Stuart Varney RIPS The Fig Leaf Away From Socialists Masquerading As Environmentalists And It Is Awesome

Earlier this week, Stuart Varney opened a gluten free recycled aluminum can of whoop ass on the so-called environmental movement in California.

(via digitas daily)

“The golden state guys want to build ‘sustainable communities’. That’s actually low-income housing. They will build roads. How green is that? And they will pump big money into the lunatic bullet train. But wait! Studies show that building that train will increase emissions. How do you get around that? Simple. They will use recycled concrete and steel for the track.”

It’s an open secret that all of the policy prescriptions from the warming alarmists just happens to coincidentally and by accident transfer wealth. They punish the producers of goods, and reward the parasitic organizations of the left. They take prosperity from prosperous nations and redistribute it to third world economies.

Stuart Varney isn’t fooled. Neither should we be. Golden state, indeed.

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