Ted Cruz explains how MEDIA helped derail his campaign, VOWS to fight for party platform

Ted Cruz said this morning in a radio interview that he intends to fight hard in Cleveland to ensure the party platform doesn’t get watered down by Trump or Washington forces. In fact he said that’s one reason they’ve been working so hard to elect conservative delegates to the convention.

Here’s the full interview, in which Cruz not only says the above, but explains in detail how the media helped kill the momentum his campaign had built up, which is why he lost in Indiana.

Listen to the full interview below:

Here is Politico’s summary of part of the interview:

Though Marco Rubio suggested on Thursday that he expect his delegates to be released for Donald Trump and even volunteered to speak on his behalf, Ted Cruz signaled on Friday that he would take a wait-and-see approach when it comes to Cleveland. And the fight for delegates and the party’s platform is far from over, he said, despite Trump having clinched the necessary number to become the nominee.

“I am looking and listening to see what the candidates do,” the Texas senator told Tulsa, Oklahoma, radio host Pat Campbell, who listened as Cruz spoke about the importance of electing a conservative to the White House.

When Campbell remarked that it sounded as if Trump did not meet his standards, Cruz replied, “I hope that he will.”

Before wrapping the interview, Campbell asked Cruz if he could promise to listeners to ensure Republicans in Cleveland do not “screw around with the party platform and remove the abortion plank, or alter it.”

“You have my word. One of the reasons that we are continuing to work to elect conservatives to be delegates, even though Donald has the delegates to get the nomination, we intend to do everything we can to fight for conservative principles to prevent Washington forces from watering down the platform,” Cruz said. “The platform is a manifestation of what we believe as a party, and I think it is important that it continue to reflect conservative values, free-market values, constitutional liberties, Judeo-Christian principles, the values that built this country, and that is exactly what I intend to fight for.”

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