Syed Farook’s friend: “There’s so many sleeper cells, so many people just waiting”

In light of the news brought by the Obama administration whistleblower last night, this seems highly plausible and pretty dang scary:

NY TIMES – The regulars did not take it seriously when Enrique Marquez mused about terrorism at Morgan’s Tavern, a dank dive bar where the bespectacled 24-year-old hauled ice, cleaned bathrooms and checked ID’s at the door. After a few drinks, he would just start talking – about his money woes, trying to lose weight, wanting to join the Navy. News reports about terror were just fodder for more bar talk.

“He would say stuff like: ‘There’s so much going on. There’s so many sleeper cells, so many people just waiting. When it happens, it’s going to be big. Watch,’ ” said Nick Rodriguez, a frequent patron who had known Mr. Marquez on and off for the past two years. “We took it as a joke. When you look at the kid and talk to him, no one would take him seriously about that.”


But nine days after a husband and wife slaughtered 14 people in a terrorist attack at a county health department meeting, Mr. Marquez, a childhood friend of the husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, has become a crucial if unlikely figure in the investigation of the attack — which was just the kind he would discuss when terrorism news reports flashed onto the tavern’s television.


Marquez is a Muslim and deserves to be behind bars. But given that he’s been talking to the FBI a lot over the last few days, I hope they are learning everything he knows about this stuff because there is clearly a deficit in intelligence created by the Obama administration.

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