Sunday Matinee: Walid Shoebat on Bible Prophecy

I decided to go back and watch Walid Shoebat’s lecture on Bible Prophecy that he did at the 2008 SoCal Prophecy Conference. It’s amazing. I’ve seen it once before some time back, and while I still remember a great deal from it, I learned quite a bit from it again tonight. Part of the reason is because it’s one of his more comprehensive teachings on Bible Prophecy so there’s a lot to take in.

Also, I hesitate to call it a ‘lecture’ because there is nothing boring about it. Walid Shoebat is one of the most entertaining guys I’ve ever heard talk about Bible prophecy and he had the audience in stitches quite a bit. But even more than that Walid gets it like no other before him. There are many now who have switched to his scriptural way of looking at Bible prophecy because the case he makes is so compelling. Even Jack Van Impe has starting promoting Walid’s book on Bible Prophecy on his prophecy show. He just started doing that in 2013.

Now this runs a couple of hours in total but I assure you every minute is worth watching, even if you’ve seen it before.


PART ONE (queued to start at 5:05):


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