Ted Cruz crushes competition in 2016 presidential straw poll

This happened about 10 days ago but I think it’s worth noting because our straw poll essentially yielded the same result, and that’s with 4 times the number of votes:

HUFFINGTON POST – Although U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has not expressed interest in running for president in 2016, he overwhelmingly won the support of conservatives at Colorado Christian University’s fourth-annual Western Conservative Summit over the weekend.

The star speaker of the conservative conference, Cruz garnered 45 percent of the 504 votes cast and handily capturing the lead in the straw poll over Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker — who delivered the keynote address at the summit and gathered 13 percent of the vote. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R) and former Florida Rep. Allen West (R) both tied for third with only 9 percent of the vote.

Paul didn’t attend the summit while West was a featured speaker on Sunday.

So, with this level of support, would Cruz consider making a run for the 2016 GOP nomination for president?

“At this point, 100 percent of my focus is on the U.S. Senate,” Cruz said over the weekend, The Washington Times reports. “And the reason is simple: The Senate’s the battlefield. The Senate is where these fights are being fought,” Cruz added. “So I’m devoting my time, number one, to trying to stand up for free-market principles and the Constitution.”


On a side note, Ted Cruz was interviewed by TIME where he spoke about several things, including his views on foreign policy. I’ll spoil the surprise – he’s not an isolationist like Peter King keeps saying. You can read the interview here.

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132 thoughts on “Ted Cruz crushes competition in 2016 presidential straw poll

  1. How about a poll to see how many are for emptying the Senate of actual GOP leaders there now by luring them into the distraction of running for president the next few years and forgoing winning a majority in 2014? How about a poll to see how many think getting a majority in BOTH houses of Congress isn’t just as important as getting a conservative Republican in the White House if we want to actually be able to reverse course? How about a poll to see how many are ok with just a House majority (if we can keep it) and a Dem Senate so a GOP president will have to operate by executive fiat just like Obama does? How about a poll to see how experience, testing, and record of actual accomplishments compares to inexperience and soaring rhetoric in qualifying candidates for President of the U.S. and Commander In Chief of our military? Better yet, how about a poll to see how many of us are sick of these DAILY 2016 Presidential polls 3 years out from the election?

  2. T
    his will drive the left wing Nuts and for sure will gather anything shit that Cruz did.    Cruz will save our country.  Of course is the right guy and he is eligible .

  3. I cannot express my absolute joy and enthusiasm at this straw poll result for Sen Ted Cruz..
    He is not only the best person to lead America out of this Obama State dictatorship, who has the absolute determined will to dismantle every tyrannical Unconstitutional Obama law and policy that has been installed and imposed upon America, but he is the only one among a handful of real Reagan Constitutional Conservative / true American Patriots in the Republican Party who has absolutely no fear, and most especially is the absolute epitome of the anti-Rove Bush McCain GOP est RINO liberal Obama colluder.

  4. Cruz is badly needed to serve out the term for which he was elected in the US Senate. What good can any GOP president do without a solid majority in both house of Congress? Why are so many currently serving GOP senators being lured to run for president in 2016? We need Constitutional pitbulls in the Congress. Does everyone expect to have a GOP president serving with no support from Congress? Do you expect a GOP president to govern by executive fiat like Barack Obama? I like Cruz a lot but he has not been tested nor gained the experience needed to take on the job as president and Commander In Chief. There is only one who is fully prepared, tested, and ready to seve and that is Rick Santorum. I was fully on board with Santorum in 2012 and have zero reason to not support him in 2016. With barebones organization and meager funds, Santorum was outspent at times 10 to 1 and won 11 states and more total counties than all of his opponents COMBINED before he was forced out by the GOP establishment powers that be. Things will be very different next time around. I am so very grateful that Ronald Reagan gave it another shot after 1976. Cruz will be a terrific replacement for King Harry.

  5. Although I think Ted Cruz is a Great Conservative I think a combination of Rand Paul and Mike Lee would make for a better choice…….along with Allen West.  Allen West is the most conservative of all and should not be overlooked in any way.  He would do wonders for any future Conservative ticket.   I think I have just mentioned the 4 most Conservative people in the country…….but then again I may have left out someone…..so chime in let me know…..

  6. Ted Cruz isn’t conservative enough… according to some on this site.  I’ve seen Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, and even Ted Cruz get attacked for their “liberal” views.  This just proves that there isn’t a “true” conservative.  I would take any of these people over John McCain anyday though. 😛

    1. redford1974 Yeah but it won’t be over illegal amnesty or Obamacare and you can bank on that one!

  7. He’s my Senator! God Bless you Senator Cruz, keep giving them hell! I’d vote for Cruz for President in a heartbeat.

    1. Freedomswatch     IMHO I find it just mind boggling,  that after having gone thru several elections over the last few years, the same old rhetoric is abundant.
           First, people just don’t want to get on the same page, and aim at a common goal.
           Second, If Jesus Christ were to run, people would find something wrong about Him.
          Third. Well, look around you and see what all that nitpicking got you.
      I hope everybody is happy.  Divided we stood and divided we fell. Is this what we really want to keep doing?    Is this the price we want to keep paying? and pass on to our offspring, and future generations?  We better smarten up.
      Ted Cruz may not everything, many of you want, but in my opinion, he has the right background, a personality that people want to be looking at, he is a very well spoken man, and someone that can be trusted. He’s not two faced, he says it like it is, and he does not care if you like it or not,  at least you know where he’s coming from. 
            And I can live with that.       There is not too much to brag about the rest of the 98%, that likes to be called “leaders of a free society.”
      We, at this point of the game cannot afford to be a “fickle Society” much longer. 
      :From a Veteran, and Voter for the last 60 some years.

      1. NPC1 Freedomswatch I’ve always known Ted Cruz is who we need for our candidate. He smart, articulate and can speak off the top of his head. He gives as good  as he gets. Oh and did I mention he seems to have a pair between his legs UNLIKE many in the Republican Party.

        1. trouble06NPC1Freedomswatch Here is where they seperate the real from the fake,
          The deciding question was, “Re-arrange the letters P N E S I to
          spell out an important part of the human body that is more useful when
          Those who spelled SPINE became doctors. The rest are in Congress

  8. One, thanks for posting story – it may have old news, but I wasn’t aware of straw poll results. Senator Cruz is the person I’m supporting now and will continue to support up to election day 2016. If he doesn’t  run, I’m not sure anyone else could defeat a Christie’s likely run.
    Let’s face it, the GOP being the party with a big tent, has many members who are moderate to liberal. RINO is a synonym for Republicans in general. Christie will raise big bucks and some will come from Democrats.
    I Like Governor Martinez, but she doesn’t have the name recognition of Sen. Cruz or Christie.
    The portion of the Time article that got my attention was in fact Cruz’s foreign policy view as RS hinted about:
    “…The person whose views on foreign policy mine are closest to is Ronald Reagan. Reagan’s views on foreign policy, and how I would characterize my views, are that I think the United States should be a clarion voice for liberty, that we should speak against oppression, against tyranny and for freedom…”
    I recommend all to give the Time article at least a quick scan. And lastly, Peter King has rapidly become one of the biggest Republican schmucks in Congress.

    1. Conservator1 I hope Cruz doesn’t support or want to follow Reagan’s illegal alien amnesty path that destroyed California and led to the millions more illegals we have today.

        1. lanahi Orangeone Conservator1 We’ve heard it second hand.  My point is that the GOPe continue to throw out amnesty is exactly what Reagan would do. And they are correct, he did and started the spiriling destruction of our country that it caused.  No president EVER gave amnesty until Reagan, many times it has occurred and been tried since.

        1. Conservator1 Orangeone Thank you for the links.  I’ve been reading and watching closely. I’ve never heard him say the illegal aliens should be deported. That’s what I need to hear.  Anything short rewards the illegal behaviors.

  9. Here we go again. Cruz is the flavor of the month.  Republicans can’t use rationale if it bit them in the butt.  There are others much more qualified but she’s not a he.

    1. I think she will step back if someone else will serve though. In my heart I believe she does not want to be President, wod. Of course, that makes her the best choice.
      Joan of Arc. But remember what happened to Joan.
      Besides, maybe Cruz is ‘the real deal’ too. God knows we need more of them.

    2. wodiej  Who?  Hillary? 
      Lol, just kidding.  Palin probably isn’t going to run.  I would like to see West/Palin, or vice versa.  I like Cruz but he’s still in the early stages of development.

      1. kong1967 You’re correct about it being early for a person like Cruz to run for president. But didn’t Obama begin his presidential candidacy shortly after he took office in the Senate? I could support West/Palin, but Ted Cruz is my first choice.
        It’s not an accident he’s received so much coverage from a lefty MSM who literally despise him, but are force to cover because of his popularity. I think he would help Republicans with the Hispanic vote. And like Reagan, I believe he could also get the “blue-dog Democrats” too.

        1. Conservator1  Lol, don’t get me wrong.  I would vote for Cruz in a heartbeat.  By the time 2016 rolls around he won’t be new blood any more and will be well tested.
          If Cruz, Palin, and West all ran for President….I would have a mental breakdown….but it would be awesome.

        2. Conservator1 kong1967 At least Cruz has successful resume’ unlike the liar-in-chief that voted present, walked with the New Black Panthers. Cruz clerked for the chief justice of the SCOTUS, has successfully argued constitutional cases before the SCOTUS.

        3. Orangeone kong1967 – I look forward to reading your comments – it’s always a spot on analysis.

    3. wodiej  
      Flavor of the month? Man, you have not been paying attention.
      More like “The only one in congress consistently fighting for the right things.”
      No one else has gotten it right, and been so effective, with the possible exception of Mike Lee.

      1. K-Bob wodiej No some have not been paying attention and unfortunately they will still vote. Just unconscionable.

    4. wodiej   If Hillary runs, Sarah should also run.  That way they couldn’t bring out some kind of gender discrimination next, lol!
      I’d like Cruz as the Senate Majority Leader.

  10. America is craving a leader with some backbone!  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz!  WOOT!!

      1. DebbyX WolfieUSA Me too!  
        They would be untouchable by the Libs and Dems, they can’t play the race card, the immigrant card, the nothing card.  Imagine the libs having to face these two great patriots on the ISSUES!

        1. WolfieUSA DebbyX  Oh Wolfie, EVERYONE is touchable by the gimmecrats & their minions in the media.  If they don’t have any dirt, they’ll just make some up or pay someone to claim sexual harassment.  The good thing about those two guys is that they’ll NEVER let anyone get away with that!

        2. WolfieUSA DebbyX Then they would use crazy, stupid, or evil. Can’t debate the economic disaster that is Barack H. Obama.

        3. marketcomp WolfieUSA DebbyX As Jon Lovitz of “Saturday Night Live” might say about , Ted Cruz and Allan West 2016, “Yeah! That’s the ticket!”

  11. Ted Cruz = Sarah Palin, //  Sarah Palin = Ted Cruz .. loves respects her, is their b/c of her .. Her is a big deal = leader of what ever you want to call it ..

    1. misterlogic0013 Palin certainly helped promote but Cruz is in the US Senate because of Ted Cruz.

      1. Orangeone misterlogic0013 Not according to Cruz which bespeaks his being humble, of course, but do not discount Palin having gone into the belly of the Bush/Rovian beast and basically shoved it in their face.

        1. Freempg Orangeone misterlogic0013 Not discounting Palin going after the establishment. But it is Ted Cruz’s record, his experience, the man that resonated with voters in TX and across the country that contributed to his campaign and worked to get him elected.

  12. This is just proof that nominating a genuine Conservative is how to win.
    Nobody votes enthusiastically for mush.

    1. This was exactly my first thought.
      Of course, eligible or not, the liberals with their usual exquisite logic,  would then start twisting in the breeze with all these ‘birther’ conspiracy theories…and that would be fun to watch, especially if Cruz won the Presidency.

      1. famouswolf Heh.  After ten years of determined ignorance of anything in a man’s past, no matter how outrageous, suddenly it will become “vitally important” to the left to know a little something about the background of a candidate.

  13. I would vote for Cruz in a heartbeat. He is the last best chance the Conservatives have currently serving in Congress. Until Allen West gets back into politics, he’s all we have. Rand Paul is OK, but I think Cruz is more electible. In any case, I just hope and pray that in 2016 the Republicans are not stupid enough to elect another RINO like McCain or Romney. The days of Jeb Bush and Chris Christie being named the “last best hope” for the Republican party really need to be over. If Bush or Christie get the nomination, Hillary will be the next president. If McCain and Romney should have taught the RINOs anything, it’s that you can’t out liberal a liberal Democrat. If Bush or Christie get the nomination, there WILL be a new conservative third party in 2016.

    1. NanNJ Mother born in US and a citizen. We have a POTUS same conditions, Mother born in US. You know the White, Black American

      1. Longiron NanNJ Dad was a naturalized citizen when Ted was born as well, the same is NOT true of the imposter in our WH.

        1. Orangeone Longiron NanNJ I always thought that naturalized meant that the person was born in the US.
          Not the same as becoming a citizen, I could be wrong………….of course.
          Gotta go do some research.

        2. DebbyX Orangeone Longiron NanNJ  
          “Naturalized” only applies to folks who have to go through the process of becoming a citizen, with the tests, the swearing in, and paperwork.
          (They made specific provision in the Constitution and via Amendment to cover people who were here during the time they ratified it, and who were emancipated.)

        3. DebbyX Orangeone Longiron NanNJ Natural born is born in the US.  Rafael Cruz was born in Cuba, legally immigrated to the US and became a naturalized citizen before Ted was born.  So, Ted was born to 2 US citizens, unlike Rubio and Obama.

      2. Longiron NanNJ Yea, but Bam Bam has the forged document stating he was born in HI. Big difference. I personnally think Bam Bam was born in HI, but I go with the story that Frankie Davis is the Dad. I like Cruz, but if he was born in Canada, I’m not so sure. Just me thinking out loud and being honest, I’m on your side.

        1. NanNJ Longiron I go with Cruz, Levin, Dershowitz, all great Constitutional attorneys that know the law and case law better than I could imagine understanding. They all say he meets the requirements.
          Obama may have been born in HI, I’m not so sure but I believe his mother renounced his citizenship in Indonesia. They do not allow dual citizenship.

        1. Orangeone K-Bob NanNJ  
          I’m guessing no robotics were involved in the birth. Probably few chemicals.
          Maybe some latex gloves.  Totally natural.

        2. K-Bob Orangeone NanNJ Heh!  I think we owe Canada a HUGE thank you for their services :}

  14. Does anyone know for sure whether or not Cruz is actually eligible for President? I’ve seen pro and con, but nothing definitive.

        1. WolfieUSA jdbaird Definitions and opinions (my own included) aside, if obama can become ***and remain*** POTUS, Cruz certainly can.

        1. No, I was just messing around…it’s  just that I have a differing opinion on it than most people on here so personally I just avoid the argument.

    1. famouswolf  
      Heh.  Reminds me of how after a win by Ohio State, Notre Dame or the Cleveland Cavs, Hugh Hewitt will ask guests that he has on–who root for the opposing team, “Say, I haven’t had a chance to look at the sports section today. Have you heard anything about the game last night?”

        1. Hate to admit but there was  a time I enjoyed starting brawls…
          I am half Celt. It’s not my best side.

      Which would be the best idea of all.

      1. Conniption Fitz  
        Let’s say you convince every member of the Supreme Court that the birth certificate is as phony as barack’s love for America.  Let’s also say you somehow prove, in a court of law, that he never really attended Georgetown University.  And let’s even say you manage to prove through DNA testing that he’s really not the son of whoever he claims he was.
        In fact, let’s add in that you also score a copy of his transcripts at Harvard and prove he barely passed and graduated last.
        Even if you managed ALL of those, you aren’t going to get him removed from the White House.  You won’t be granted standing to have the case heard. There will be no appeal.
        All we can do with that is prove that the man is a massive fraud.
        Which he undoubtedly is.

        Now that’s a good thing to prove, and I heartily support that effort.  Because it also exposes the massive fraud that is our media.
        But we’ve reached a point where too few people care about that, either.  (Mostly because the media have largely sunk below the level of “authority” and are now just all tabloids.  ALL of them.  So people expect them to be full of crap.)
        The only way we have left to deal with the NBC clause is:
        A) States should not allow certification for ballots of people who are not NBC
        B) We need an amendment that spells out, explicitly, what the NBC clause means.
        But no matter how hard anyone pushes the birth issue, barack ain’t goin’ nowhere.

    3. famouswolf Cruz himself said he was. He should know. His mother was an American, born and raised, at the time of his birth. Many Americans have been born outside of the country and there is not issue with them either.

      1. He’s a constitutional scholar, so he should know the rules including loopholes and interpretations. Hmm. Time will tell, I guess.
        He looks good right now.

  15. Cruz is definitely one of the good guys and one of the three musketeers!  I would back him for president for sure!

  16. I’m wanna get a UT football jersey and have “Ted Cruz” printed on the back of it. Then I want to get a quality Ted Cruz mask, wear that with it, and walk into our local democrat headquarters and shake everyone’s paw who might be present…the dirty dogs 🙂

    1. Rshill7 RShill – how dare you compare beloved dogs (dirty or not) to those filthy beasts?!?  My pooch (currently with mud-covered paws) is quite offended.  ;~)

  17. Cruz is the most articulate and intellectual Conservative of our time. I love hearing the conversations between him and Mark Levin. It’s almost like witnessing a conversation between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. And any poll where Sen. Cruz is not leading it’s because they don’t know him and have not listen to him translate Conservatism. None in the field, Christie, Ryan, Rand, nor Rubio have the ability to articulate Conservatism and what it means to the individual. Senator Cruz can do that. Period!

  18. First it was Christie-who turned out to be a true blue, self serving politician when obamunist showed up after the hurricane.
    Then there was Marco Rubio aligning himself with Durbin, Schumer and McCain and pervert Menendez

    Now there is Ted Cruz. 
    He seems like the real deal. I hope he’s the real deal. My problem is that since he appears is a politician, but is not speaking like a politician but like a guy concerned about America. 
    The problem is they all are ego maniac control freaks with control issues. 
    I hope Cruz has no skeletons in his closet.

    1. Swordfish Sen. Cruz came from Texas and he beat some extremely polished professional and well funded politicians. So, if he had something in his past that has not been conjured up, then we can bet that there is nothing there. Now some will try to infer and imply and augment any story but it’s up to us to defend him.

    2. Swordfish You might want to check out the court cases Cruz has argued and won before the SCOTUS.  He is a brilliant Constitutional attorney.  Let’s see if we can flush out his intent on illegal aliens.

      1. Orangeone Swordfish Yeah, he says that Obamacare will hurt Black Americans and Hispanic Americans that most. So I think that means that he is not for illegal immigration and advocates for those who came here are inline for legal immigration. Let’s not forget that he was the leading arbiter in the Senate against the Senate’s efforts to give amnesty to those who broke the law.

        1. marketcomp Orangeone Swordfish I know what he’s said, I want to hear him specifically address the issue and explain to taxpayers why people who have violated our borders and many of our laws will be given any opportunity other than a swift kick in the rear out of our country forever (Reuters poll says majority of Americans are right there).

    3. I know it doesn’t really mean something, but with all the aforementioned pols there were red flags all over the place. I don’t see the same with Cruz- he appears to be exactly what you see, like a certain lady from Alaska.

    4. Swordfish  I’m pretty sure that any skeletons would have come out in the Senate run as he was running against an establishment RINO Lt. Governor who spent $$$ on trying to get this seat! The only thing he could come up with was a lie (I don’t use the term misstatement) about a case Cruz litigated, claiming he was supporting a Chinese company over an American business owner. Turns out the owner had shipped all his manufacturing over to China and then his product was stolen by ANOTHER Chinese company. Clearly the owner was not sympathetic and this wasn’t over Cruz supporting a company who was stealing jobs away from an Americans as claimed–there WERE no American jobs involved ! Anyway, it was a whole lot of nothing and if that’s the best they got, this is the cleanest politician ever. 
      That being said, I fully expect the left (and the GOP establishment) to simply LIE and make things up at any cost to come after Cruz should he run.

      1. SheerPolitics Swordfish  They poo pooed the fact that Obama has a fake SS # and and that there is NO birth certificate in Hawaii. But count on the screaming and wailing about Cruz having been born in Canada. Expect a Court battle.

  19. Because as I said the last two elections* that this country is looking for a warrior. Cruz is a warrior.

    *The rest of the world is looking for a warrior as well and Putin is stepping up to fill that void. Is that really what we want?

      1. marketcomp Laurel A Thank you. Let’s face facts people want Reagan…and secretly both sides of the aisle do. the world is increasingly dangerous and people want a safe steady hand at the helm of this country. They want secure leadership and wisdom…not talking points.

        1. Laurel A marketcomp I’ll take a good Conservative like Reagan without the reward of illegal behavior (illegal alien amnesty and chain migration).

      1. Orangeone Laurel A Whoa, Putin is a communist but he may be moving towards Capitalism.

        1. marketcomp Orangeone Laurel A Putin is defending Russian laws and current values a heck of a lot more than Obama is in the US. And you are correct, Putin is moving towards capitalism while O moves quickly towards communism.

        1. It’s hard not to root for whoever is up against o, however.
          It might be better for the Russians to come out on top in Syria, for instance. Never thought I would say something like that, having been in the Med in the seventies facing them down…
          Strange times.

        2. famouswolf I’m not seeing what that has to do with what I said.

          And where have you been? How have you been?

        3. Oh, just that I reject them both too, but find myself in the peculiar position of hoping Putin wins out in Syria. Sort of the lesser of two evils, but OH MY GOD HOW DID IT GET THIS BAD, ya know?
          I was getting angry, hostile, and nasty so I decided to give it a break for a while. Until I could deal with it without destroying something for a while again. I was getting downright disagreeable, my wife tells me. Time to back off, it definitely was.
          I’m OK for what it is, I suppose. Working on a personal project and shopping for weapons and ammo. I had to talk Marilyn into us getting a CCW weapon, looks like it’s going to be a LC9 from Ruger. This is one of the worst things these days, facing up to what is likely coming…I can’t stand the look in her eyes when we talk about it.

        4. famouswolf I know how you feel and I saw you starting to get rattled in your comments to me. My dear you are of no use to your country, your friends and family, your immediate family, or the world at large if you let them win by rattling your cage. Remember justice comes for those with infinite patience and a conscience. And in the end if you are right with God what does it matter?

          Now let me give you some perspective. As bad as things are in this country they have been far worse. Can you imagine living in the run up to the civil war and not being able to freely travel due to your demographic origins? We Americans tend to look at things as we wish them to be, which isn’t always bad, but not always truthful either. There is something to be said for envisioning one’s goals so long as we still tend to reality. Things have been worse in this country…far worse. There is a book by a gentlemen named Conrad Black called ‘Flight of the Eagle’ that will give you a great deal of perspective. You will learn just how bad things can be and have been.

          Be well my dear. And stop talking about it. Enough already. Never hurts to be prepared for anything, disasters included, but dwelling on negatives is not healthy nor productive. It’s akin to having one foot nailed to the floor but the floor is actually a hole. The whole point is to make sure life goes on but be sure you are living that life.

      2. Orangeone I`ve heard Putin is Christian, conservative, actively fighting against the spread of islam in Russia, and stopped the export of Russian children to America, because too many have been adopted by same-sex couples. B.O. is a commie muzbro homo fraud. I`d trade in a heartbeat, Orange

        1. TexasPGRRider Orangeone You are correct on Putin stopping the adoption of Russian children by Americans because of homosexuality. Russia was one of the few countries that permitted unmarried women to adopt.  Lesbians are to blame for many women not being able to adopt any longer.  And there is no relief if you’ve spent thousands on the adoption process.  I hope to see some women sue the homosexuals and the MN legislature over the destruction of marriage legislation because they have now been harmed with the halt on their adoption proceedings.

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