Sheriff Arpaio: If Obama has deported 2 million illegals, why do they keep coming back to my jails?

Sheriff Arpaio did a survey recently and found that out of 1200 people he’s turned over to ICE over the past few years, a third have returned back to his jails. He says there is no way Obama has deported the number he advertises, especially since his administration his admitted to including the illegals that cross the border that they turn away.


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46 thoughts on “Sheriff Arpaio: If Obama has deported 2 million illegals, why do they keep coming back to my jails?

  1. Liar obama at work again. I can’t wait for the day when his lies no longer come from the White House.

  2. Obama’s administration’s transformation mission is importing more illegals, not deporting his party voters.

  3. It is quite obvious that Joe makes some damn good (and quite possibly addicting) PB&J sammiches.

    I am quite sure that if CNN reads this comment they will label Sheriff Joe as a pusher.

  4. In FY2013, out of 368,644 alleged deportations/removals, only 133,551 illegals were deported/removed from the interior of our country.

    the other 235,093, so-called deportations/removals, were border-turnarounds.

    Until Obama, border-turnarounds have never been counted as deportations, nor should they be.

    for Obama to tout 368,644 deportations/removals is called OUTRIGHT LYING by the American people …

    The reality is that in FY2013, only 133,551 illegal immigrants, 110,115 of which were previously convicted criminals, were deported, by Obama, from our United States.

    Obama’s FY2013 actual deportations are the lowest number of deportations in over 15 years.

    more at:

  5. Translation – When the obamessiah regime states they deported illegal aliens, it really means that they registered them to vote and signed them up for obamacare.

  6. Obama’s policy flies in the face of the claim anyway. How can one brag about welcoming the illegals over here and also brag about how many he’s deported?

    Including those that are turned away before they gain entry is voodoo math. It’s beefing up the numbers to make Obama look good.

    On the flip side, my dad built bridges and when they busted the illegals that worked with them, he said they’d be back in three days. They come right back across the border. Come to think of it, since they have to see a judge that would suggest they were never deported to begin with.

  7. I suspect the deportation numbers are very much like the Obamacare numbers…………………..LIES!

  8. Mexico’s president wants us to open our border because he knows the emigrants are impoverished; not a loss for him!
    Let me tell you what’s happening in the school in the small Southern town where I teach: Many of the students in our school are illegal. We give them a free education, free breakfast, free lunch, free bus transportation. We also offer opportunities to educate their parents (illegal aliens).
    One of my students recently told me she’s illegal but wants to be a citizen and that another teacher told her she just needs good grades and she can be a citizen via the DREAM act. Her family has ties to a local Mexican gang. Drugs and violent Mexican/California gangs are now a problem in what was once a farming community.
    The situation is more dire than most of you know; but those of us in the school system know you taxpayers are being fleeced.

  9. Obama won’t deport his human bombs that are parasitically destroying our healthcare system… he won’t deport his voter base… He’s a liar… nothing new. And the MSM sits on their arse and looks the other way. LAWLESS!!!

  10. Dear Leader and the socialist dems have never told the truth about anything. Remember when Big Sis showed her ugly face on t.v. claiming tht the border was safer than it ever had been, when over her shoulder was a sign warning American citizens they couldn’t go into the national parks because the danger was too high.

    These Marxist democrats have snookered America to gain power and then turn it into a socialist state. All with the help of the useful idiots who vote “D”

  11. Because he hasn’t. He has combined the Voluntary Returns and the Turned Back South numbers to claim deportations, but it’s a lie.

  12. BO and his regime are counting “detainees” caught on the border in the deported number. Something NEVER done before by any administration. Color me shocked!

    1. Everything the man runs, is a scam, or a distortion of the actual truth. Here’s the real problem. The Americans who were destined to receive his message, were created beforehand, by our Communist Education System. That is why the system works so well. The Communists did their work, long before they introduced us to Obama. Some of us, didn’t absorb the indoctrination. Sadly, we are all that is left of America, at least the way it used to be.

      That is the uphill fight we have at this time. It is like going into a den of thieves, and trying to teach them Religion.

      1. “Everything the man runs, is a scam, or a distortion of the actual truth.”

        Where have I heard that before? Sounds consistent with someone else’s character as well….

        “You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8:44

        It seems to me that those who walk in darkness always seem to share the same characteristics.

        1. Good example! You wait till the welfare is cut off in the future, these zombie movies which a don’t like are more truth than fiction.

  13. You see, this is how it really works. Obama spouts his bullshit, the media picks it up and comments on it, and they say, “we have this whole thing under control. We’re on top if it.”
    Our beloved Arizona Sheriff, who we are blessed with, is simply stating the reality, which perhaps is a little bit different.

    I hope, “bullshit,” is an acceptable word here on The Right Scoop, because I find I have to use it so often, in describing the activities of this foreign born President. The word itself may be on the margin of violating good taste, but I think the basic responsibility of language, is to communicate. I find that no word in the English language communicates an idea, better than, “bullshit.” Especially in Obama’s case.

    It covers so much territory, and such a wide range of subjects, that it is almost invaluable, to ordinary conversation.

    It enables me to easily talk about Obama without going into long explanations. Because most of what comes out of Obama’s mouth is bullshit.

    It is no different in this instance, as our good Sheriff points out. Everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth, is a lie. It is then picked up by the media, and treated as though it were truth.

    I don’t trust Obama for anything he says. I trust Joe Arpaio for everything he says. Because living here in Arizona, I know who Joe Arpaio is. He has dedicated his life to law enforcement, and he has done a good job of it. Here in Arizona, we are safer because of Joe Arpaio.

    In the broader scheme of things, this nation is far less safer than it was before we elected this idiot some you call our President. My goal in life, would be to be the guy driving the moving van which carried him and all his belongings, out of the White House and back to Chicago, along with his fat, ugly wife.

    Please forgive me. I guess I’m not in a good mood this evening. I guess there was just something between the comparison between Joe Arpaio, a great American, and this worthless President, that struck a nerve within me.

      1. I like the word. Ineptulance. Brilliant, at being inept. It is not currently a word, but then you never know.

    1. “You like that word bullshit don’t you?………….It’s a good word.”

      Henry Fonda from “On Golden Pond”

      1. Actually Tim, I don’t like profanity at all. I believe our society could easily do without it. Even though I do engage in it once in awhile, it is a sign of someone lacking in vocabulary. I will admit though, it is a good word, to be used on infrequent occasions. 🙂

        1. I had mixed feelings about that movie. While I enjoyed it overall, I nevertheless found it somewhat disturbing. On balance though, it was a good movie.

          1. Yeah, any film with Hanoi Jane can be described as disturbing by her mere presence. Her dad was a pretty decent fellow…I think.

        2. I don’t like profanity either. I must say that since Obama has been in power my tolerance for it and my use of it have increased. This guy brings out the worse in people.

  14. The Progressive becomes upset when you accuse him of his liberal views being a sign of a mental disorder. Well, check your talking points Mr. Progressive. “An illegal alien isn’t really illegal.”

    That is your stance. So if you are going to utter such an anti reason then how do you expect to be treated with any sort of regard for rational thought? For logic?

    Let’s see what are your other defenses for the illegal invader who breaks our laws crossing our border in the night.

    “You’re a racist.” Ah, brilliant. That does take some thought doesn’t
    it? No matter what, no matter how illogical you are shown to be you can always throw out the race card. Talk louder and faster in angered tone and call us racists. Yet we don’t have a problem with legal immigrants. But we are still racists, per the intellect of Progressive thought.

    “Where did your ancestors come from?” Another well thought out adage of anti reason Mr. Progressive. You see that bait and switch is ridiculous as well. My ancestors came from Poland. Legally. And they learned English and got jobs. The border jumper is illegal. That would be the common sense rebuttal. But the liberal doesn’t understand common sense.

    “They were here first.” Well not really. You see the ones left after the
    Mexican-American war stayed and generations passed. The illegal came from Mexico. He wasn’t here first. He was from down south in another country. As that war was centuries ago.

    “They do the jobs we don’t want.” Ok fair enough. Let’s decrease welfare which would solve that problem. Oh that’s right, you champion American entitlement parasites as well with your anti reason.

    “No human is illegal.” I have no comment for that one. Check the stupid definition in Websters.

    If we continue this line of thought we will fall as a nation as my own fiction predicts as no nation that leaves borders open will survive. When we return to reason and common sense and ignore the above imbecilic arguments only then will we have a prayer of restoring America.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE blog.

    1. That was pretty cool, Charles. I enjoyed it immensely. I am tempted to go back through each paragraph, but in thinking more about it, I don’t feel it necessary. Your words pretty much covered it. If some did not get it, they will never get it. Anything I could add, would simply be a waste of words.


        1. A few of my articles hit Turning Point USA at times and my writing works are getting around a bit. Some of my politically ezine articles are getting passed around from my fellow conservatives as well. One day I hope I can put the quill down as we will have returned to sanity in this country.

          Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

      1. Thanks Gene–good to see you again. People who live in anti reason will not get it. The illegal must be catered to or you are a racist–that is their all and all response.

        Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

    2. “No humans are illegal” true, but humans commit illegal acts. Illegal acts have consequences. Yeah I know consequences is not in the progressive vernacular.

      1. Neither is “responsibility for actions” or “rule of law”

        Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  15. There is a very simple expanation why Obloody says he has deported more illegal criminals than he has and it is supported by the alphabet Marxist Media Ministers of Propaganda. And, it is supported by a demonstrated history of their own fabrications: They are all serial liars.

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