SHOCKER: Door-to-door Biden VACCINE COPS are ultra left-wing group. Wearing political shirts. NO WAY!

The one thing NOBODY expected was that Biden’s door-to-door vaccine gestapo would be indulging in and evangelizing a political view. That’s crazy who would even think of such a thing OH NEVERMIND THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

Action NC is a left-wing GOTV and Democrat voter registration activist group. And their activists are going to people’s houses on behalf of the Biden administration under a gov’t program to tell people about getting vaccinated. And oh if they happen to also accidentally sign up a BUNCH OF DEM VOTER well then SO BE IT.

Look at this local report from this week, then we’ll continue.

From Ben Sellers:

Among the first to flag the concerns over possible political motives was former Bush campaign strategist Karl Rove, now a Fox News analyst.

“[T]he list I’ve seen is virtually only states that are swing states, close states from the 2020 election,” Rove said during a Fox appearance this week, according to the Gateway Pundit.

“Somebody in the White House and somebody at the Department of Health and Human Services has to be held to account,” Rove continued. “Who’s making these decisions? Who’s allowing politics to enter into something that ought to be as far away from politics as possible?”

A report by Charlotte’s WBTV revealed that the city’s vaccination efforts were being led by a far-left nonprofit, Action NC, best known for its voter-registration and other get-out-the-vote efforts.

In fact, WBTV’s report showed one of the so-called volunteers wearing a shirt that said “voter registration” on it.


The ‘grassroots’ initiative to spread pro-vaccine propaganda called to mind several other leftist strategies during recent elections that have drawn accusations of ethical violations, as well as potential abuse of state and federal election laws.

Among those was the questionable “get out the vote” tactics deployed in Georgia by anti-election-integrity activist Stacey Abrams.

There’s a lot more here.

Biden is employing left wing voter activism groups aligned with his and Stacey Abrams’ anti-election-integrity efforts to go with a gov’t mandate knocking on doors to evangelize vaccines and, well, whatever else they feel like telling people, with whatever degree of the specter of government enforcement they individually choose to employ, operating as they are without any oversight, transparency, or accountability.

It’s the honor system. For liberal activists. Yeah that’ll work out great.

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