Shimkus to Sebelius: Talking to you is like talking to North Korea

Rep. Shimkus is attacking the language the left is using, pointing out that none of these preventative services are free because the premiums are going up to pay for them. He even cited a Democrat in Illinois who said the prevention services that are mandated are going directly into the cost of the premiums. Still, Sebelieus kept saying they were free and wouldn’t even admit that premiums are going up as a direct result of these services.

Shimkus finally got fed up and just said that they were just going to have to disagree, saying “it’s like talking to the Republic of Korea or something”. He obviously meant North Korea, but he was pretty frustrated and the level of dishonesty coming from Sebelius when he said it.

After he said that a Democrat blew up at him over not allowing Sebelius to finish her answers.


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