SON OF TrumperTantrum says when Trump loses, it’s like America is COMMUNIST CHINA

I really thought that Trump’s kids weren’t nearly as psychotic and self-delusional as he is, and used to think so to his credit, but it’s becoming more clear that they’re just as nuts as he is.

Even after winning the New York primary, his kid whined that the rules were like COMMUNIST CHINA in an interview with Trump prostate-licker Sean Hannity.

Watch below:

What gets me is that these morons never ONCE noticed before now that the caucus/primary system existed and that it was supposedly “stealing” votes from Americans? I’m sorry but if you didn’t give a damn for decades but ALL of a sudden you’re horrified that we live in “communist China” well you’re just stupid and useless.

These people are constantly whining. It’s amazing. Trump is already America’s whiner-in-chief, and if we don’t stop him from getting the nomination it’s going to be 24 hours of whining every day after Hillary spanks him in the general.

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