Tea party leader: Chris McDaniel should run as write-in candidate in November election

Conservatives are ticked that Republicans would campaign for Democrats to vote for Thad Cochran in order to beat McDaniel, so it doesn’t surprise me that some are already calling for McDaniel to run as a write-in candidate:

WASHINGTON TIMES – The head of tea party group said Wednesday that state Sen. Chris McDaniel should wage a write-in campaign in the November election after losing to Sen. Thad Cochran in a nasty Mississippi primary race.

Judson Phillips, the vocal leader of Tea Party Nation, an online group that backed Mr. McDaniel in the race, said that Mr. Cochran and his allies made it abundantly clear in the contest that the “RINO wing” of the Republican party will do whatever it can to stay in power — in this case by reaching out to Democrats.

“When the Republican Establishment acts like Democrats, what is the point of supporting them?” Mr. Phillips said in an early morning email blast. “The answer is, we don’t have to.

“Every McDaniel supporter in Mississippi from DeSoto County in the North to Biloxi in the South should stand up today and tell Chris McDaniel that if he runs as a write-in candidate in November, they will support him,” he said.

The world is that McDaniel is looking to challenge the results, and maybe he is. If there was voter fraud them I’m all about it getting uprooted and exposed. I will say that these kind of challenges are often very tough to win, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

As far as write-in campaign, I’m just not sure I believe something like that can win in Mississippi. But if it happens, Cochran and the Republican establishment have themselves to blame. It’s one thing for Democrats to vote in an open GOP primary of their own volition. It’s another thing for Republicans to actively campaign for those votes, using scare tactics and such.

But at this point, there’s no indication that McDaniel is even considering such a move.

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