‘She’s doing A TERRIBLE THING for our country!’ – Trump blamed Pam Geller for Garland terrorist attack

In an interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox News right after the Muslim terrorist attack on Pam Geller in Garland, Texas, el Trumpo rushed to angrily denounce and blame Pam Geller for the attack while saying he’s much more tough than she is, and even mocking her.

Watch below:


Apparently that account has been terminated, so I replaced it with a different copy of the video. Also here’s another video with similar content:

Here are some of his comments:

“This has nothing to do with free speech – this is taunting, and all it does is cause trouble.”

“She should be much more responsible because what she’s doing is completely irresponsible!”

“She’s a person that is doing this for her own purpose and she’s doing a terrible thing for our country!

He even seems to mock the Charlie Hebdo writers who were murdered by Islamists – ironically, taunting them himself:

“I’ve had people use satire against me over the years. They use satire in order to not tell the truth. So they were taunting, and they really taunted, and guess where they are right now.”

But he wasn’t done with that woman!

“For her… for this WOMAN, that no one had ever heard of, to go out and taunt, and that’s what she’s doing and PROVOKE an attack….”

Then he really revs up for a nice crescendo of mockery and taunting Pam Geller:

“But what’s the purpose of her doing this? I’ll give you an example – if she went after, instead, JESUS, instead of the Muslim, went after JESUS, let’s see how long she’d last! If she went after the African-Americans, and went after the N-WORD, where she was positive on it as opposed to… let’s SEE how long she would last! That would also be freedom of speech! Let’s see if she has the guts to do that. Let’s see how long she’d last doing that. All she’s doing, she is a provacateur! All she doing is provoking and taunting people!!”

Yeah I’m not sure if he has a good point demanding that Pam Geller mock Jesus and use the N-Word. What would that prove again? I would think if she faced down gun-toting terrorists, she might also face Christians, who have not murdered people for mocking Jesus (in the last 800 years anyway). I mean, really, what’s his point here? It sounds like he’s just jealous she’s getting all this attention because he keeps oddly comparing himself to her, and saying he’s much more courageous and tougher on Muslim extremists. Really weird.

I do agree with this statement emphatically:

“We have to be smart not dumb!”

Damn straight! That should be his new campaign motto – Make America SMART not DUMB!!

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