Socialism never took root in America BECAUSE RACISM – MSNBC morons of the day

You know I’m kinda disappointed with the “what’s the stupidest thing someone can say on the Melissa Harris Perry show” award today. I watch that whole hellish wit-sucking chasm of intelligence, I gaze into the abyss for the benefit of finding something stupid, and this is all they can come up with.

Well. Ok, it’s actually pretty stupid.

The geniuses at MHP’s panel say that the obvious reason that socialism was able to take root in Europe but not here is probably the only thing worse than capitalism – raaaaacism!


I mean that’s just laughable. Luckily there is a rational person from there who defended America from these ridiculous slurs. But really, isn’t it amazing that they happen to identify the “cause of all evil” as the only thing preventing their utopia from crushing our freedoms and imposing itself here? What a YUGE coincidence!!

Still, it doesn’t come close to the stupidity they offered last week. Heck they even had a runner-up winner!!

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