Silicon Valley SNUBS OBAMA! Four top tech CEOs refuse private lunch with Prez, he blames profits!

Obama started off his Valentine’s Day weekend by being snubbed for a lunch date with four of the top tech companies over his cybersecurity summit.

From the San Francisco Gate:

These strained relations between the White House and Silicon Valley were placed in sharp focus Friday after the chief executives of Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo declined White House invitations to attend the summit — and a private lunch with the president.

These companies are among a number of tech giants that have pushed Washington to end the bulk collection of private data because of customer privacy concerns, but little has happened to curb the NSA’s practices.

The White House’s cyber security gathering, which took place at Stanford University, marked the first time the administration has hosted a summit with corporate, government and privacy officials to discuss issues around how to protect U.S. computer systems as well as consumers’ privacy.

A whiny, petulant Obama that evening blamed their greedy love of their profit margins for the insult:

Obama said his relationship with Silicon Valley and the tech community has historically been pretty good. But the revelations of the National Security Agency’s mass data collection by former contractor Edward Snowden “were really harmful in terms of the trust between government and many of these companies, in part because of the impact it had on their bottom lines.”

How does this make any sense whatsoever? Isn’t the root cause of the effect the revelations have had on business actually because of snooping that Obama approved of? As usual, he passes on the blame to corporations and the nasty evil perniciousness of money!

How soon before his moron followers start accusing Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo of raaaaacism? I always thought clippy gave my white friends better advice than he gave me….

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