

    Well played, Ted. Now onto the house – Boehner’s spine will be put to a stress test. Keep the pressure on so that Boehner knows that there’s no reason to be afraid of Ovomit.

  6. I ask my fellow Texans help me find some boxes for Senator Cornyn because I know he has some packing to do. He might want to start looking for a job come 2014!!

  7. Graham actually tweeted that he just voted to defund Obamacare. What a lying sack…

    He’s getting hammered there now with responses. If you’d like to hammer him too. twitter on over there.

    1. Drag-ham is a liberal, its why he us using liberal tactics, he is forgetting that we are not the liberal drones the devilcrats count on. You are right he is getting hammered, and deservedly so.

  8. “Fresh off his 21-hour filibuster against Obamacare funding, a new poll shows that Sen. Ted Cruz has leapfrogged past his potential rivals for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination and that GOP primary voters trust him more than their party leaders on Capitol Hill.

    The Public Policy Polling survey found that 20 percent of those surveyed supported Mr. Cruz, Texas Republican, while 17 percent supposed Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, 14 percent supported New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and 11 percent supported former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.” (Washington Times)

    1. Excellent news! Look for that margin to increase for Ted Cruz in coming months. 14% for Christie? Unbelievable!!! 11% for Jeb Bush? Sickening!!! Folks, we still have a lot to do… long past time to roll up our sleeves and get busy! If we can’t reinvigorate the soul of the GOP and exercise the demons out… then we need a 3rd party… plain and simple.

  9. He’s done more for freedom in the last five days then almost all of the GOPe has done in the last 5 months (maybe years).

  10. Ted is a man of great character and of great morals and values. I haven’t heard him say one thing I disagree with since he has been in the Conservative Tea Party spotlight. I stand with Cruz 100% and so should all common sense thinking American’s that love their freedom and this nation the way it was founded. ObamaCare is Anti-American plain and simple! The best way to run anything is through the free market capitalist system. Competition in the private sector is the best way to provide any quality good or service affordably. The Government shouldn’t be picking winners and losers as it is doing today. All the ‘Green’ programs are scams to bilk taxpayers money and give it to the special interest groups, many of which have taken the money and ran by filing bankruptcy. Less Government is the only way to fix the mess we are in today! Ted Cruz is the Rock Star leader we need to lead the charge to reduce the size and scope of Fedzilla!

  11. he shouldn’t just be saying “senate democrats aren’t listening to you”
    because neither are the progressive socialist “senate republicans” who will be voting for socialism, increased govt funded abortions and obamacare, by voting for cloture today, remember that.
    remember too, that if you donate to the rnc/gop you will be donating to those very same progressive, socialist, pro govt funded abortion, pro obamacare republicans.

    don’t forget either, that what they are voting for, they and their staffs will not be subjected to, but they are happy to subject you to it.

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