STUPID: Marine DISCHARGED after warning soldiers of Taliban insider threat…

This is really stupid. Earlier we reported that MAJ Brezler was facing possible discharge after warning soldiers in Afghanistan of a Taliban threat on their base. Brezler used his personal email address when issuing the warning, sending a long with it an inconsequential classified document. When Brezler realized his mistake, he turned himself in for discipline. But his higher-ups had determined that nothing significant needed to be done to him because as I mentioned earlier, the document was inconsequential.

But some idiot filed charges against him which lead to a hearing and now he’s been honorably discharged as a result of those hearings. But what about the commander in Afghanistan who refused to heed his warning that ended up costing 3 Marines their lives? Why isn’t that person undergoing a hearing?

Here is what Allen West had to say about it:

An officer who sent emails to Marines in Afghanistan warning them to beware of an Afghan police chief with ties to the Taliban has been honorably discharged.

I love the Marine Corps but it seems they got this one wrong. A simple letter of reprimand would have sufficed for MAJ Brezler.

But the real question is, who was it that did not heed MAJ Brezler’s warning? Therein lies where the real investigation should be aimed. It seems to me that “firing” MAJ Brezler who, albeit used a non-secure means, sought to do what we want leaders to do: protect our men and women in combat zones — and trust me, I have experience in this type of scenario.

My counsel to MAJ Brezler is this, you are a hero to many and you did what was right. You can always look at yourself in the mirror and know that you represent the finest traditions and values of your Marine Corps. I know it hurts right now and you feel betrayed and abandoned, but, ruck up, you are and shall always be one of The Few, The Proud, a United States Marine. Semper Fi, Ooh Rah! And Jason, always know, karma is a bitch.

I couldn’t agree more. The Right Scoop salutes you MAJ Brezler for your service to this nation and trying to save the lives of your fellow soldiers.

UPDATE: Brezler was honorably discharged which is what I meant to post earlier. I’ve corrected it.

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42 thoughts on “STUPID: Marine DISCHARGED after warning soldiers of Taliban insider threat…

  1. One of the better known credos that fighting Marines are famous for is that they never leave a man behind…the USMC brass should take a lesson.

  2. This is the P.C. liberal virus that’s infecting the military. Dear Leader and the democrats have done everything they can think of to attack those who protect us from our enemies (those who also hold the ideology of democrats).

  3. The problem with the enemy from within, is not just the Taliban, Al-Queda, the Muslim Brotherhood and so on, but Obama and his crony anti-American Marxist Islamist sycophants that are in charge of the US Military, dictating anti-American policies to Senior Military officers that protect the enemy we are supposed to be fighting, thus counters America’s mission and endangers the lives of our troops, thus US National Security.

    Another case in point- Benghazi. Obama must be Impeached, charged and tried for Treason, period.

  4. I apologize to this great Marine for the disgusting behavior and cover up of jerks from commanders in the military
    you deserve better sir……..know that many of us are outraged about this and support you,…………I’m sorry we have such stupid creepy people in charge
    you did the right thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. If this is the new Military under obama perhaps the Military should get rid of obama and keep this obviously dedicated Marine.

    1. yes yes yes
      because the liar in chief in girl pants wouldn’t know how to ever be a real man Marine…………..ever he is a complete loser
      God bless the Marine

  6. Don’t join this military. It’s under a Muslim/Marxist regime. They’re killing soldiers calling it ROE. They’re setting them up for murder and calling it ROE, and pretending it’s incompetence. Everyone says, look how stupid these ROE are. Look at how naïve they are. Look at how incompetent Obama and his people are. These people are enabling the murder of our soldiers.

    The military took down a Nativity scene at the Air Force yesterday, because some crazy leftist said it offended him. How in God’s name are they supposed to protect a country, when they can’t even stand up to a leftist nut job. What qualifies as military leaders today? Do you have to be a sissy?

    1. Well said, but that’s exactly what they want, to get rid of all the patriots and replace them with soulless drones that won’t have a problem rounding us up for the camps and shooting a few of us to show they’re serious.

  7. Did he warn soldiers or Marines!? Get your story straight. Learn the difference between soldiers and Marines. I’d expect better from Right Scoop.

    1. How about you just point out any errors you see with a post directed at “RightScoop.” He has been known to say thank you for bringing them to his attention and then fixes them. Instead, you come across as petulant, spoiled little child.

  8. STUPID IDIOTS….Never thought I would think that the Marines were a bunch of wimps…..he11 they should have thanked him in private, slapped his hand (as Allen West said) in public and moved on

    PC Marines….oooo rah…..NOT

  9. Punish patriots… look the other way to ‘yes’ men? I know nothing about the details… where alliances lay, what happened when the warning was received, etc. It doesn’t matter. What matters is a hero was persecuted for doing the right thing – a thing that if heeded, could have saved lives. This is NOT the military that I served in… such treachery is alarming. And hard to stomach.

  10. This is pathetic. I know there are rules and stuff I don’t know about, and I know there are many rules and regs to follow, and that the majority of them are put in place for specific reasons, but the thing I don’t like about the Military is when things like this happen, because of a mistake, that Maj. Brezler went and TOLD them he is discharged, yet he could have saved lives if the jerk wads had listened to his warning.
    I wish I could give him medal, because he is a hero.

  11. The Major made a mistake, very minor in actuality. He should have been listened to by superiors who got three Americans killed.
    This prosecution of the Major is a coverup of the commander who is culpable. And now we have a General culpable of the overall miscarriage he ordered to cover the commander who did nothing to protect his men.

    The final insult will be Obama will pin medals on the culprits while America loses a fine Marine to politics and corruption.

    Major Bezler, Americans thank you for your service and for your attempt to save lives.

  12. And why was there not a SECURE means for him to warn fellow Marines? If I had to take a wild guess, I’d say that he knew that the muslim-lovers in the obama REGIME now have control of the USMC, and if Major Bezler had tried to send the warning using secure means, he’d have been reprimanded, disciplined, and his name passed on to muslim killers in his area.

    I hope that’s just a paranoid rightwing fantasy, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

    How terrible is the degradation of the United States of America. And it’s just begun. Nightmare time is here.

    This is all I care to take for one day. Signing off until Monday. Good night, fellow Scoopers.

  13. This is a disgrace

    The order probably came from way up!

    This MAJOR should be getting a MEDAL

    He knows MORE than they want him to and want him silenced

    The truth will come out – The info/internet world is way too small!

  14. “But some idiot filed charges against him’.
    It wasn’t ‘some idiot’, it was the father of the guy who asked for the information in the first place and then didn’t act on it, leading to the deaths of 3 Marines.
    ‘The father’ a big shot General, who used to be in charge over there, got hold of his buddy, Lt. Gen. Mills in charge over there right now, to cover his son’s butt. Something the hearing refused to address, as well as looking into the Afghan police chief and his sex slave.

  15. You need to talk to my son and his buddies – Marines all – who were at Now Zad w/ Maj Brezler. They universally thought at the time that he didn’t feel that the rules applied to him. The fact that he departed with 106 classified documents in his possession is stark evidence that he thought that way. I did 27 years in the Nsvy, and know that you NEVER attach a personal stick to a SIPRNET (classified) computer. Yes – my son will tell you there were limited resources at Now Zad. Doesn’t give you permission to break the rules. I could go on – but the testimony of Marines I know and respect is that he had his DD coming.

    1. And you think that’s conclusive, eh?
      I don’t. The mere fact that no action was taken regardless of rules broken to prevent an unnecessary loss is a huge red flag, and in my mind trumps second hand accusations.
      Since I don’t have access to all the facts or any idea of the accuracy of the ‘facts’ I do have I’ll reserve judgement, but from where I sit it looks most like a political hack job with maybe a little dislike and payback thrown in. It’s too draconian for anything else.

      1. Here. Would you like it first hand – from someone who was in Now Zad w/ Bresler: “The three panel judge group was spot on. Prosecutor Maj. Hodge was spot on. Brezler knew what he was doing, knew it was wrong, and did it anyways. If for some sliver of a chance he did not know it, the Corps does not need an incompetent officer leading Marines. If this man can’t scroll to the top or bottom of any page he got his information from and read in larger letters than the documents text and in bold words the word secret he is a dumb ass!!!! Should not have gotten off so easily.”

        1. I’d like to not see any more hearsay when I have no way of determining it’s accuracy. If this is a set up that’s bad, if Brezler is the ass yall claim that’s bad.
          Other than that, whatever.

        2. If he had sent the information he was asked for, (which was then not acted upon), back on ‘secure channels’ it would have simply ‘disappeared’. I know that, he knew that and with your military experience, you know that too.
          If the ‘General’s boy’ had taken preemptive action against the police chief (which he probably couldn’t do anyway, considering the ‘ROE’s’), we would never heard anything about the Major’s ‘transgressions’. 😉
          20 years in the Navy, you know there’s got to be a ‘fall guy’. Think back to Kimmel and Short, Pearl Harbor.

        3. I’m not military so anyone can make fun of me for what I’m about to say- but If I was sent over to fight, I would rather be put under the charge of someone who broke a rule to try and warn others to save lives than someone who ignored and allowed others to die. But I guess that’s why I’d have never made it in the military.

    1. I was under the impression it was Honorable too?
      Might be ‘General Discharge, under Honorable conditions’.

        1. That’s what I thought but civilian reporters don’t understand that there are more than just 2 types of discharge.

    2. Title was wrong. Earlier article feared he would get DD. He was honorably discharged with full benefits guess that means he had his 20 years or more for retirement.

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