Teacher invited Muslim neighbor to speak to students on 9/11, CANCELED after backlash

Parent’s didn’t appreciate having a surprise Muslim speaker come to speak to their kids on 9/11. Not one bit:

Here’s what our friends at Creeping Sharia said about it:

Note the sneaky manner in which a teacher invites a Muslim to proselytize impressionable young kids ON 9/11! Without even telling the parents! And note how the media focus on those who sympathize with Muslims.

Contrary to the grandmother’s opinion, she should preach her understanding meme to Muslims and see how that works out.

It was only 30-some miles away in 2009 that another Muslim waged jihad in Little Rock, Arkansas shooting up an Army recruiting base killing one and wounding another. The Sister of professed jihadi says he changed after converting to Islam. Another foreign-funded Muslim group in Little Rock was planning a Muslim-only enclave in the area back in 2006. But we should just understand them and let them preach to our children?

So who was the Muslim speaker? What Islamic group(s) is he a member of? What mosque does he attend? Has the school vetted him and his level of adherence to sharia law? Is he part of the separatist group mentioned above?

Despite the cancellation, it appears only temporary. That’s right, the Muslim dawah has been RESCHEDULED.

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95 thoughts on “Teacher invited Muslim neighbor to speak to students on 9/11, CANCELED after backlash

  1. What need is there to understand both sides of the story?People know that 9/11 was caused by radical Muslims.Can’t recall people blaming all Muslims for what happened so there was no need to bring this guy in.

  2. RESCHEDULED – I would make sure my kids did NOT go to school that day.

    What kind of school is this – they make it where if a kid prays or speaks about Jesus or God they are in trouble and no preachers ever come to school yet they can bring a muslim to speak to them GIVE ME A BREAK

  3. If it was a mistake, she is stupid and should be FIRED because you don’t deserve to teach our children.

    If did it on purpose you should be FIRED because you don’t deserve to teach our children.

  4. That town should swamp that school and demand the teacher be fired and sent packing. The only way to stop the evil from taking over is to confront it head on with the truth.

  5. A lot depends on what kind of Muslim and what kind of message would be delivered. I’d be more offended if John McCain were speaking, versus a patriotic Muslim American who paid homage to the victims, and denounced the terrorists and their ideology.

  6. Wonder why this teacher didn’t invite the victims of Islamic terrorism to come to her school and speak? She is perpetrating evil.


    This teacher could learn something from the following young boy so that she hopefully changes her ways.

    Boy Tells People About Friend in Hell

    1. Thanks 12grace, This Christian boy is simply amazing and confident about his faith, I notice as the camera pans around he had everyone’s full attention.
      Reminded me of the book of Acts chapter 2, in the holy christian scriptures.

  7. I fully agree with this statement: “Contrary to the grandmother’s opinion, she should preach her understanding meme to Muslims and see how that works out.”

    I am sick of people bending over backwards trying to “understand’ islam, and letting ‘moderate’ muslims speak. There are no moderate muslims.
    Also – how does understanding islam help children to understand 9/11? It doesn’t – unless their parents, grandparents and teachers want to reinforce the prog meme that “we”, the Christians in the West, are guilty and that 9/11 was our fault.

    1. i have replies to my comments posted on my LiveFyre from TRS, but they aren’t on this list, so I’m not able to respond. Sorry.

      glad to see you here tinlizzisowner

    2. @tinlizzieowner, I wonder if TRS has been hacked or if LivFyre is having a server problem.
      Think I’ll contact LiveFyre and see what they have to say.

    3. @tinlizzieowner, just left a message for Colleen at Livefyre.

      I have never seen this happen before. wonder if they’ve been hacked.

  8. tinlizzieowner 
    They need to separate the Christians from the “enlightened”. 
    Union educators prefer the mindset of the twelfth century.
    Some teachers shouldn’t be anywhere children.

  9. Only a brainless boob wallowing in moral relativism that believes leftist propaganda about Muslims being picked on would do something this stupid and think it was okay. What is worse that is what is schooling your kids and it is infectious. Did you hear the young girl talking?! While they are at it maybe they can arrange a Nazi to speak in a synagogue and dredge up some Japanese for Pearl Harbor remembrances. Sheesh! I’m also going to add that if that Muslim wants outreach speaking to children is not the way to go about it.

    The whole situation lacks class and tact…but both of those require a braincell.

  10. SusanKK Scolded for the Truth It is extremely important that the people of our Nation understand the true Muslim religion. The major majority is totally clueless, or have their own version, passed on from somebody that really doesn’t know either.  Some years ago there was a TV show and some body on the show kept referring to a character as the man with the ‘mountain of misinformation’. ‘Might have been Flip Wilson, ‘here come da judge’, anybody remember?

  11. Bill in Tennessee At times it seems hopeless and you’re running out of steam and energy, and then you see others with a head full of steam, you catch your breath, pick yourself up and go on again. Scoop seems to be one of the better places to be, where patriot seem to gather, and bloviaters don’t seem to last all that long. I have been on other sites and it seems one idiot follows the other, most don’t have a clue what they’re talking about, but figure they need to put their two cents worth in.

  12. Anybody else notice that ‘the separation of church and state’ in schools these days, only seems to apply to the Christian church? 😉 😉
    Obama hosted a Ramadan celebration on the White House lawn during his first term, where was ‘separation of church and state’, then? ?

  13. Bill589 I really doubt, with the exception of a small minority, that there is any concern for the people of the country, their day is filled with making deals to benefit ,……….. and I’ll let you fill in the blanks.

  14. TIMERUNNERSC If we can’t tug on your liberal heart strings one way, and make you ‘feel bad’ it’s always good to bring up   the ‘children’ .

  15. I was on 27th floor WTC bldg. 7 and witnessed the second plane hit the second tower. Thereafter I witnessed all the people who jumped or were pushed from the towers. I lost my fireman bro in law who went up the tower and died in the collapse… 
    I would enjoy very much to give any moslem sympathizer a good SODOMY STICK treatment Abner Louima style. Look it up if you don’t know…

  16. Army_Pilot1967 My thought exactly, I was going to post that thought, until I saw yours. yeah, seems grammy is a real winner too. “we need to be nice to the people”, yeah see what that will get you. I’ll give you two guesses who she voted for and first one don’t count.

  17. I am blessed to know that my 2 girls have missed the “Muslim Wave” in our schools today.
    My heart goes out to parents who have young ones and seemingly no control on what their kids are taught, but only hear of them being indoctrinated after the fact. 
    Pretty scary school system we have these days.

  18. Bill in Tennessee PVG Mark Levin is my hero and apart from God, the only one who gives me hope!
    Out here in CA, it’s pretty much hopeless……….

  19. warpmine   No, they approve of it.  So when do we start hanging these traitourous commies from lamp posts?

  20. K-Bob Army_Pilot1967 Might add, those Christians living in Syria as well as the Copts living in Egypt that are being slaughtered for just for being Christians pretty well understand why they’re being targeted by Islam. Now you would thing that a teacher could learn a simple life lesson but you’d be dead wrong. Seriously, what’s wrong with these folks? Can it be treated without forcing them to experience it first hand?(i know the answer)

  21. warpmine lawngreen adoerfler How I wish I could. Of course, unless something changes drastically – and it just might – islam will come to them, right here in the US.
    The muslims don’t seem to process the fact that this is the only nation they’ve ever tried to conquer that had a second Amendment and a living God.

  22. Scolded for the Truth SusanKK Therefore, we must allow Muslims to emigrate here so we can live in fear. WTF???????????????
    Again, folks, our leaders are stupid f***s

  23. adoerfler  We should tell them, “Here’s your ticket to your non-optional educational year in Iran. When – make that if – you come back, then you can tell us yourself about the beauty and tolerance and joy of islam.”

  24. The folks at Creeping Sharia are spot on!
    Can’t seem to explain the reason why teachers are always do friggin clueless about the world around us. I would surmise that they live in a closed world of make believe and entertainment because nothing else can logically explain it.

  25. Sorry, I no longer trust the public school’s “intentions”. Here’s what they SHOULD be doing – teaching the children to READ, to WRITE, and do MATH. For some reason, they can’t manage those topics, so they teach recycling, ecology and political correctness. Don’t just tell them no, tell them “Hell no”.

  26. kong1967 TIMERUNNERSC  I’m seeing a constant picture its not the citizens who capitulate its the elected reps who are not only betraying their oath of office there by betraying their Nation, but also betraying their countrymen. It is without a doubt coming to a head. Sad part is most of the politicians in both parties are way ahead of the citizen about whats happening to their lives.
     The tax payers must meet together get inform an inform their neighbors, people are eager to hear the truth and how to help their nation,and they want to reject any one wanting  a program of appeasement and intrusions by government, the tax payer. For example 7 people in Colorado worked and were able to recall and then led the way that voted out of office 2 miscreant oath breakers. This is the energy Americans must continue to express in a massive way all across the nation. This is America the people are more than wide awake, they are looking for substance with action. We must stand up for our Constitution, The Bill Of Rights and our Declaration Of Independence. That is our American obligation as natural born citizens and our oaths as Americans.

  27. Yeah, good on the parents for bringing an end to the speech on 9/11 — which seems more than a bit insensitive on the part of the “teacher” — but, personally, methinks I do agree with the school-issued letter claiming that there was a general misunderstanding of what was intended.  Of course, who’s fault is that?  Why, it would be the school’s, too.

    So here’s what let’s do: let’s have the Muslim come in, and then let’s have one of those patriotic motorcyclists who drove to our Capitol to honor those fallen on 9/11 also come in and speak.  Then, let those young skulls full of mush hear more than one side of a perspective.  I’ve no problem with that.

    It just seems really curious, though, that the school and the “teacher” thought this was a good idea on 9/11.  That’s the real issue I’d rather see addressed.

  28. Scolded for the Truth SusanKK 
    Differing factions of Muslims constantly struggle with each other for control but when it comes to wiping the infidels off the map … ALL factions have meeting of the minds.

  29. stage9… or host a White House dinner for Christian community leaders at Easter … at Christmas

    Obama hosting Ramadan dinner at White House
    August 10, 2012
    WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama will celebrate the Islamic holy month of Ramadan by hosting an iftar (ifta) dinner Friday night at the White House.
    The iftar is the meal that breaks the day of fasting, when Muslim families and communities eat together after sunset. ….
    Invited guests include elected officials, religious and grass-roots leaders in the Muslim American community and leaders of diverse faiths and members of the diplomatic corps
    Obama hosts Ramadan dinner at White House
    July 25, 2013, 10:57 PM
    WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama saluted Muslim Americans on Thursday for their contributions in helping build the nation as business entrepreneurs, technology innovators and pioneers in medicine.
    Obama spoke at a White House dinner he hosted to celebrate the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. The meal, or iftar, breaks the day of fasting when Muslim families and communities eat together after sunset.
    Obama said Ramadan is “a time of reflection, a chance to demonstrate ones devotion to God through prayer and through fasting, but it’s also a time for family and friends to come together.”

  30. Army_Pilot1967  
    Yep.  The guys who tried handing out Christian lietature on a public street in Dearborn were removed by the Dearborn police (who are controlled by a sharia-happy mayor).
    And there’s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOSPgp4Bk3M, where people (including kids) threw stuff at Christians, including dangerous objects.
    We have to wade into these areas.  In LARGE groups.  Same with certain inner city areas, frankly.

  31. “There are two sides to every story….”  Try and teach that to muslims and see how far you get.
    “We all need to be understanding of each other…”  Try that one on muslims too….bet it won’t work out too well for you, but give it a try.

  32. TIMERUNNERSC  That’s a good song.  Hey, wait….are you serenading me?  Lol, just teasing.  
    My biggest concern about terrorism is how we approach Islam here at home.  They can easily defeat us from the inside over many years, and we will be Britain when their population expands.  It doesn’t look good because we are being not only pacifist but we capitulate.  We allowed a mosque to be built right next to the WTC right after it happened.  That’s just one example, but there are many.
    We must stand up to Islam here and quit appeasing them.

  33. Bill589  Usually killings by other religions aren’t tied to the religion, and every group has nutcases in it.  Islam teaches the caliphate and to kill all infidels, tax them to exist, or enslave them.  It’s the religion that’s the problem.

  34. TIMERUNNERSC  What?  …and I forgot the popcorn!  Why the bombs and artillery fire?  Because Raid isn’t strong enough to kill these cockroaches!

  35. WHAT?  The teacher thought it best to teach the students that there are two sides to every story?  Excuse me, you stupid twit, you do not empathize with the enemy!!  You can always take opposing fighters in a war and find out they have causes to be sympathetic for, but there’s only one side we need to concern ourselves about, and that’s OURS!!  Once you empathize with the enemy you don’t have the backbone to defeat them.
    All we need to know is that Muslims are butchering people all around the world regularly.  I don’t care what the reason is.  Not all Muslims are terrorists, but they are all sympathetic to the cause and they breed the bastards that butcher people in the name of Islam.  Stop brain washing your kids to hate and they won’t be terrorists.  Until then, go straight to hell MUSLIMS!!

  36. Thanks Scoop absolutely right on the mark. Hey guys did we Notice how they brought out the 13 year old to excuse the teacher and the school district.. hey that’s SOP. 
    dang this is good stuff that really does protects our children. 
    thanks again Scoop.

    God Bless America:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9aeBgmO5oE   We the people love you America and we never forget you. America just knowing your here gives our lives our sunshine on those dark lonely days.

  37. I suppose there are Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. that want to kill Americans.
    But at least 99.999% of the people who want to kill us appear to be Moslem.
    I don’t remember anyone shouting praise for the Buddha or Jesus as they murder us.
    I wish politicos would be more concerned with stating the truth than being politically correct.

  38. “There’s always two sides to every story.” – the teacher
    Yes there is. One side is the truth.
    The other side is what the progressive schools are pushing on our children.

  39. ”As part of the class, one of the children would be invited to marry the speaker in a mock Islamic ceremony. Should she agree, as part of the ‘understanding islam’ study, she would be held down and forcibly have her clitoris removed without anaesthetic before being dressed in a bin liner and beaten for the crime of attending school. However if she refused the marriage proposal boys from the class would be invited to gang rape the girl before stoning her to death for apostasy.
    It’s a great shame the class did not have the opportunity to enjoy what could have been a great cultural learning experience.”
    Mr Wefty Lanker
    School Principal

  40. Sounds like some good ole’ fashion Islamic Dawah (proselytizing). The fact they choose to do it on 9/11 is bad enough, but when stuff like this happens. People need to be digging around, because you can be sure that CAIR or some other Islamic special interest group has a hand in it. I said it before, the only people to blame for Islam’s negative image is Muslims. When they don’t condemn terrorism carried out in it’s name or condemn Shariah Law, what do they expect?

  41. These people (children, teachers) have already been brainwashed… what a travesty.
    What’s there to understand? Muslims killed thousands of innocent Americans on 9/11 and the Muslim community didn’t condemn them or show any support for those who were killed.
    And the sneaky manner in which this was carried out proves these idiot academics KNEW IT WAS WRONG.

  42. SusanKK Scolded for the Truth You are exactly right. Muslims must support other muslims–its the law of Islam.

  43. Las1 
    Makes one wonder. All I know is that God knew if I had been born later, had my children now, I would be in jail on a regular basis…until I could get them in private Christian school…if I could.

  44. badbadlibs Las1  
     She also has that Janet Napolitano look down as well. Complete with attendant arrogant mug. I wonder what other progressive “inclusive” ideas she’s introducing into the class.  But who am I to speculate?

  45. Las1
    We need to be understanding of each other… that’s is what we’re supposed to be.”
    And is there a line that can ever be drawn? Any old mass murdering group can qualify? Who else does she want to understand, how about some Nazi’s or the kkk . The muzzies murdered 3,000 Americans, whose greatest crime was showing up for work that day, or getting on an airplane…again, most working. She’s sick and I hope the parents keep up the heat.

  46. badbadlibs SusanKK Scolded for the Truth  
    Or what about inviting a former Muslim to talk about his insights into 911.  Naa!  Won’t happen.

  47. The usual progressive condescension on display from the teacher who declares that lack of understanding is the problem.  She knows better, of course… it’s those dumb rubes, that these poor kids have for parents, who need to learn and understand.  And she’s just the one to enlighten them … through their kids of course.

  48. Las1 
    All I can say is, great post and thank goodness for dictionary dot com!
    The day it dawned on me that the PC crowd was going to cover for the muzzies and not stop, I knew any sense of victory over their brand of evil and murder was lost.

  49. “What was supposed to be a simple lecture on the Muslim culture…”
    What a loaded statement.  It can be a simple as Islamic supremacism to convert the infidel or subject him to the sword… or as complicated as all the attendant developed doctrines to subvert and overthrow Western civilization.  Take your pick.
    There’s always two sides to every story.  Mikki Reagan (the teacher) 
    Only the progressive subversives teaching our kids could insult us with such a simplistic excuse to cover their perfidy.

  50. SusanKK Scolded for the Truth 
    I wonder how many Christians have been invited to THIS school to speak about their beliefs?

  51. PVG Bill in Tennessee No, not really.  Who would you call? …or write?  And what good would it do?  We’re past the point of civil things like petitions and writing our Congressman…those days are long gone, as worthless gestures as they were.  We’re getting now to the point of open  revolt, civil disobedience, and who knows beyond that. One thing that certainly needs to happen, education needs to be returned to local rule, the Dept. of Education done away with, and schools held accountable only to the local community or state.  Local PTAs and school boards need to process teacher applications and hold no-limits interviews… “What are your political leanings?”  “What party, if any, to you belong to?”   “Are you a communist?”  We would weed out the incompetents very quickly.   That’s what we can do, forget calling  or writing anyone, there’s no  one coming to save us.  We need to do this ourselves.  That’s why Levin’s book “The  Liberty Amendments” appeals to me so much.

  52. Bill in Tennessee I asked that very same question……What is wrong with these people??? Can we write call or at least insist that there be another speaker with an opposing view?

  53. OK,  now THIS one I can readily pounce on (the other story of a teacher asking students to write about if they were about to die in the 9-11 attack sounded a little more plausible)…but this one, NO WAY!!  All I want to hear from any Muslim on 9-11 is either (1) complete silence, (2) an apology, or (3) a denunciation of radical Islam. Otherwise, just shut the *#*$ up.  As long as I live I will neither forget NOR forgive what happened on 9-11, so if they don’t want my rage up their burkha, they”d better just keep a respectful distance.  
    As an alternative speaker, there are people in nearly every mid-sized town in America who either evacuated from one of the towers, was near the towers when the planes hit, or know someone who was….or who died in the attack.  Right here in my Tennessee home town we have numerous people who had relatives or friends who fled or who died in the towers.  Why couldn’t the teacher find a person like that to recount their story and their relative/friend/s story for the class?   Why sully the memory of that day with a Muslim speaker? 
    I take offense at this, and hope this teacher is roundly criticized and professionally admonished for such stupid, insensitive behavior.   Honest to God, I don’t know what is WRONG with people today, this borders on insanity.

  54. Scolded for the Truth I asked a Muslim man once why other Muslims didn’t stand up and denounce the actions on 9/11.   He seemed surprised that I would ask that.  He said, “Because that would be criticizing a Muslim brother.  It would be punishable – up to and including death.”

  55. Scolded for the Truth 
    Wonder how many times a Christian has been invited to a madrassa in Iran, Saudi Arabia, or wherever, and asked to speak about his beliefs.    No, wait . . . wonder how many Christians have been beheaded in those countries for their beliefs.

  56. Why doesn’t anyone ever think to ask a CHRISTIAN to speak in our classrooms?? After all, it IS the founding faith of our nation!

  57. There isn’t alway two sides to every story (in the context of the statement in this video); often there is a right side and a wrong side. Also, contrary to the little girl’s comment, it IS okay to treat some people differently from others. The action or lack of action by some people (Muslims in regard to terrorism) does not give people a right to be heard. People may have freedom of speech, but no one is required to listen to them. Muslims need to be more publicly vocal about their hate of terrorism in the name of Allah. The problem is that they can’t as long as they remain consistent with Islamic teaching.

  58. 8th Grade socialist studies. Stupid kids just wanted a speaker, so they would less work to do. Stupid liberal parents want their kids indoctrinated to be even dumber, than they are. This is why I support destroying the public education system, in favor of privatization.

  59. Hope the school gives parents notice so that they can all keep their kids at home and this person speaks to an empty room

  60. Victim card being played again. Note the student who says ‘it’s unfair’ and now has greater sympathy for this speaker before she’s even heard him.

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