Sergeant Schultz gets called out for hypocrisy

Schultz’s reaction after he hung up on a caller pointing out his own hypocrisy made me LOL!

Sergeant Shultz ran away from that caller just like the Democrats in Wisconsin. Excellent!

(via Radio Equalizer)

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43 thoughts on “Sergeant Schultz gets called out for hypocrisy

  1. you dont have to do it nump skull fat head…go jump off a canyon….you look ugly and sound ugly , may be too much dairhia shoot out of yo face. Still I offer to help you clean you up arse sulz

  2. Obama and the Democratic party tells General Electric to use M.S.N.B.C. to start their 2012 campaign attacks against the Republican Party and uses Ed[dumb bell]Schultz to lead their charge.Media Matters,Nation,Daily Kos,Huffington post,and many others will join in.THIS IS HOW THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY DOES ITS BUSINESS.

  3. The first and last clip of “Special ed” i will ever listen to.

    everythingthing i need to know about him can be found at the bottom of a toilet bowl

  4. That’s the way to have a good debate Ed…Just don’t tolerate opposing views! Way to represent liberals! In liberal America, there is no room for individuality, and this COMPLETELY illustrates that point. At least RUSH listens and argues with people that disagree with him.

  5. The sad fact is that the person who reported this story was FORCED to listen, otherwise it may not have been uncovered at all. The 15 other people who listen are undoubtedly Schultz’s family members.

  6. He obviously won’t take the call because he has no basis for ANY of his arguments unless name calling is a basis.

  7. awe that aint so bad – yea he’s an idiot but even though i’m a huge lavin fan i notice lavin will (and with good reason) cut off a lib ‘drone’ like that … it seems like schultz is just taking the lavin playbook and trying to make his own version of it? i think that’s why chris matthews is acting crazy cause in his (wrong) opinion glenn beck is a loon for the right and he’s trying to make a lib counter for that? yea but his ratings tell the story – he’s desperate now all the libs are let’s keep it that way.

  8. Special Ed doesn’t just doesn’t dodge questions oh his radio show. Try posting any conservative view on his website and see how long it is before it is taken down.
    The man is a mental midget, famous in his own mind.

    1. Reminds me of Huffington post and DailyKos. I was banned from both websites for posting respectful opposing views.

  9. Y’know, there was somebody on this site that said they didn’t like Mark Levin, because of how he handled his callers. I hope that moonbiscuit heard this, clown.

    In any event, there are stark differences between Mark Levin and Schultz:

    1: Unless you’re outright insulting and leading the talk with personal attacks, profanity, etc., Mark Levin will listen to you, and treat you as you treat him. In the event of particularly annoying liberals, fake Conservatives and various other miscreants, he’ll, minimally, give them the 20 second liberal clock to state their opinions and gripes, uninterrupted.

    2: Schultz will attack callers he dislikes without real provocation, and is absolutely unwilling to listen, seriously, to any dissenting point of view, gripes, etc.

    3: Mark Levin, when given the chance, will educate misguided (or just plain stupid) callers, literally, if necessary, quoting case law for them, as well as giving line-by-line Originalist interpretation of the Constitution of the United States. He will also reference his years in the Reagan Administration, holding such positions as Chief of Staff for the Attorney General (Ed Meese [] []), or his experiences as senior partner and founder of Landmark Legal Foundation ( (

    4: Schultz has no practical experience, nor any real knowledge, to draw from, hence is both unwilling and unable to explain himself, or adequately and coherently defend his position. His most common tactic is to obfuscate issues through bluster, profanity, insults, etc.; whatever’s needed to hijack and derail debate, giving him cover to hang up on those he is unable to mentally defend himself against.

    5: Mark Levin is a Constitutional attorney ( He is throughly knowledgeable when it comes to interpretation of the Constitution, as well as the histories behind such things as clauses and amendments.

    6: Schultz? Schultz made it to school on an athletic scholarship, and has no real documentation I can find, detailing any real education, so it’s doubtful he’s any real knowledge of the Constitution, through self-directed study. He also believes the Constitution is a “living, breathing” document, as opposed to believing it is a fixed point of reference.

    7: Finally, look at their success in terms of money. Mark Levin’s written several critically-acclaimed books, including “Men in Black” and “Liberty and Tyranny”. Both were described as very difficult reads, packed with facts and figures that were painstakingly researched. Schultz’s book, “Straight Talk From The Heartland: Tough Talk, Common Sense, and Hope from a Former Conservative” is virtually unknown, and probably never came anywhere near the bestseller list.

    8: Mark Levin is, was, and more than likely always will be a “rock-ribbed” Conservative, and a True Conservative believing in the 3 pillars (fiscal, political and social Conservatism).

    9: Schultz? A phony Conservative in the beginning, and a liberal that is popular only with other loud, uninformed, insulting liberals, like himself, to the end.

    Really, who’d like to see Schultz and Levin “ambush interviewed” (neither knowing who they were going to debate, until they were on live TV and radio) and given a full hour to go at it? Like they said in “Highlander”:

    “There can be only one.”

    1. According to my University Political Science Professor, I’m a right-wing Libertarian and I too will not listen to Levin’s show because of how rude he is with many of his callers. Even conservative ones.

      I support most of his positions but just won’t participate in his success while he demeans and berates people publicly. So I don’t buy his books, listen to his show or anything else that would advance him in any way.

      Actually he reminds me of one of my cousins (an adult) who used to dominate every family gathering with his unquestionable superior intellect and wealth of “knowledge” etc. At least in his own mind.

      1. Mark Levin has only berated those that are stupid enough to attack him. Countless times, I’ve heard leftists call in, and the aftermath of those calls resulted in Mark saying: ‘that was a decent guy’. He did this, just this past Friday. Some have called back. As for being a “…right wing libertarian…”, that’s almost oxymoronic. Mark once addressed the silly mish-mashing of labels that we’re being hit with, and that’s a pretty good example of them.

        Not reading books like “Liberty and Tyranny” and “Men in Black” isn’t hurting Mark, nor myself or any other fan of his. You’re only hurting yourself. “Liberty & Tyranny” is a very difficult read, thoroughly delineating Constitutional issues that we’re facing as a society, and the best possible answers to them. It addresses the dangers that our current government’s course exposes us to, and many of them have already come true. “Men in Black” describes how the United States Supreme Court is eroding our free society by creating another thing the Founding Fathers fought to prevent: a judicial tyranny. He gives case-after-case substantiating his arguments, and cites example-after-example, given from the perspective of not only a Constitutional Originalist, but a Constitutional attorney. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and a many other great Conservatives have said these books were wellsprings of deep knowledge, and they weren’t #1 on liberal-dominated book lists, for nothing. Saying Mark Levin is not a great and experienced intellect only resonates in YOUR mind. Liberals have read his book, become Conservative, and asked for more books to distribute to their still-blind (i.e.: liberal) friends and family. Your dismissal attitude, based on nothing more than personal bias, is senseless, and you’re only depriving yourself.

  10. Where exactly does he have a radio show? Not in DFW for sure. And I read he’s from North Dakota and calls it “home” and you will not find him on any radio station in that entire state.

    1. I google him and I found this…Friday, February 18, 2011. Ed Schultz broadcasts from the Mic 92.1 FM in Madison, WI. … No calls are screened – this is real talk radio.

      1. No, he just hangs up and avoids the debate if someone calls with a different opinion or just the plain truth.

  11. “See ya layer, I don’t have time for numb skulls,” oh what a powerful argument.

    Does anyone else always imagine Mr Ed eating Pizza and jello whenever he talks?

  12. That is the difference between Liberal and Conservative Talk radio, and why Conservative Talk Radio is SOOOOOO Successful,

    a Conservative Host will Argue and Argue with Liberal Callers, Some Times devoting Multiple Segments to 1 liberal Caller.

    In Contrast all Liberal Callers do this… Avoid Conversation that is not self affirming

    This makes Conservative Radio ENTERTAINING, and Liberal Radio BOORRRINGGGG

    1. Rush even let the new castrati guy on twice. Those are the best calls. Let them sink themselves with their own ignorance.

      1. I think that’s why Schultz was so eager to get him off the phone.
        At least he’s smart enough not to go into a battle of wit ~ him being a few bullets short of a full load.

        Gotta give credit where credit is due matey.

    2. So true- every time there has been a radical liberal, or even a sane one, on a conservative show, the conservative host on almost every show I’ve listened to (except Savage) tries to rationalize and debate honestly. Liberal usually talks non-stop to avoid interruption of talking points, or launches accusations without participating in the give and take by answering questions.

      I wish there were a video comparing how representatives of both ideologies handle dissenting opinion.

    1. babys 5 don’t you have nothing better to do with your time than troll the internet with your gems of wisdom. Now baby 5 your mamma just called me and said if you clean the basement up of your dirty underwear and cheeto crumbs, she will let you bring over FAT ED SHULTZ for a sleep over. Give him something to really talk about. Just saying.

    2. pabs5,
      I’ll trade you, Special Ed Schultz can keep his time of day if I can keep more of the money I earned by working for a living from you tax loving socialist.

    1. He is NOT Sergeant Schultz.That’s just from a T.V. show.He’s Mr. Ed, The talking horse(‘s ass….)

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