Stuart Varney RIPS The Fig Leaf Away From Socialists Masquerading As Environmentalists And It Is Awesome

Earlier this week, Stuart Varney opened a gluten free recycled aluminum can of whoop ass on the so-called environmental movement in California.

(via digitas daily)

“The golden state guys want to build ‘sustainable communities’. That’s actually low-income housing. They will build roads. How green is that? And they will pump big money into the lunatic bullet train. But wait! Studies show that building that train will increase emissions. How do you get around that? Simple. They will use recycled concrete and steel for the track.”

It’s an open secret that all of the policy prescriptions from the warming alarmists just happens to coincidentally and by accident transfer wealth. They punish the producers of goods, and reward the parasitic organizations of the left. They take prosperity from prosperous nations and redistribute it to third world economies.

Stuart Varney isn’t fooled. Neither should we be. Golden state, indeed.

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57 thoughts on “Stuart Varney RIPS The Fig Leaf Away From Socialists Masquerading As Environmentalists And It Is Awesome

  1. Regardless of attempts to confuse legitimate government functions with “socialism”, it is important to remember that they are not the same.

  2. I’m glad to hear him say it, but we’ve known this all along. The carbon tax on an international level was planned to go to third world nation development. Take the money and create more CO2 somewhere else. They are schemers from top to bottom, and nothing they say is true. The leftist politicians are the biggest liars and con artists I have ever seen in my life.

  3. Lets not forget the kick backs to legislators.
    He hit this right on the nose.
    Words can’t even describe the madness of the bullet train.

  4. This note is to all my liberal friends who may troll here.
    I’m sorry to tell you that you’ve been misled by your masters. They want to disarm all Americans, as do many of you. They try and convince you that if you would only give them more power, things would be hunky-dory in the whole world. Ask yourselves this, are their/your ideas working for all, or even most of the people? Obviously, they aren’t. Things aren’t getting better, and all of you know it. Ask yourselves this, do you believe that people with the mindset of being a ruler, rather than a representative, will give a tinker’s damn whether your children eat or not?
    All of the isms have proved to be abject failures, that, is history. I don’t expect that we will agree on everything, but I do believe there are some things we do agree on. America is not biding well right now. The world laughs at us because of the present administration, and the lifelong parasites we jokingly refer to as our Congress. They are more than willing to destroy your way of life, as well as mine. Chew on that for a while.

    1. Great post, but these people think they know how to “do it” successfully. It wasn’t done right in the past. Their arrogance is profound.
      It would be interesting to ask them what exactly wasn’t done right by Stalin or Mao or Pol Pot. Did they not kill enough people? Did they take over too many money making industries? Or too few? What does the term useful idiot mean to you?
      For starters.

    2. Great post, but you won’t reach any lefties with it. They seriously believe that if you take all the money away from the wealthy and split it up evenly everyone will live comfortably. They don’t have the intelligence or wisdom to think about where their jobs come from and who is going to provide those jobs if they take the wealth away from the job creators.

      I guess they think government will become the new business owners and job creators. Never mind that socialism has never worked in world history, and according to Whoopie Goldberg it’s only because it has always been run by bad people. Lefties aren’t very bright.

      How many people does Obama need to help him change a light bulb? None. He holds it in the socket while the world turns around him.

  5. Edmund Burke, “All that’s necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.”

    We are ringing the bell in every way, shape and form.
    To arms…

  6. Also – the leftoid idiots blabber on about Piketty because they think they can do the one-upmanship thing.
    They won’t have to actually read it, just mentioning it will supposedly intimidate people – just like walking around with Karl Marx’s Capital.

  7. Varney’s analysis is incontrovertible, sadly, it won’t penetrate the ideology of the progressive democrats (Marxists) who are hell-bent on destroying America by destroying capitalism.

  8. Leftists (er, “progressives”) love to scold the rest of us about “sustainability”, yet not a single one of their ideas and programs is economically sustainable. These people are socialists, and their schemes only work to the extent they can find other people’s wealth to steal, coerce and embezzle.

    1. I agree and having been saying the same for years, save for one thing, they are not socialist, they are COMMUNISTS!

  9. The movie industry has mostly fled California. Sure, there are still major studios there, but none of the big movie houses are headquartered there anymore (except the “operations” part of what’s left of the post-bankruptcy MGM, which is in Beverly Hills CA).

    Movies are now created all over the world by many, many individual companies under contract with the former film conglomerates.

    So really, the big thing in Cali is still technology. But tech has also spread worldwide, and any office can relocate to Bangalore or Singapore at any time. THe hardware isn’t made in one place, either. It’s all virtualized.

    So Cali’s hanging on to rapidly-dwindling industries while steadily killing the one thing that cannot leave the state: agriculture.

    They could turn it around on a dime if government would get out of the way.

  10. What happens when they run out of other peoples money?
    (because everyone who actually earns money has fled the state)

    1. Liberals don’t actually need money, all they need is welfare cards that keep satisfying the cash registers when they purchase stuff.
      Government will end the scam when they don’t need their votes any more and their power is strong enough that they can start exterminating with little resistance.

      1. When the money runs out, the LIV’s will roam the streets doing much of the exterminating for them. They will view the rich (i. e. people with jobs) like Wile E. Coyote dreaming of the roadrunner served up on a Thanksgiving platter.

  11. Dear North Korea,

    California says you are stupid and have funny hair cuts.

    Sincerely, The East Coast

  12. I used to think the people perpetrating this fraud simply were fools. Now I know better; they are ideologues, statists, and destroyers of our country & our way of life; they are diabolical, entrenched enemies of a free people.
    But do we have enough time to stop them?

    1. The idea that is America doesn’t give us any other choice. The question is, are we ready to stop them yet?

  13. My daughter my have a crush on Brit Tom Hiddleston, but my conservative heart crushes on a brainier Brit – Stuart Varney.

  14. The Russian’s did this to the Estonians. Built big crappy high rise buildings and crammed them in. Those people hate Russia more than Hilter

  15. So many fronts to fight on….we need a political equivalent of a Theory of Everything so we can follow the tangle to its root and cut it off while there is still time.

  16. It is happening in nearly every county city and town in America. Sustainable development is trasferring maasive amounts of wealth, building high density housing and mass transit needed to maintain control.

    If your governmdent accepts Federal grants – you are committed to sustainable development and Agenda 21.

    Look around your very own city hall and county commission.

    The next phase is targeted at single family and rural homeowners.

    We are seeing the end game of 30 years of this – it started with Bush1.

    Does anyone think they will give up now?

    Only immediate and radical elimination of funding could even slow it down. There is no one in Congress even thinking about that.

    Developers, mortgage companies, banks and insurance companies are 100% integrated with this.

  17. The Greenes must expose for what they are WATERMELON green outside pure Soviet red inside.
    The first Green Party started in early 70’s in Germany by outlawed communists party members.
    Good for Varney he should repeat it every day until zombies in CA and the rest of USA weak-up

    1. It is not a poltical movement. It is a fulll blown attack on your wealth, liberty and freedom by our entie goverenment system – state local county, federal, and all the major US and international corporations.

      . All of them are part of this.

      1. you like it or not they are using the political system to achieve their goal and it is called MARXISM, just like the Islamist one election one time. Once they get into power you have no more liberty or wealth of any kind. And that’s why they have to be exposed and stop before acquiring any power.

      2. Absolutely correct.As soon as you hear the term sustainable development,it is a dead give away of UN Agenda 21.

        1. Yes. Sustainable development and Smart Growth. Both are bright red flags with alarm bells.

  18. I hate to think that we are really this stupid in California. As a tax payer here it really sucks to be me. We truly are out numbered by the low info fools who elect these baboons.

    1. The low information voter is a product of specific design (plug in your own myriad examples). Very quickly he reaches critical mass; then for us it’s fight or flight. Time to start positioning ourselves for one or the other.

  19. Good takedown, Stuart. Man, I’m soooooo glad I don’t live in the messed-up state. No wonder the state is totally bankrupt….the boobs in charge are spending money like a drunken politician. Oh, wait, they probably actually are drunk on their power and privilege.

    1. Sustainble development is in every state and nearly all counties and cites. Likely yours too

      Global to Local – the UN globalists have direct and immediate control via Federal grants, programs and regulations.

  20. I realize there are good people in California,but they are outnumbered by the lunatic left.If we could only help the good ones escape and then snap California off the country like a piece of peanut brittle we would be well served.

    1. Unfortunately, a lot of escapees from California came up to Washington State and brought their liberal politics with them.

      1. I’ve read that and I think you guys need to put up signs on the border with California saying “No leftist kooks allowed”.

  21. I just got a “California Climate Credit” of $29.82 on my electric bill. Where did that come from? Stealing it from someone else! I’m going to give it back. I can pay my own electric bill, thank you very much!

    1. Don’t give it back. Give it to a charitable organization nearby that could use it or give it to a church, etc. Or maybe that’s what you meant all along.

  22. I wonder if Varney realizes wealth redistribution also applies to immigration.

    For American workers, immigration is primarily a redistributive policy. Economic theory predicts that immigration will redistribute income by lowering the wages of competing American workers and increasing the wages of complementary American workers as well as profits for business owners and other “users” of immigrant labor. – Harvard economist George Borjas</blockquote

    1. Oh he does, the point here was the enviro-loony left, not immigration. He’s had his rants about amnesty as well.

  23. Wolfie, we need a cartoon of a bunch of parasites on a starving, emaciated cow that says “taxpayers”. One parasite says to the other “what do we do when she’s gone?” The other parasite says with a big evil grin “We eat each other.”

    1. That’s the plan. My view of the zombie apocalypse is hordes of low-information voters roaming the streets clutching their impotent EBT and cards looking for brains.

  24. … As the Enviormental Wackos take over the rest of you MOVE OUT OF California to shut there programs down .

    1. Wrong! When California runs out of money, it will turn to the Feds to suck the rest of America dry!

      1. That’s my fear. CA & Illinois, New York and I’ve forgotten the other state that has such staggering pension obligations it will not be able to fulfill them.

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