Sept. 11 Benghazi attackers found among terrorists attacking Algerian gas complex

Obama said he was going to do everything in his power to capture the terrorists from the Bengahzi attack that killed four Americans. And yet we’ve heard nothing since then on their efforts to capture any of these terrorists. And now these same terrorists are turning up, both alive and dead, in the Algerian terrorist attack that claimed the lives of at least three more Americans:

NY TIMES – Several Egyptian members of the squad of militants that lay bloody siege to an Algerian gas complex last week also took part in the deadly attack on the United States Mission in Libya in September, a senior Algerian official said Tuesday.

The Egyptians involved in both attacks were killed by Algerian forces during the four-day ordeal that ended in the deaths of at least 38 hostages and 29 kidnappers, the official said. But three of the militants were captured alive, and one of them described the Egyptians’ role in both assaults under interrogation by the Algerian security services, the official said.

If confirmed, the link between two of the most brazen assaults in recent memory would reinforce the transborder character of the jihadist groups now striking across the Sahara. American officials have long warned that the region’s volatile mix of porous borders, turbulent states, weapons and ranks of fighters with similar ideologies creates a dangerous landscape in which extremists are trying to collaborate across vast distances.


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45 thoughts on “Sept. 11 Benghazi attackers found among terrorists attacking Algerian gas complex

  1. Obama was just lying. Can’t people accept that? Obama practices Psychological Warfare on a daily basis. His actions that undermine and destroy America are hidden by him and the bought and paid for media. Then, when he gets in front of cameras, he lies. Boldly, Proudly, Flagrantly. Truth means nothing. The ends justify the means. That’s why they picked Obama. He is a superb liar and makes people feel good when they listen to him. People just have to accept this. This is no longer America. There is no rule of law. Good luck to everyone.

  2. ATTENTION NY TIMES !!! Are you not aware that one of the muslim brotherhood`s goals is to re establish the Maghrib (know today as Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya aka The Barbary States)? Does that ring any bells for you American History buffs???

  3. There is a battle going on in this country, it is more than physical, it is spiritual, forces of light and darkness, the dark side is winning at this point, it is sad for me to have to say this, but, it is true. God is judging our nation, it will get worse as our support for Israel wanes further.

  4. 237 years ago a man rode down the streets and allies in a small Colonial town and yelled that “THE BRITISH ARE COMING, THE BRITISH ARE COMING” he did this because a small group of less than 300 people got dead tired of being forced to pay just under 41% taxes to a tyrant king George III. It was also because this same tyrant wanted utter subject in the new land and knew he must have they’re only means of protection. THEY’RE ARMS AND AMMO. On April 19th 1775 at Concord bridge, a shot rang out and the revolutionary war began. Tens of thousands sadly lost they’re lives. From this loss came a new and exciting country where you could live as you wished without fear of oppressive imperialism. Wow what a glorious concept to this new life.
    Fast forward to Jan. 2013; we are now taxed just over 56% of every dollar and some people that number climbs to near 70%. The Imperialist Nazi Reich is at your door right now TELLING you to hand over your only means of personal protect from a dog gone rabid. WHAT DO YOU DO…………………………….. TO LATE YOUR DEAD NEXT!!!

  5. We should send Egypt 16 F-16s and 200 Abrams battle tanks…

    Well, imagine that. They’re linked and all in cahoots. Good job Hillary and Obama… way to bring swift and decisive justice to the animals that have earned it. Make sure you give an update on how hard you’re working to capture these terrorists to the families of those who were slain in Benghazi. Nice job Obama… sacrificing more American blood in the desert in order to appease your Muslim Brotherhood buddies.

    May God have mercy on your souls… but I bet he won’t, because unrepentent evil has to pay a price. And you criminals are running up quite a bill.

  6. I think someone should bring in an

    ——————————- INFLATABLE DOLL for questioning –

    The result would be exactly the same !

  7. NY TIMES – ‘Several Egyptian members of the squad of militants that lay bloody siege to an Algerian gas complex last week also took part in the deadly attack on the United States Mission in Libya in September, a senior Algerian official said Tuesday.”

    And how do we know that if who they are is still ‘under investigation’, like the Obama machine keeps saying?

      1. Of course they aren’t going to round them up. We know who they are, we know where they are, and they know all about the gun smuggling that’s going on to Syria via Turkey. They will never be ‘brought to justice’ but they will be eventually be ‘taken out’ just (like Stevens was) to keep them quiet.

      2. It`s hard to round up people you`re sending weapons to…they might try to defend themselves….

    1. They don;t have regular employment, obviously, because they spend all their time playing ‘guns’

        1. Now lie down, grease up your back side and take what’s coming. You have just joined the , I GIVE UP PARTY. How do it feel. Like them splinters. No not being crude or rude. Simply truthful!!That attitude has and always will disgust me and those that fought in combat.

          1. If I were one of the soldiers fighting Al Qaeda, the Taliban, etc., I would be discusted that our government is supplying them with munitions to take out governments in the middle east, which just creates more terrorist that I would have to fight, and arms the terrorists that we are supposedly fighting. I would think that our military boys would much rather that the CIA “help” them, than smuggle guns and drugs for them.

            The whole thing is just insane. (or evil)

            1. You just used the exact phrasing and description my 25 year old Nephew used when I asked him why he was exiting the army that he loves and was going to make a career of. I to used something quite similar in March of 1981 when exiting. My circumstance was a bit different, but the primes the same. I also did not like being asked to extinguish the body of a U.S official at the request of yet another U.S Official, That incident taught me that the powers that be are there to do nothing but for themselves at whatever cost. Regardless of whom got hurt or died! Yes I was offered damn good money. However that is not something I am willing to do then or now. As far as the CIA, they are a super large portion of the problem, more so now than in the 70’s and 80’s. They were also to be dissolved in 1962. However the missile crisis put quick end to that.. Then surprise, surprise surprise. Nov. 22nd 1963 BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG AND BANG! One dead president Kennedy. Now aint that a ironic!

  8. The only question I have is how many Americans have been killed by jihadists using American weapons??????????????????????????

    1. I have a question to add, what are the Algerian’s interrogation techniques????? Me thinks I like them.

  9. Now here you go. This is the things that make this aging fella laugh so hard. A measly journalist or two can locate eleven attackers, 19 would be flying bomber and countless other PERPITRAITORS of the most hanus acts there are. However the most powerful Government claim the opposite. In fact they go out of their way to hide truths about said attackers. So moral is, SMOKE SOME GANJA MA’AN, COM PRAISE KILL SOME AMERICAN’S MA’AN PRAISE ALLAH AND SHALOM! In a laughing matter this is super disgusting and need remedy soon. The numbers of approval have not been this low in over three decades and it’s getting worse. They are splitting this country by design from class warfare to ethnic warfare and it is for a purpose. Fine tout me a conspiracy theorist. But the writing (” GRAFFITI”) is all over the wall and we’re running out of paint to cover it. 585 people can not find a handful with the most technologically advance machinery known to man kind? PLEASE!!!!

  10. Oh my! but it’s not the President’s fault, it’s not Hillary’s fault, it’s not…..
    The corruptocrats are at their best when they are allowing the trashing of the Constitution, the American people and liberty.

      1. Unfortunately, that’s true.

        It may be more accurate to say the “media”… but the moochers and lemmings don’t care, as long as they get their free stuff.

  11. Yawn! Obama has never and will never do anything to screw up his and his muslim pals plans to bring down capitalism and freedom worldwide.
    The most corrupt, most communist, most muslim administration in the history of the US.
    God bless and please help We the People as we go about the business of restoring the Republic and the US Constitution.

  12. I shouldn’t be stunned…but I am. Not at this report but at the fact that the American people are way ahead of the curve in recognizing that all of the ME events are directly connected!!!!!!

    And it all connects to the Arab Spring.

    1. The administration knows the connection and are complicit in it. No one can honestly claim that much stupidity – not even a Harvard graduate:)

      1. I agree they are complicit in it. alright. When Hillary clocks 1 million miles in her white and blue luxury plane, she didn’t go anywhere for sightseeing.

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