So apparently ‘creepy ass cracker’ isn’t racist after all

They claim Zimmerman said ‘f–king coons’ under his breath, but I think people are hearing what they are told he said. I’ve listened to the 911 tape and it’s not at all conclusive to me. The power of suggestion is hard to overcome. But despite that, many want to claim Zimmerman is a racist because they think he said this.

Well it was revealed today (or maybe yesterday) that Trayvon Martin told his friend on the phone that a ‘creepy ass cracker’ was following him. But when asked about it, his friend testified that she didn’t think that was a racial slur:

This girl appears to be a gold mine of terrible things to say in court. I’ve been looking all morning for the video of her using the word ‘retarded’ during testimony, which I’m told offended the jury.

But to suggest that calling someone a ‘cracker’ isn’t a racial slur is crazy, when I’m sure she’d probably admit that ‘coon’ is a racial slur.

Either way, it’s clear this witness isn’t too bright.

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