Sneaky McConnell says he made sure Dems didn’t get a good deal on debt ceiling

McConnell is now saying that Chuck and Nancy didn’t get quite the debt ceiling deal they thought they got with Trump. According to McConnell, the debt limit which was supposed to be negotiated again in 3 months, won’t have to be raised until well into 2018:

FOX NEWS – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Democrats were too hasty in celebrating the shock spending deal they made with President Donald Trump last week, saying it is not as good as they believe.

“The deal is not quite as good as my counterpart thought it was,” the Senator from Kentucky told the New York Times’ ‘The New Washington’ podcast, explaining that the battle for the debt limit increase will be delayed well beyond the initially agreed December deadline.

Trump later agreed to a 3-month extension suggested by Democrats but fiercely opposed by Republicans, telling reporters that after “a very good meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer” they reached a deal that “will be very good.”

McConnell, however, told the Times that the debt limit will not have to be increased until well into 2018 as the newly passed legislation allows the Treasury to apply “extraordinary measures” to move money around and pay off the government’s skyrocketing debt.

“Since I was in charge of drafting the debt ceiling provision that we inserted into the flood bill we likely — almost certainly — are not going to have another debt ceiling discussion until well into 2018,” the senior Republican said.

He added this will take away the big wins from the Democratic Party who believed they gained an upper hand in the upcoming negotiations to keep the government running.

Well that’s interesting. There were reports that Republicans offered a 6 month extension that Trump rejected when he decided to go with Chuck and Nancy. Looks like they may have gotten their 6 month extension after all, and possibly more.

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