STUPID: Marine DISCHARGED after warning soldiers of Taliban insider threat…

This is really stupid. Earlier we reported that MAJ Brezler was facing possible discharge after warning soldiers in Afghanistan of a Taliban threat on their base. Brezler used his personal email address when issuing the warning, sending a long with it an inconsequential classified document. When Brezler realized his mistake, he turned himself in for discipline. But his higher-ups had determined that nothing significant needed to be done to him because as I mentioned earlier, the document was inconsequential.

But some idiot filed charges against him which lead to a hearing and now he’s been honorably discharged as a result of those hearings. But what about the commander in Afghanistan who refused to heed his warning that ended up costing 3 Marines their lives? Why isn’t that person undergoing a hearing?

Here is what Allen West had to say about it:

An officer who sent emails to Marines in Afghanistan warning them to beware of an Afghan police chief with ties to the Taliban has been honorably discharged.

I love the Marine Corps but it seems they got this one wrong. A simple letter of reprimand would have sufficed for MAJ Brezler.

But the real question is, who was it that did not heed MAJ Brezler’s warning? Therein lies where the real investigation should be aimed. It seems to me that “firing” MAJ Brezler who, albeit used a non-secure means, sought to do what we want leaders to do: protect our men and women in combat zones — and trust me, I have experience in this type of scenario.

My counsel to MAJ Brezler is this, you are a hero to many and you did what was right. You can always look at yourself in the mirror and know that you represent the finest traditions and values of your Marine Corps. I know it hurts right now and you feel betrayed and abandoned, but, ruck up, you are and shall always be one of The Few, The Proud, a United States Marine. Semper Fi, Ooh Rah! And Jason, always know, karma is a bitch.

I couldn’t agree more. The Right Scoop salutes you MAJ Brezler for your service to this nation and trying to save the lives of your fellow soldiers.

UPDATE: Brezler was honorably discharged which is what I meant to post earlier. I’ve corrected it.

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